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Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings (Week Eleven)


Come for the poorly thought-out pick rationale, stay for the ESPN hate.

Battle Red Onion


All the Speculation and Spurious Facts of Traditional Media But With Half the Calories!

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings (Week Ten)


More wings,more picks, and, since we're already seeing Holiday commercials, Scott Farkus. Who could ask for anything more?

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings


Whenever there are picks to be made, I will pick them. If there are wings to be eaten, I will eat them, and show you pictures of them to make you crazy.

Burritos On Parade


You like the Texans. You like food. This post has both. It's the best of both worlds!

Thursday Night Football Open Thread


It's a thread, for football...on Thursday night. Pretty self-explanatory I should think.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings (Week Eight)


Just because there's no Texans game this week doesn't mean you shouldn't pop in here and check out the wings of the week. C'mon. You know you want wings, and terrible poetry, but mostly wings.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings


This week, we try to go better than .500 for the week, we also try to make people crazy for tasty, delicious wings.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings, Week Six


Once again we throw mental darts at a board to determine who will win in a given week. This week we visit curses and ill will upon players who may or may not deserve it...but probably do.

Week 5: Pickin' Winners And Wings

We throw mental darts at a board to determine which team will win in a given week. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. This week, I lay out who I'll be picking while I'm on vacation in a...

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings


There might not be wings in this post, but there are picks. Are they correct? Probably not,'re not even reading this now are you? You're too busy thinking of wings, aren't you?

Battle Red Onion takes on the replacement refs.


Ever wondered what goes on when the replacement refs get together? Battle Red Onion has the answers.

BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League - Week Three

BRB finally pulled out a win against the Vikings blog, the Daily Norseman. This week, we look at the blog's matchup against Bleeding Green Nation. Know something about fantasy football? Then feel...

Predicting The Winners (Week Three), Or: Picks, Baby, Picks (Hot Wings Inferno!)

Last week went badly, placing us below .500 for the year on our picks. Let's hope this week we can climb out of the hole.

Battle Red Onion: Blaine Gabbert Committed To Local Asylum, J.J. Watt Blamed

J.J. Watt is a very good defensive end. How good? Very few ends are capable of sending opposing quarterbacks to mental institutions after they've faced them; which is unfortunately what happened to...

BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League - Week Two

Week one did not go so well for Battle Red Blog in the Xfinity/SBN fantasy football league. Can we turn our fortunes around in week two against the Daily Norseman? Only time will tell!

Predicting The Winners (Week Two), Or: Viva Las Picks!

After a pretty good 10-5 start, we push our luck and pick who will win in week two. Is this a glimpse at the Oracle? Probably not, but at least it makes fun of Chris Johnson's .4 YPC.

Battle Red Onion: Disgruntled Fans Arrested After Rioting On Kubiak's Lawn

Fans start rioting on Coach Gary Kubiak's front lawn after a decisive win against the Miami Dolphins. Battle Red Onion has the exclusive on this amazing and completely made up event.

BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League - Week One

Football starts on Sunday, which means we (Battle Red Blog) need to set up our team so that we may dominate the rest of the SBN blogs! Who should start? Let us know here!

Predicting The Winners (Week One)

Today, we'll predict who will win each game in the first week of the season. Why? Because if twits like Adam Schein can do it, anyone can!

Introduce Yourself: Pleased To Meet You, Won't You Give Us Your Name?

There's a new season upon us, and new people to get to know on Battle Red Blog. If you're one of them, de-lurk here, so that we may know you better!

Preparing For Football Season: Saying Farewell

For many fans, the return of football means a return to indolence, sloth, and extracting one's self from their friends and family until February. This handy form letter will make the transition...

Randy Bullock Placed on Injured Reserve


I guess this is one way to solve the kicking battle. Shayne Graham will be the Texans' kicker this year. Thoughts?

BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League War Room (Take Two)

So let's try this again. Since the draft was delayed, and due to a lot of comments in the original thread, we're opening a second thread dedicated to the draft of BRB, by BRB, and for BRB!

BRB's Xfinity Fantasy League War Room


Texans fans! Tonight, we dine in...well...wherever you live; but we'll also be drafting a team to battlefight against other SBN blogs in the Xfinity fantasy football league. May Durga have mercy on...

With Their First Pick, Battle Red Blog Selects...

This isn't just fantasy football. It's fantasy football of the people, by the people and for the people of Battle Red Blog!

Arguing With Myself: The Development Of Kareem Jackson

Today, I argue with...well...myself, about Kareem Jackson's development. Is his performance in Saturday's game and in practice just a flash in the pan? Or has he maybe shown signs that he's finally...

Texans Release First Depth Chart of 2012


Not a whole lot of surprises here, frankly, except at the WR spot. And Case Keenum is listed as the fourth QB. Obviously this is a clerical error and I expect the Mothership to rectify this forthwith.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Twenty)

The final chapter of Checkdown has Scott as the object of everybody's eye; the fans want his head, the media want his story. Will he disappear? Will he tell his story? You'll only know by reading...

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Nineteen)


In Chapter 19 of Checkdown, we finally learn who ordered the death of Eliot Nash. I'll give you a hint: the butler did not do it. But once Scott makes the big reveal, will he regret doing it?

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