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Cleveland Indians fan even tho not from Cleveland. Yes, I have accepted the burden of Indians-fan misery even though it was not my allotted portion in life (at least not originally). Seemingly hard to believe, but true. And we will win one yet. Go tribe.

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Trevor Bauer - Delivery optimization

Ok this is a bit of a boring fanpost. I wish I could dazzle you with pitching mechanics and expertise in kinesiology, but I don't have that. I just wanted to share this twitter exchange involving T...

DH Hafner scratched from Indians lineup


Reason given - to rest shoulder. Article comments on Hafner's .449 over last 8 games and past shoulder trouble.

CC Sabathia takes another shot at Cleveland Indians organization at Yankees Oldtimers' Game I saw...


CC Sabathia takes another shot at Cleveland Indians organization at Yankees Oldtimers' Game I saw a clip of the Yankees Oldtimers' game today, with Kim Jones interviewing CC Sabathia in the dugout. She wanted to know how he felt about George Steinbrenner even though he was relatively new to the team. Among other things said while gushing over Yankees elitism, I remember this quote from CC (I hope this is exact): "This is a top-flight organization. I've never been part of something like this." The way he said this, it was clear he was contrasting with previous organizations he was in, especially the way he paused and reflected for a brief second before continuing with the second sentence. I got a strong impression he was trying to say the previous organizations he was in were bush-league compared to the Yankees. I guess providing superstar players with unlimited amounts of cash separates a real top-flight organization from the bunglers...

Can't find source yet. Hope the interview will be published somewhere, but I saw it with my own eyes.

Ross Atkins confirms Goedert injury troubles hampered production


From Tony Lastoria's site "Q: What can we take from Triple-A Columbus third baseman Jared Goedert’s performance so far this year? RA: I think the interesting thing with Jared is that he injured his shoulder [in 2007] at a time when we were moving him through the system at a time similar to how we would be moving him this year. He was outperforming the league and the best hitter in the league at the time. At the time he was having some pain in his shoulder and we were also asking him to play some second base and it compounded and turned into an injury. Whether or not it was second base or the increased throwing it is hard to say, but I think it just took this long to get his swing and confidence back. I think initially what it took was a lot of time working through pain and finding exactly where he could swing the bat without pain, and then getting to the point where he was pain free enough to have the most efficient and productive swing possible. I think it was just the time that it took because he came into spring training [this year] and our hitting coordinator and hitting coaches all said to a man, 'wow, Jared has his swing back". Sure enough, five games into spring training he had several home runs and was having great days and he has just continued that from day one of the season."

Leyland takes a page out of Wedge's book


"It's like I told the guys when I was congratulating them after the game. 'You have to keep grinding. You can't let up mentally or physically.' This is like October baseball in September." —Manager Jim Leyland, following Detroit's 6-5 win at Cleveland on Sept. 24. Looks like our manager is not the only grinding enthusiast. And we (have to) pretend our September baseball is October baseball too. Right out of Wedge's book.

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