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OT: True Detective

Let me be crystal clear: you should be watching True Detective. Steal your neighbors’ cable, watch through the barroom window, steal your boyfriend's HBOGo account password; do what it takes. I...



Put meaning aside for a moment, and think about the tenuous relationship you have with the momentary interactions regarding your immediate surroundings. For the memory of happy experience you...


The Padded Cell: Jeff Keppinger Intentional Walk, Part One

I don't write many complete pieces, and have never had anything published, but I do take a ton of notes on what could be interesting topics. Often it's just wry, off-hand observations that lead...


Gamethread: 2013 World Series Game 5

Wainright and Lester go at it again. Could be interesting.


SSS Scouting Reports, 2013

Player Name: Barb, RhuClub Affiliation: SSS Gold (Miles Edition)Position: SOBHeight: 6'1"Weight:122 lbs Physical Description: Has beating heart. BAC approaching 1%. Robust lungs contain fair share...


RRRR: The Ghost

We are being watched. Judged. Loved and decried without our knowledge. Considered for damnation without our consent. You know this, of course, to a degree. You may have used the human-generated...


Gamethread: Wang makes his 2013 debut

Current Series White Sox lead the series 1-0 Mon 06/10 WP: Nate Jones (2 - 4) LP: R.A. Dickey (5 - 8) 10 - 6 win ...


Late game, later gamethread


The cherry blossoms aren't enough

One more in the nations capital, as we see Dylan Axelrod face Dan Haren. Let's escape from D.C. with a win.

Sunday Links, back for a second.


Sunday Links cover the international draft, stealing bases, and some White Sox tidbits, as we wind down the off-season.


RRRR: The Big Questions

How convenient. After debating god and consciousness and the origins of each in the last RRRR, I came across this piece in the Chronicle for Higher Education, a broad-ranging article concerned...

Sunday Links are filling in for the day.


Will there be a movie about Josh Hamilton directed by Casey Affleck? Is Roberto Clemente's bat really in the Hall of Fame? Did Denard Span fart in the White House? Is R.A. Dickey "nice"? Maybe.

Sunday Links are back. Join in the fun, won't ya?


Sunday Links are back. A general rundown of the more interesting baseball news and analysis awaits, of course with a White Sox tilt.

Dunn awarded, Fisk arrested.


Some Tuesday afternoon news and links. Dunn awarded The Sporting News' AL Comeback Player of the Year, while Carlton Fisk has been arrested and charged on suspicion of DUI.


The Church of Uribe Down, Scientist

Be seated.It has come to my attention that there are other, inferior churches where you have been devoting your time and wasting your thoughts and energy. Blind faith can be useful, yet is the...


Shields vs. Peavy in a must-win for both.

The White Sox host the Rays and James Shields, as each team tries to squeak into the postseason. Get yer hot gamethread action here.


The Padded Cell: The Chasm

Editor's note: Uribe Down is a staff travel writer for the off-beat rag In Times of Grinders, which is not concerned solely with sandwiches. Use of his articles cost SBN and SSS considerable money,...


RRRR: Compliments of you

I read this article from Esquire today, which was linked from my favorite site of the year to date, Longform. Longform means I'm way behind on my book larnin', but that time is offset by plenty of...

L.A. Wants 2 Help U: A Los Angeles Dodgers preview


The White Sox are off to LA. This is a preview of exactly what will happen this weekend.


Astros 8, White Sox 3: Wandy fools Sox, gets wordy recap

Recapping the White Sox 8-3 loss to the Astros on June 8, 2012.


The Padded Cell: Wait of the World (part 2 of 2)

Wednesday morning: After days of lumbering aimlessly on the north end of the city good personality, the local fan, an internet chieftain, heads back to his office at the dumping grounds. The...


The Padded Cell: Wait of the World (part 1 of 2)

Sunday afternoon: Traffic is a mess, and it's a surprise anyone makes it to the ballpark on time. A showdown between good and evil rarely has a larger stage, and good is triumphing, barely, in the...


RRRR: The Swallow Your Pride Crew

Alright, listen up kids. Have a seat over there. Yeah, in the corner. No, you can't have any Pop Rocks, Lil Jimmy. Not until I get this off my chest. Look, sometimes you're just wrong. Wrong and...


The Padded Cell: Redemption

In the pale, brilliant Arizona desert, a miracle cluster of fabricated lushness sits on the border of man-made and natural pitiless wasteland. Time has not been kind to this backdrop; millennia of...

Sunday Links will let you get back to it


Long week. Potpourri: Well, this is fun. Here's Alexei on the mound, courtesy of 3E8. Fukudome's recent speech propelled "Team Dunn" to victory, as nothing else could, via KenWo. Do we like...

Sunday Links are almost there


More baseball links. It's almost a regular thing again.


RRRR: 42 Saint Bernards

It's been nine days and almost a thousand comments, but someone's gotta take out the trash. Sometimes I feel like I do all the heavy lifting on South Side Sox from 12-4 AM on Sundays. It ain't...

Sabermetrics for beginners: Links to get you started


Need a sabermetric brush up? Some fairly-essential links if you do.


RRRR: Oscars, wild.

I'm a movie guy. If my living room will be glowing blue, I'd much rather see a feature-length than a TV show or video game. I don't get out to the cinema as often as I wish, but I try to at least...

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