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Gary Kubiak To Become Ravens Offensive Coordinator

The remaining bones of the old Texans' regime have been picked clean with the Ravens' hiring of Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator. Add your thoughts here.

Mike Vrabel To Join Texans Staff As LB Coach

Just when you thought the Texans couldn't get more Patriot-y, Bill O'Brien proves otherwise. The Texans have added another coach to the new staff.

Late Afternoon Games Open Thread (12/29/13)

A full slate of games awaits you even after the Texans finish cinching up the first overall pick. Take the comments here.

Houston Texans To Interview Bill O'Brien

Could Bill O'Brien be the next head coach of your Houston Texans? The Texans will reportedly interview Penn State's head coach for the job that formerly belonged to Gary Kubiak.

Late Afternoon Game Threads 12/22/2013

There's still more football to come so take your thoughts over here for the next round of games.

TNF Open Thread: Chargers v. Broncos

It's the last game of Thursday Night Football, which means it's the last time we'll have to listen to that intro for TNF. I know it's two weeks after Thanksgiving, but I know what I'm thankful for.

Late Afternoon Games Open Thread (12/08/13)

There's still three more games to play this afternoon before we get to Sunday Night Football! Comment on them here. Or don't, nobody's got a gun to your head.

Texans v. Jaguars Second Half Open Thread

The second half of the game can be commented upon here. WHY you would want to watch the second half of this game is beyond me.

MNF Open Thread: Saints v. Seahawks

The football doesn't stop on Sunday. Come and share your thoughts on what could be the only Monday Night Football game worth watching all season.

Resurrecting the BRB Glossary: Assistance Wanted

Many of you have been clamoring for it, and soon it shall be rebuilt; and you could be a part of its construction. The Battle Red Blog Glossary shall be reborn.

Just How Hot Is Gary Kubiak's Seat?

With Ian Rapoport's news about the front office coming out, we put on our tinfoil hats and read between the lines to divine the fate of Gary Kubiak.

MNF Open Thread: Dolphins v. Buccaneers

Feeling gutty enough for one more game of football this week? Then take it here where we can criticize other teams and generally mock them to mask the pain we feel. It's BRB's Monday Night Football Open Thread for Dolphins-Buccaneers.

Battle Red Onion: Texans Sign New Kicker

Proudly Distributing Sensationalized Garbage Since 2010. In this week's edition, the Texans find an answer to their pesky kicking and secondary problems.

MNF Open Thread: Bears v. Packers

Come join us, won't you, as we collectively lick our wounds and watch in the ever-present hope that some other team will embarrass themselves on national television.

TNF Open Thread: Bengals v. Dolphins

It's Halloween, and there's a knock at the door. It's not a vampire or a zombie, it's the Pride of Katy (tm), Andy Dalton, and he's got football for you!

Two Minutes Of Hate: The Indianapolis Colts

In this post, we look at the Texans' upcoming opponent and determine what completely arbitrary things we should hate about them. Why? Because it's funny, and I have unresolved anger issues.

MNF Open Thread: Seahawks v. Rams

Let's conclude this Texans-less week of football with a bang...that will undoubtedly bounce off the walls of Edward Jones Stadium as the St. Louis Rams take on the Seattle Seahawks.

TNF Open Thread: Panthers v. Buccaneers

Welcome to a game that only a player's mother or fantasy team owner could love. Now wipe your feet, I just cleaned this thread up!

B.R.O.: Texans Coach Receives Surprise Gift

Not 24 hours after three Texans were waived for hilarious shenanigans does a Texans coach fall prey to the same problem. Find out more here.

Countdown to Kickoff: Texans v. Chiefs

This is where you want to be as you wait for the Texans to take the field against the Kansas City Chiefs in the "loudest stadium in the world." Feel free to drop your wisdom (or pants) here about the upcoming game.

Arian Foster To Become Publicly Traded Commodity

I kid you not. This is real. Arian Foster plans to sell minority shares of himself to the public, based on his earnings. Hurry up while the stock's still available!

TNF Open Thread: Seahawks v. Cardinals

Talk about a pair of NFC West teams in Battle Red Blog's Thursday Night Football Open Thread.

Battle Red Onion: Fans Demand To Be Traded

So often we'll hear about players demanding to be traded to a contending team. But never have fans had the same demand made of their team's general manager.

B.R.O.: Kubiak Storms Out Of Press Conference

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for the Texans head coach, he has to put up with the media. And the media seems to have him figured out as well.

Battle Red Onion: Schaub Diagnosed With Illness

Things seem to only be getting worse for Matt Schaub. But his troubles may be part of a bigger concern.

The MDC Memorial Blacklist, Week Three

Think of it as chicken soup for the soul...that's been doused in gasoline and sewage before serving.

The MDC Memorial Blacklist, Week Two

This week, we grouse about nine points that could have been but weren't.

The MDC Memorial Blacklist: Week One

Since everybody wants MDC back, let's do him a favor and compile just how awful Joe Marciano's special teams are. Maybe Kubiak will see it and fire him. Or it'll be about as effective as boycotting the Texans.

Texans/Chargers Game Thread, The Last

Do the Texans have a comeback in them? I friggin' hope so.

Texans/Chargers Third Quarter Thread

This has been fun, hasn't it?

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