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Right Rail Rumpus Room (OT)

So homesickalien asked if I could take over the RRRR for this week, sort of last-minute style.   It's bedtime, damnit.  I have to say, I really treasure a good bed, a heaping amount of...

Sunday Links Expects To Find Dead Birds Along The Lakefront Between Noon And Three


Playoff football is on the TV, but there is still some goodness to be had in the baseball world. Sunday Links are short and sweet.

Sunday Links Are A Day Late And A Dollar Short


Do you enjoy light baseball reading? Sunday Links are a late grab bag.

Sunday Links Explore Career White Sox Hall Of Famers


The three career White Sox Hall of Famers, Luke Appling, Red Faber and Ted Lyons are the focus of this edition of Sunday Links.

Boxing Day Links Are Beating Up On Cellar Dwellers


Sunday Links are focusing on the misery of the AL Central cellar dwellers. The 2011 White Sox need to improve versus these schlubs.

Visualization Of Data: The Future Of Baseball?


Is visualization of data the future of baseball? As tools and technology evolve, it's getting easier to disseminate easy-to-understand information about complex subjects.

Late Wednesday Links Are Itching For Pitchers And Catchers To Report


Wednesday Links refuse to die. Mixed bag this week, but well worth it.

Late Wednesday Links Enjoy Throwing Barrels Down Ramps, Hitting Home Runs


You can't step away for a second! SouthSideSox recapped in links for the week.

Late Wednesday Links Are Exceedingly Gray


Recently there has been some interest in having a SSS link dump. Before the revolution, this sort of dissemination of knowledge was largely frowned upon, but easy-to-find links are coming to China...

Disco Demolition: Before The Riot


A collection of photos documenting the excitement before the storm. Nothing too exciting, but there are some good shots in there.


ALDS Game One, Yankees at Der Twain: Unfortunately, This Game Will Have A Victor

New York Yankees@ Minnesoooota Twins Wed. October 6th, 2010, 7:30 PM CDT Target Field Sabathia vs Liriano

From ‘Avatar’ Playbook, Athletes Use 3-D Imaging


Fairly interesting article on even more merging of baseball and technology. Nothing groundbreaking, I'm sure, but still a good read.

Flip-flopping BABIP With The Twins: Kenny Demands a Trade


At this point in the season, and after scoring so many runs in August, most people here would (or should) probably agree that the White Sox offense is getting the job done. After an impossibly...

Sox Drop Series as Nova Eats Batters in 3-D


There's not much of a better way to wake up than seeing the greatest hitter in White Sox history honored before a very important game versus probably the most formidable opponent this year to date....

"It’s Sphincter Time"


Yes it is, Hawk.  Yes it is. This story could not be written until the end.  The 9th inning was way too exciting (read: demoralizing), delaying my departure from work and depressing any hope that a...


Free Tickets to the Tuesday Afternoon Game

Unabashed White Sox fan here.  I have three tickets for the 5/17 makeup game scheduled on Tuesday, August 3rd at 1:05, section 114 row 32, on the aisle.  Made a little trip to Detroit specifically...


A Midsummer Night's Meet-up

Coming in the midst of a streak of brilliant baseball, and since the May meth-up was so damn fun, I humbly suggest we meet up again.  This would likely be somehow less formal (I, for one, will not...

This is who FsNS.


...and somehow Nick Swisher becomes even more annoying. Perfect for the right rail, I'd imagine.


Cip, I Bargained a Beer For You, But You Were Gone: A Fuzzy SSS Meth-up Recap.

Yesterday is all coming back to me.  After some admittedly nervous anticipation, I made it down to 35th and Shields around 6:15.  Yes, I was informed, I was in the right place.  Cheat and e-gus...


Comerica and Detroit: An Ill-Advised Journey

Occasionally the thought of a small road trip enters my mind and refuses to leave.  The only way to banish the idea from my head is to act on impulse and, in this case, travel to Detroit.  This...

Rios and Ozzie Comment on Jays Attendance


"Baltimore, Cleveland and the Jays all saw crowds in the 10,000 range this week. Toronto’s Class A affiliate in Lansing, Mich., almost outdrew the Jays on Thursday with a crowd of 10,152." Yikes.

Semi-OT: The Worst Intro Song Ever


Scott Stapp of ear-poisoning, sanity-questioning, baby-kicking Creed fame does a video for the Marlins. It's awful, but hilarious and short. How embarrassing to be the Marlins fan right now, even more so than usual.


A Sincere Thanks to SSS

Dearest Baseball Blog Community (as a whole),I've been following and lurking for about four years now.  For no particular reason I figured it was time to finally give thanks, if not actually...

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