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"Flawed Four"


This is on top of another article on from a few days ago: Ouch.

Who are these Whippersnappers?


I was thinking about the Giants potential 2012 field players and starting pitching, and realized how young the lineup could be. I'm not sure when the last time the Giants had a roster like this was. Assumptions: Freddie isn't starting the season, and may be done period. I have listed more field players than will be carried as we don't know how the roster will pan out. Possibilities: Belt makes the team as the starting 1B or RF. Hector makes the team as backup C (not advocating this, and yes, unlikely). Under the most likely scenario, the Giants have only two (2!) starters over 30. Where have you gone Brian Sabean? The AARP turns its bifocaled eyes to you! Get off my lawn.

Slow-Mo Mark Kroon


WARNING: This video has a bit of a flickering strobe. It is not bothersome at all, but I thought I would warn my epileptic peeps. * * * I was at the Grizzlies vs. Rivercats game last night. We were on the grass in RF just above the Grizz bullpen. I got a video of Mark Kroon warming up. Video is 1/8th speed for more awesomeness.


MLB Hitters Comparison 2010 to 2011

Looking at the Fangraphs leaderboards over the last couple of months, I have noticed some dramatic drop-offs in production from some hitters from 2010 to 2011.  Since I was curious about it, I...

Where is Michael Taylor?


Hey guys, I have been trying for the last 45 minutes or so to see what Michael Taylor's status is. From a couple of posts here it appears that he is injured and/or lost. But there is no news item or post that I can find that says anything about his status this year. Apparently he also has no ABs this year because the River Cats, Baseball Cube, and Baseball Reference don't have any stats for him. I guess he wasn't going to be the A's next great hope, but I thought at least he wouldn't have just up and disappeared. If you can provide a link that would be great. Thanks.

Brendan Ryan is Available


I think the Giants should get Ryan as a backup/late-innings/injury-insurance shortstop. Sure the Giants already have no-hit/all-glove guys in the minors that they could just bring up, but Ryan is ML-tested and has proven to be one of the best (maybe the best?) defensive SS in baseball. Make it so.


MLB.TV, or How I Learned to Hate MLB (corporate) and Didn't Watch the Playoffs

I am selfishly posting this to get feedback so I might be able to watch the games this postseason, but I also know that this information might be helpful to others. My understanding is that as a...

UZR Home and Away Splits!


Wow. This place is great. When can we move in? You gotta try this pole. I'm gonna get my stuff. Hey. We should stay here. Tonight. Sleep here. You know, to try it out!

Wonderful Story About the Love of Baseball


Bill Plaschke of the LA Times wrote a really wonderful (short) article about a disabled high-schooler who's dream it was to play baseball. I haven't been a Plaschke fan, but in this article he manages to mostly stay out of the way and just tell the story; it made me cry at work. I encourage you to read the article and then watch the short video. The love of baseball is why we're all here after all...


Comparing Cain, Hernandez, and Verlander

We love Matt Cain.  Some of us more than others.  He's a little too beefy for me, but whatever floats your boat.  Lust-worthiness aside, we can all agree that Cain is a good pitcher.  And now that...

Fangraphs Organizational Trifecta is up for the Giants


Link above is the overall ranking (#23). Below are current and future talent rankings. I haven't read them yet, so this is just an informational post. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!

The State of Print Media, Part 84645


The state of this country would not be significantly effected by the loss of baseball beat writers or sports writers in general, but this is yet another sign of the trouble that newspapers are in, and it is really frightening to me. Anyway, I wish this guy luck.

Baggs Conspiracy Theory


This seems a little far fetched. It is like a 3rd order reason (at best!) to want to keep Lincecum's salary down. Also, if this were true, it would require a lot of smarts and forethought. And well, you know...

Brain Sabean: One of the Frightful Five


On a day when we ponder the possibility of John Miller being honored for greatness, leave it to Fangraphs to award BS for his complete ineptitude. (yes, this isn't a scientific analysis or poll...)


The Grudge

I would like your help to compile a list of the grudges that our favorite GM has held or continues to hold. Please add a player (or anything else for that matter; maybe he really doesn't like Rush...



This guy might be the worst GM in baseball. Here is your chance on this off-day to point out GMs even worse than Brian Sabean!!! The good news is that Moore won't be the Giants' GM in 2010. Hazzah.

Curse Still On: Red Sox World Series Victories Tainted


Just kidding about the tainted thing. What continues to amaze me is how much better Bonds (in his late 30s/early 40s) was than all of these guys who were doping at the same time. From where I sit, that is some vindication.

Pitchforks and Torches at Dave Cameron's House!!!


See towards the bottom for his comments on Pablo. Plus I heard that Dave Cameron doesn't like puppies OR ice cream. I think he's just a grump.

Around the Leagues, or is Ben Zobrist for Real?


This is a post to discuss happenings around baseball that aren’t Giants-specific and don’t include those two teams from back east if you can avoid it. So offer up your interesting stats, a player that has caught you by surprise, the under/over-performance of a team, or the fact that Kevin Frandsen must have had sex with Brian Sabean’s wife in an uncomfortable place (the backseat of a Volkswagen). I will start: If memory serves me, a batter is required to have 3.1 PA’s per game played by his team to qualify for the various batting metrics. Ben Zobrist is right on the cusp of qualification, and within a few days will be qualifying now that he is starting every game (why was he not starting every game?). A little perspective: as of this afternoon, Zobrist has 203 PA, so while we are still looking at small sample size, he has about a third of the plate appearances he will end up with by the end of the year. Right now he would be leading the majors in wOBA, second to Albert Pujols in SLG, fifth in OBP, tied for first in ISO with Pujols, and is playing solid defense according to current UZR numbers (yes, SSS disclaimer heard). Bottom line is the guy is hitting the crap out of the ball, and while I realized he was playing well, I didn’t realize he was playing Pujols-well. I know there was a Zobrist-centered post a couple of weeks ago, but hopefully this branches into a discussion about other baseball happenings as well. Now that I have jinxed him, it’s your turn…

Craig Clark K's 10 straight


I wasn't familiar with Clark when I read this article, and I figured he was having the game of his life - he's 24 in A-ball. Then I looked up his stats: So now I can't understand why he has been brought along what seems to be so slowly. Was he injured last year? He only had 21 starts (23 appearances overall). His numbers are really great. Is the scouting report not-so-great?

The Winningest College team and Report from the DR


Two articles today, both not standard baseball, but interesting none-the-less. Enjoy: For 150 Years, Fordham Baseball’s Tradition of Winning Dominican dreams: El barrio to the big leagues

Giants Write a Book & other links

Giants book The most interesting thing was the last paragraph. I can't tell if that is a good approach to hitting or the same old story. What is "patiently aggressive" anyway? Sounds conflicting to me, or at least confusing... Pablo is tubby, vol. 86753. Phelps siting. AAA bests Big Club in HRs by an order of magnitude.

OT: Khaaaannn!!!


This is just great. Maybe he will accidentally "fall" onto a missile.

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