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Lived in Tuscaloosa from '71 til '77. Used to usher Bama games at Denny Stadium. Cut Bear Bryant's lawn once. Live in South Ogden, Utah but LOVES ME SOME BAMA FOOTBALL!

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  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
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Awesome article about DJ Fluker, y'all.


I will always love this man. The adversity he overcame would have broken most of us. "Fluker, his mother, younger brother and two younger sisters ached with hunger in the bottom barrels of their stomachs. They operated the oven at night, not to bake but to keep warm. They endured the horror of domestic violence and moved place to place, staying together amid conditions that threatened to split them apart. And that car. That car. For weeks, all five sleeping in that damn car. "Just visualizing it pisses me off," Fluker, 22, says. "That just drives rage in you. That's what drives me."

Uh-Oh...AJ McCarron is in a boot.


Poor kid's mobility is severely diminished.

Collin Klein could be charged with felony arson!


Could this change the face of college football in 2012? Naaah. Enjoy the chuckle.


Help me pick SITP's new avatar!

In case y'all didn't know, Stuck in the Plains and I bet our avatars on the TCU v Wisconsin game.  We all know the outcome.  I need your help choosing the avy that will bring the most pain,...


The WAC and MWC Fans are Hatin' Auburn Too.

I'm surrounded by WAC and MWC fans all day long here at work.  Yesterday I had several coworkers yell "ROLL TIDE" at me and then proceed to tell me how either TCU or BSU could end up in the BCSCG...


Utah's attorney General meets with Justice Department on BCS

This douchecanoe is really playing to the faithful here in MWC country... "This has never been for me to get the University of Utah bragging rights," he said. If anything, Shurtleff argued, Utah's...


I got this Utes Sugar Bowl sweatshirt...


My grandkids here in Utah. Yes, I'm proud.


My grandkids here in Utah. Yes, I'm proud.

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