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Born in 1979.

Dolphins fan since 1984.

Resides in Fargo, ND.

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Request for advice: Traveling to a Dolphin's home game

First off, I live in North Dakota and have never had the opportunity to watch a Dolphin's' home game in person. My wife and I have recently decided to try to plan a trip to Florida to watch a game...


Sturgis in, Carpenter out: A mistake?

After we drafted Caleb Sturgis in the 5th round of the 2013 draft it was clear that Sturgis would need to battle it out with incumbent kicker Dan Carpenter for his roster spot. The message from...


What Makes a Winner? 2013 Edition

via We’ve reached the lull between free agency and the 2014 NFL Draft. Not much will be happening in the next couple weeks; the big fish have all been reeled in...


Hindsight is 20/20 (Finnegan Edition)

via I'll start by saying that I was not a huge fan of the Cortland Finnegan signing. I think we overpaid for a declining player, but...


Chicken or Egg? (aka GM or Coach)

In the Dolphins Coach Changes: Power Struggle in Davie post, phinsider member Phinsatx made an interesting comment that I wanted to expand on. Phinsatx wrote: I don't give the coaches a pass...

Ricky Williams take on the Incognito-Martin situation.


Here's perspective from a former Dolphin who also decided to take a break from the NFL. Insightful and well-said by Mr. Ricky Williams.


Swearinger, Keller, and the NFL Rulebook

A Miami Dolphins fan takes a look at the NFL rulebook and the hit DJ Sweainger placed on Dustin Keller, ending Keller's season. How would you define the play?


Things Ireland Said... (that make me nervous)

I'll try to keep this short and sweet. If you've been around the Phinsider for a while you might recognize me as an "anti-Irelander". Ireland spoke with the media today about the draft. As...


Dolphins hang on to beat the Rams (and Gene Steratore)

Does anyone here remember the last time Miami played Pittsburgh... the infamous goal line fumble involving Roethlisberger and Chris Clemons? The play was blown dead and couldn't be reviewed etc... ...


How do Chief fans feel about Carl Peterson as GM?

There is a raging debate on about Jeff Ireland's ability as a GM. Most fans believe that owner Stephen Ross' buddy Carl Peterson would be next in line to replace Ireland. ...

Jeff Ireland's Wikipedia Page Hacked This Morning


Apparently frustrated with Ireland's perceived ineptitude as GM, Dolphin fan(s) hacked into his wikipedia page this morning. The first sentence of the entry read: "Jeff Ireland (born in a Denny's parking lot in Abilene, Texas) is the most incompetent human being in the history of existence."

Messam’s signing hits snag


There are conflicting reports as to whether Jerome Messam has actually signed or not.

5 Predictions for the 2011 Miami Dolphins


Take a look the predictions for the 2011 Miami Dolphins on Bleacher Report.

Miami Dolphins: The 7 Best Free Agent Signings in Franchise History


This is the first that article I wrote for Bleacher Report. Check it out. I 'd be interested to read your opinions!


The kiss of death for Big Lou?

I was reading an article in the Miami Herald this morning titled Dolphin's Sparano says Henne has a good chance to start.  A little nugget at the end of the first page caught my attention.  Ireland...


Is Channing the Man?

His entertainment value can't be denied.  He speaks his mind OFTEN and is in some ways a spokesman for the team.  Just think of the memories over the last few years:   The "I couldn't find London...


The Regime or the Team

I've been a fan of the Miami Dolphins ever since I was a fan of football. Remember when the 'Phins beat the 1985 Bears? I was 6 at the time and predicted to my dad that the 'team with white...


Why the 'Phins should pass on Ingram at #15.

Hello fellow Dolphins fans!  I've been an avid reader of this site for several years, but I haven't done much commenting or any posting.   I've thought long and hard about how to put together an...

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