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No Buyout Coming?


I guess its gonna be "trade or sit at home" for Raja.

Measuring Kevin O'Connor's Draft Success


Draft success is a hard thing to quantify. There are many ways to try and determine whether a pick was successful or not, and all have their pitfalls. All-star selections is too dependent on other...

Looking Back: Pick #47 In the Kevin O'Connor Era


Okay, let us start with the basics. The draft. Two rounds, 30 picks per round (1 per team, before trades). The Jazz, as we know, have a 1st rounder that belongs to Minnesota, and might have a 1st...


"Mocking" The Draft

Well, its that time of year. The NBA draft is quickly approaching. And in this time of non-stop mock drafts (and man are there a ton of them out there), I will throw out my own. Of course, its no...

Lottery History: Pick #13


After looking at pick #14 yesterday, it is time to move on to pick #13. Before we do that, a moment of silence as yet another top prospect has decided to pull out of the NBA draft. Adiós, Terrence...


How The Ping Pong Balls Work

This is, quite simply, for those of you that are still curious/confused about the whole ping-pong ball aspect to the lottery. I've attempted to explain the whole thing using numbers, words and a...

Lottery History: Pick #14


Well, I've looked at what the lottery is. And I've looked at the potential lottery prospects (at least based on the thoughts of many right now). I've got an in-depth look of the lottery system...

Countdown to the Lottery: Targets


We take a look at the NBA lottery targets for the Utah Jazz

Countdown to the Lottery: What Is The Lottery?


Well, the season is over. The playoffs aren't, but given that our Jazz aren't playing, who really cares? What does that leave for us less-than-fortunate fans? The draft. And, for the second...

We Have Draft Picks! (Or At Least 1 Of Them…)


We take a look at the upcoming players in the draft and who would fit for the Utah Jazz.

Off-Day Overreactions


The sky is falling! The end is coming! Everyone head to your underground shelter cuz the apocalypse is coming! (It won't save you, but at least you can pretend it will.) Okay, its not that bad....

Jazz Crash & Burn In Home Opener


Well, I'll give optimism a fair shot. There were definitely improvements from the Denver game to the Suns game. It wasn't as big of a blowout, for example. And Deron and Jefferson finally seemed to...

Jazz Get Crushed In Denver


Well, that was ugly. And I'm not even talking about a pitching duel gone bad. The Jazz came out to open the season and laid an absolute egg in their season opener. The fact it was in Denver against...

Wait... It Starts Today?


Finally! After living under a boulder for a while (though it was a nice boulder, so at least I have that), I figure no better time to wake up than now. I mean, this is what we've all been waiting...

Boris Diaw Will ... Help Us Just Maybe?


By now, everyone and their great-grandmother has heard of this rumored deal. While the pieces are being altered or fought or whatever, it seems like the Jazz would be giving up Andrei Kirilenko...


MWC Power Rankings: Week 1

Well, week 1 is in the books. Okay, not completely... but it is for the MWC. Which means its time to look back and at the action and see where the MWC sits. The game recaps themselves sit on the...

Raja Bell Coming Back?


Breaking news from Marc Stein (on Twitter) Just filed to Raja Bell will not be meeting with Kobe Bryant after all ... because Bell has been snapped up Utah Stein later says the deal...

Suns Adding Hedo, Childress


The Suns are about to trade Leandro Barbosa for Hedo Turkoglu and S&T for Josh Childress. They might suffer from the loss of Amar'e, but this improves them from where they were sitting today morning.

Morrow To The Nets?


3 years, $12 million from the Nets... Warriors not expected to match. The Jazz were interested in him... they couldn't top that offer?!?!?

Boozer, And Why He's An Ex-Jazzster


Yeah, its me again. So expect a lot of words and very few numbers. Because that's how I roll. I did throw in a picture at the beginning so you know what the post is about... In the past couple of...

Beasley To Wolves


Beasley for a 2nd round pick, and the teams will swap 1st round picks somewhere in the future. Minny had the cap space to pull this off, we didn't. Minny keeps adding PFs... no idea what they're doing. They're still overvaluing Al Jefferson... and I really hope the Jazz aren't planning on using a trade exception to add Jefferson.

Hayward Working Off Ball


Looking at Hayward, offensively & defensively, as he plays without the ball.

Sloan Wants Boozer Back


"Sure, I'm hoping without a doubt," Sloan said Monday. "We're not as good of a team without him. And he helped us a great deal. It's hard to get good players." Sloan said he made his feelings known to Utah general manager Kevin O'Connor when they met after the season.

Amar'e to New York


The first of the big-name FAs to switch teams, and he's leaving the Western Conference. Can't complain too much about that...

Summer League: What To Look For


Well, the summer league (Orlando-style) kicks off tomorrow. The Jazz get the first game, facing the Bobcats at 11 AM MST. Back when the RMR existed and I had my own Jazz blog (so like 2 years ago),...


FA Day 1: Impact On The Jazz

Joe Johnson. Rudy Gay. Drew Gooden. Darko Milicic. Amir Johnson. Channing Frye. All of these guys have, at some point, been mentioned as potential targets for the Jazz this off-season. Some were...

Free Agency, Day 1: Open Thread


Updated (9:51 PM MST): Wes Matthews news (you won't like it), in the comments Free agency is rapidly approaching... it's less than 2.5 hours away now. Rumors are flying with no regard for human...

Sources say 3 way trade between #Bucks #Cavs #Nets. Redd to Cavs, Harris to Bucks, Ilyasova,...


Sources say 3 way trade between #Bucks #Cavs #Nets. Redd to Cavs, Harris to Bucks, Ilyasova, Jamison to Nets. Possible more involved.

Link Wow!... Favors going somewhere then? And they need a PG.

What's A Gordon Hayward?


Now, I'm not someone that has seen much of Gordon Hayward. I will admit that; I am mostly going off of what I've read, written by people that have seen a lot more of Hayward than me. So I would...

Draft Eve: Rumor Mongering


The draft is less than 24 hours away. Rumors are flying left, right, north, south, up, down, east, west and every direction in between. While the Jazz haven't been included in many of the rumors,...

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