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Nike leaks Arsenal, Barca and United 2012/13 home kits


I'm just going to assume that some Nike intern accidentally switched United's and Arsenal socks for the manequin display, since United doesn't wear red socks and Arsenal doesn't wear black socks... If the sock situation gets sorted out, I think both United and Arsenal have very nice looking uniforms for next season. Ours sort of looks like pajamas and I think they'll get a lot of backlash for that, but I really like that Nike is going for something different. I really like Arsenal's design also. Unfortunately, my first impression of that Barca kit is... Ugh. Gradients almost always look really really bad. To be fair, though, when I first saw the design for the Catalans' current home kit I wasn't impressed either, and now I love them. So we'll see.

Gary Neville Announces Immediate Retirement


Legend. He'll certainly stay on with the club in some capacity. He's a red devil through and through.

Rooney screws up big time


Can't lie, I'm disappointed. I suppose it would be more appropriate for this site to discuss the effects this will have on his play, but it's still hard for me to swallow the fact that someone I support and look up to would do something like this to his wife. Here is the link to the Mirror story.


OT: World Cup Round of 16

Tomorrow is the first day of elimination games, including the USA vs. Ghana at 11:30 PT. Prior to that at 7:30 AM, Uruguay will take on South Korea to determine which team will be the first to...

Lance Berkman?


An opinion piece, not based in fact at all, but the Giants were mentioned. "They'd [younger players] cost more in terms of prospects, however, and that might make a team like the Giants interested in seeing what it would take to pry Berkman away from Houston. He's just old enough that Brian Sabean might be interested in buying the next four years of his career." Sick burn.

Are you ready for a worldwide Dodgers empire?


No, I'm not. The article actually has little to do with the Dodgers, other than their owner wanting to establish an all-Dodgers TV network. But I'm all for McCourt purchasing a Premier League soccer team so he can obliterate his finances like the other American owners.


OT: World Cup 2010

The World Cup draw was held today in South Africa to determine the 8 groups of 4 teams, and here are the results: Group A:South AfricaMexicoUruguayFrance Group B:ArgentinaNigeriaSouth KoreaGreece G...


OT: Your Online Gaming Personas

     So I've just moved into my new apartment in San Francisco, which means I finally have a wireless internet connection for online gaming! It's really nice to finally be able to play online and...

Verducci on "retaliation"


I understand that this is how it has always been, but there is something pathetic about feeling the need to retaliate against an accidental bean ball. Especially when you wait until there are two outs in the seventh inning to do it. Real tough, Santana.

Wow, check out Timmy pitching way back in little league... He has the same delivery! Awesome stuff.


Wow, check out Timmy pitching way back in little league... He has the same delivery! Awesome stuff.

Forbes: Giants-Dodgers Most Intense Rivalry in Baseball


I think the overexposure of the Yanks/Sox rivalry (mostly by ESPN) is really starting to diminish its intensity, at least for people outside New York and Boston. It's hard to rank sports rivalries, but I like Forbes' criteria in using the competitiveness of the two teams over the years.

Pathetic Washington Nationals advertisement

Find more videos like this on myMASN

Pathetic Washington Nationals advertisement

Stephen Strasburg: The second coming of Christ?


Everyone in baseball seems to have fallen in love with San Diego State's Stephen Strasburg. From his 102 mph fastball, right down to his "piercing powder-blue eyes", scouts are drooling over this guy. Timmy had a lot of hype coming out of Washington, but this level of praise is just unheard of...

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