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Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Eighteen)


Carlos has finally been arrested, but will he talk? Will he spill his guts to Carlyle and Scott? And did he kill Nash and Belgreave? You'll only find out if you read this week's Checkdown.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Seventeen)


Podolski is under arrest, and the investigation turns to the big prize; finding and arresting the man who seems to be in the middle of everything: Carlos Guerrero. Will they bring him to justice? Find out in Chapter Seventeen of Checkdown.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Sixteen)


The investigation is close to finding Eliot Nash's killer. Scott goes on a ridealong with Detective Carlyle and discovers something truly frightening about himself. What is that, you ask? You'll have to read Chapter Sixteen of Checkdown to find out!

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Fifteen)


Claire and the kids are gone, but Scott remains. He has a few too many and dreams about apples. When he wakes, though, he has a lot of explaining to do with the police. And in Chapter Fifteen of Checkdown, Scott discovers someone critical to the investigation has been hiding in plain sight.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Fourteen)


A poorly-timed phone call brings Scott's world to the brink of ruin. But it's not all bad news. More pieces to the puzzle come into place and the murder is yet another step closer to being solved in Chapter Fourteen of Checkdown.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Thirteen)


In Chapter 13 of Checkdown, Scott goes out for a fun afternoon with the family. But that outing is cut short by shocking news from a familiar face.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Twelve) (Edited)


Enter Julia in Chapter Twelve of Checkdown. Julia comes to beg Scott for help. Will he or won't he? Also, the world shifts for Scott which leaves him caught between a rock and a hard place. What do we mean by this? Read and find out!

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Eleven)


The name of the game in Chapter 11 of Checkdown is revenge. How will Scott get his vengeance against Winslow? Will he even get a chance? And will Scott get his notes back? Keep reading the only novel ever written entirely on SB Nation to find out!

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Ten)


In Chapter Ten of Checkdown, Scott receives new information from the housekeeper. He also gets into more trouble and a new injury and turns to an unlikely ally to put the case to rest. Or so he thinks.

Bob McNair Talks Texans, The Universe, and Everything (But Mostly Texans)


Bob McNair speaks! To reporters! About the Texans! Is it football season yet?

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Nine)


In chapter nine, Scott makes a major break in the Nash investigation, and possibly his ribs. He learns about the crime that took place before the murder, and a voice from the past brings possibly troubling news.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Eight)


Chapter Eight of Checkdown begins with Scott confessing what he's been doing in his spare time...sort of. Also, Sheridan confronts Scott; for what exactly, you'll have to read and find out!

And Our Mystery Quarterback Is...


The Texans signed John Beck. What does that mean for Case Keenum?

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Seven) (Edited)


Chapter Seven of Checkdown takes place at the wake of fallen Texans quarterback Eliot Nash. We meet the widow Nash and a secret is revealed.

2012 NFL Draft Day Three Open Thread, Act Three


The third, and maybe final open thread for the 2012 NFL draft for the Texans. Who will they take, a kicker or a tight end? The possibilities are endless!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Newest Houston Texan Is...


With the 161st pick, the Houston Texans selected Randy Bullock to be the next Texans kicker. Here's why I like the pick...even if he is an Aggie.

2012 NFL Draft Day Three Open Thread, Act Two

New Open Thread for the Draft. It's pretty self-explanatory, I think.

Scenes From A Draft, Round II: A Battle Red Onion Special Presentation


Here's what will happen behind the scenes of the NFL draft. Some of it may be true, most of it is not. We leave it for you to figure out which is which. Enjoy!

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Six)


In this week's chapter, Scott looks for the blonde in the photograph. He also starts to wonder if he's spending too much time tilting at windmills.

With the Twelfth Pick in the 2012 BRB Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks Select...


Who will Seattle take in this mock draft? You didn't think I'd tell you in this part, did you? You'll have to click here to find out.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Five)


In chapter five of Checkdown, Scott tries to put together how the photograph fits into Nash's death. He also finds a new lead on the investigation.

Free Agency Open Thread IX: And Now The Dominoes Fall


Just because Peyton Manning signed doesn't mean free agency's over. There's still a lot more free agency intrigue left to whittle away the time.

Battle Red Onion: 2012 NFL Free Agency Roundup


Mario Williams signed with Buffalo, but now we really know why. Also did you hear that Peyton Manning signed with someone finally?

Eric Winston Released By Texans


Can't say I saw this coming. I seriously doubt ANYBODY saw this coming!

Report: Peyton Manning Will Be Cut By Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday


Not exactly a surprising or unexpected move, but now it's at least official. Our long fiveheaded nightmare is finally over.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Four)


In chapter four, Scott makes another foray to the motel to find the elusive housekeeper. He also renews a rivalry with an old nemesis.

Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (03/03/12)


Saturday Night Open Thread for BRB. Pretty self explanatory, I would think.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Three)


In chapter three of Checkdown, Scott suspects there's more to Nash's death than meets the eye. Was it heart failure or was it something more?

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery (Chapter Two)


Chapter Two starts with an unexpected new hero to lead the team to the biggest game of the year. We also meet the hero and learn about a Texans fan and the fate of Eliot Nash.

Checkdown - A Battle Red Blog Mystery


This is chapter one of a fictional serialized mystery. In this chapter, we learn about the star quarterback who is expected to lead the Texans to their first Super Bowl appearance.

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