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Speaking of Sunday Links...


Happy "The Big Game" day, folks. For me it just means we're that much closer to pitchers and catchers reporting. Yep, the Sox even come in last in reporting for spring training. I know today is...

Commenting gone awry: A short lesson in Jake Peavy's walk percentage


Peavy's walk rate rises under pressure. But does it matter?

Sunday Links are impatient


Sunday Links are back! Kinda, sorta. Is baseball here yet, or what?


Shel Silverstein: Sox fan

Call me a simpleton; The Giving Tree is one of my favorite books. A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends are pretty good, too, not to mention the fact that they provide about 80% of grade...


The Padded Cell, Episode 4: "Visions and Apparitions"

"Don't come any closer!" The voice rings out in Mark's head, in his dreams, the vaguely familiar voice giving murky instructions to keep Buehrle at a distance. In his dreams, everything lurks just...


The Padded Cell, Episode 3: "Hot and Cold"

Mark Buehrle awakes to his spaniels lying close to him, calm but still panting from the chase. Face up on the ground, milky beams of light break through the trees to the bottom of the ravine, and...


The Padded Cell, Episode 2: "Brass Tacks"

It had infiltrated his REM sleep, a hideous and pitiful noise hijacking Buehrle's lucid dreams. Eventually the sound continued long enough to be unveiled, and to rouse the rested lefty in his...


The Padded Cell, Episode 1: "Pilot"

Head hanging low, his eyes crossed and unfocused on something even lower, the utterly useless intern makes his way towards a hulking Dunn and his just-immaculate locker. The expendable cretin...


Long Loss

That ball fucking soared over the left field fence, a no doubter, and goddamn do I need a distraction. I'm getting coffee. A generic cafe, but it's the regular spot. This is often a good part of my...


Gamethread: In which Q!nerko makes us proud

Let's exorcise these damn demons and prepare for a quality second half. Here's Gameday and the box.

Sunday Links are still living in the past


Sunday Links keep it simple, but explore some fine old-time videos. If you like Bill Veeck (if you are human), you'll like the later links.

Sunday Links are sittin' pretty


After sharing Mighty Flynn last week, found and dropped into my lap by 67WMAQ, I've been sleeplessly tearing through baseball-related Tumblrs, following leads, digging deep, looking for the best....

Sunday Links are going back in time


In the interest of simplicity, and Lazy Sunditis, I present another select few links. Nothing mind-blowing, but all solid, interesting reads. We have been blessed with outstanding White Sox...


Post-Apocalyptic Aftermeth

U-God wasn't the only one; I had difficulty sleeping on Meet-Up Eve. My mind was racing, trying to comprehend how much guaranteed fun there was to be had. I actually dreamed about the game and the...

Sunday Links, May 15th edition


Occasionally there will be one story or piece of writing that overshadows all others for a given week. Today we focus on Harmon Killebrew, who recently called off his fight with esophageal cancer....

Sunday Links have some work to doooo


Pretty good stuff today, and the all important "let's not fall more than 10 games under .500" game in a few hours. Jump in. All your friends are doing it. Around the AL Central: Here's the...

Sunday Links are rendered speechless


There are no words as of late. I feel equal parts shocked and disgusted, not just at the scores and the standings, but at the way these supposed "Good Guys" excel at giving up games. Bullpen...

Bless You, Sunday Links


Content out the bunny butt. Hop to. Besides the Dodgers' recent change of ownership, the addition of two more playoff teams come 2012 is the talk of the town. Joe Pawlikowski gives us a good...

Punchless Sox shut-out for the first time this year


Recap of 4/18 White Sox game versus Tampa.


Gamethread: Road sweet road

Battle: Sunday Links


Let's focus on getting a win today. Please. Here's your time-consuming Angels links for the day. The Angels are celebrating 50 years of baseball this year, and the Los Angeles Times gives us 50...

Sunday Links are down in front!


Baseball is fully underway, and there just happens to be a game today versus the less-than-polished Rays. On with it, starting with some Rays-related articles.   From DRaysBay, we take an early...

Sunday Links are trunca-


With Real Baseball just over the horizon, Links are cut short this week. Worry not; still good stuff here.

Sunday Links are stripped down, scanned, found to be sexy


Sunday Links skim the surface, but come up with good stuff. Featured is the make-up of championship teams, a look at offense to be expected in 2011 and previews of upcoming baseball books.

Sunday Links cannot sit still


Sunday Links are large and in charge. As the season picks up, so too does the quality and quantity of baseball articles.

Sunday Links stand with their union brethren


Oh, is something happening in Wisconsin? This is a White Sox baseball blog, goof troop. We're talking about Major League Baseball and the rival Players Association, and the talks that began this...

Sunday Links have to not watch baseball for only one more day


We're close, very close. Before real, actual baseball, links:  More fun with nicknames: The Hardball Times looks into some of the aliases associated with the late Chuck Tanner's White Sox. Plenty...

Sunday Links repeat the best clichés of their lives


Sunday Links try and steer clear of cliches. Also, let there be numbers and analysis.

Sunday Links are trying to change the game as we know it


Sunday Links hunker down for some other Sunday sporting event in early February. For the purist in all of us.

Sunday Links are revolutionary, thankful for internet access


Another linked look around the AL Central, plus some recent goodness from around the league. Make your mother proud and click through.

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