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Nash and Nowitzky a Raptor

John Shannon formerly of MLSE TV Production side, nonchalantly dropped this bomb on the FAN590's Bob McCowan's Primetime Friday round table. John said in the summer of 2001 that at a senior MLSE...


Ping Pong Program

So, does the Ping Pong Program make an instant fix? No, but can you win a championship without a high draft pick? Yes, but you need to luck out with a sleeper/highschooler turned superstar ala...


Was Demar the right choice in the 2009 draft?

2008-09 Record: 33-49 (3rd Atlantic; 13th in the East) Draft Pick: 9th Key Free Agents: Shawn Marion (unrestricted) Anthony Parker (unrestricted) How They Got Here: It was thought that the R...


Was Ed Davis the Wrong Pick for the Raps?

The Toronto Raptors finished 13th in the 2009-10 season, and picked 13th in the 2010 draft. However a highly touted Tar Heel star's value plummeted when he could have been a top 5 pick in the '09...

Scarborough = Compton

It's DeRo.. but soccer.


1/4 Poll ROTY

I know it's early, but the season's a quarter over already and it's time to take an early look at who the favourites are for the Rookie of the Year. You know me.. I love it when I'm right.. and...


The Value of the C

Blah blah blah.. Bargs sucks.  Is he deficient?  Sure.  But the reality is, a lot of Cs have been picked over the last 5 years, and very few of them end up starting on their team.  What value...


Statistically you're wrong.

I love stats.  We use stats to try and gain an upper hand when it comes to wagering.  Most of us are poker guys, so stats is huge.  We've got some secret formulas that seem to work, but are...


2010-2011 Season Prediction

Last year we made a prediction for the raptors to hit 43-39 and just squeek into the playoffs, and if it wasn't for the Bosh injury/tank we would have hit it square on.  In fact we were perfect...


Why I bet $1k on the Raptors

The over under according Vegas for the Raptors win total right now is 27.  And after a bit of discussion with my team, we're all in agreement that we pooled in some money to collectively wager on...


Poll: Will Raps HQ hate the next transaction?

Things around here become so predictable, I`m curious if anyone else feels the same? I`d wager that no matter what the next transaction will be, there will be some reference to how BC screwed up in...


How to be a better Basketball Fan

I'm a big supporter of learning to becoming a better fan of basketball rather than just a fan of your local team.  For one thing it's highly unlikely your local team is going to win a championship...

Can bronbron be a billionare?

Interesting presentation that was made to Lebron James with the NYKs. http://blogs.forbes.com/sportsmoney/2010/07/lebron-james-what-the-knicks-told-lebron-new-york-and-make-billion-dollars/

Chris Bosh has made a decision...

to visit Houston, Toronto, Chicago and Miami. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/282u51


Poll: Best Raptor GM in Franchise history?

Okay.. so it's been 15 years now and Toronto's had 4 non interim GMS (so excluding Jack McCloskey and Wayne Embrey).  Who has been the best GM of the 4 so far?  Isiah Thomas Highlights: Drafting...



Ok, let's get started.. who's ROYT for 2010/11? Should be interesting as Blake Griffin is still a rookie, this should be a decent battle between Wall and Griffin, but I don't think it'll be...


The last 10 years of draft winners and busts

Ahh gotta love Draft season, where anything and everything is possible.  But each year I love looking back and seeing who the winner and losers were from the draft game.  And I've always...


Could we do over 2004 & 05 Drafts?

I used to play this game a lot of the Leafs during the 80s, but now I guess we get the unfortunate oppotunity to play this game with the Raps.What's probably disapointed me the most during the BC...


Time to Blow it up and enter the Barnes Lotto.

I've written time and time again about how to build a winning team.. Pretty simple, you need a Batman and a Robin, and except for the 03-04 Pistons, in the last 30 years that's been pretty much the...


Come on Lucky 13!

Well.. The Raptors definitely didn't "win" the lottery.  They're sitting 13th, and it ain't pretty, she just looks that way.  Historically 13th has been about as hodge podge as it gets.  The...

"Ball" via Huffington Post

The Turk says even less on TV than his "Yes Coach" Pizza commercials. Whould wouldathunk that was possible?


'Ball'er the Turkish Delights.

Let me start by outright stating I'm in no way a Hedo Fan, however I've been forced to write the counter argument because the level of Hate-On has become ridiculous.  Last nights interview,...


How bball SMRT are you? Proove it.

Ok.. so it turns out I'm not THAT smrt.  Can you name the all time stats category leaders in this fun quiz? http://www.sporcle.com/games/LucasEwalt/nbatop25 I scored 117of 200.  There were so...


I am so smart, SMRT!

In this post, I'll tell you why I'm so SMRT, and why I'm happy Hedo's in a Raptor jersey. I thank the NBA scheduling gods this year for what so far has been my most profitable season to date. ...


Great Basketball Reads

WHEN THE GAME WAS OURS I grew up during the 80s during the LA Showtime era where Magic Johnson and Larry Bird ruled.  I remember playing one of my first favourite video games, "Larry Bird vs Dr...


Are the Raptors a success in the first 15 years?

The Raptors and the Grizzlies are "celebrating" their first 15 years in the NBA.  Hardly a celebration for both clubs considering one is no longer even in the city they originated in.  In fact...


All professional coaches and fans are gutless worms...

Coaching in the big leagues is all about conformity.  It's about as conservative a brotherhood as you'll find.  You don't get to that point of being a professional coach without having attended...

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