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Joe Dumars Preparing To Leave The Pistons?

V Goodwill tells the story in today's News. Goodwill is plainly telling things from Dumars' side of it, using Steven A. Smith as a straw man. While I find Smith uberannoying, dude thinks he's the...


Obligatory Gratuitous Clippers Game Thread

Where the Clippees Pistons are playing the Clippers. Key Questions For Tonight's Game How many shots will Josh Smith hoist? Especially 3-point shots? And with an average time left on the shot...

Chauncey Billups eyes the front office


There's no doubt in my mind he'd be an outstanding GM. Just make sure he's got a crack analytics guy. Should Dumars survive this year, I would expect GM to take some sort of FO role over the summer. The problem is I really don't expect Dumars to, unless a miracle happens. Like they get the 7th seed and actually take 2 games off of Miami. I love Chauncey, like Sheed and others, want him to stay in the organization. He's a Piston for life and deserves a crack at a FO gig over the summer.


Post Your Greg Monroe Trade SCENAIOS Here

and stop polluting the other threads with them... (why am I doing the Mod's job for them, I dunno) The more ridiculous the better. Apparently FanPosts have a min of 75 words, so I gotta...


Taiwanese Next Media Recaps The World Series

In the inimitable way that only Next Media does. Even though the Series sucked for us, this is a pretty funny animation. Only thing that's missing is a blindfolded Gene Lamont waving in Fielder. ...

Poor Keith Langlois


Austin Daye being rebranded as a "stretch 4". A PF who can't bench 185? I realize you can't spell "Kool Aid" without the letters KL, but I thought smoking the rope wasn't legal yet in Detroit. At least not until November. I think Keith has completely outspun himself this time. Look, I'm fairly understanding that as someone employed by the team, you're paid to put things in the best possible light. But at the same time, you just can't treat as marks your good paying customer. Besides, that shit only works in Vegas. Cue the red pandas/rhino droppings/trade SCENAIOS or whatever else.

SA Mayor Julian Castro Fires Back At The Chuckster


I loved it when Castro waved his 4-ring encrusted left hand at the camera to make a point. I usually hang out on DBB, being a Detroit sports fan and all, but SFS comes over to visit every now and then. Most of us are Spurs fans, for a few reasons, we used to have a team built like you guys, with an elite coach like you guys. But that was when I was younger and prettier lol...also we pretty much hate the Heat (although I personally am a little conflicted-always been a big fan of Riles). Anyway....just in case you missed this.



The State of the Pistons on Fox Sports Detroit.

Well, They Sorta Got It Right (OT)


A lot of people here seem interested in my day job. Well, this was my day job for a number of years, before I morphed into, ahem, other things. I have heard different things about Johnson's actual ability, it allegedy is, as Hubie Brown would say, at a very high level. You'll never see it addressed in public, anyway. But I'll keep it simple. You can play basic strategy, which isn't that hard, you can negotiate the sweetheart deals that Johnson did (today's casino exec is anything but a casino guy, he's a hotel guy, a marketing guy, a finance guy, a real estate guy...they just think these places can print money, and never stop to figure that it's not quite that easy), and take the fluctuations, you have a huge edge with a 20% rebate. Simulate it yourself if you can. (If the Trop in AC did as they claimed, certainly they never would have even dealt to him in the first place, let alone still deal to him, where I think he's getting a 5% rebate now). But in the end, the casino beat itself. I've never seen a business where you can fuck up royally, blame it on the customer, and not only not get fired, you actually keep your job or even get promoted. But that's the casino biz in 2012. Hope you enjoy this, and we'll talk about me sometime during the playoffs. When I'm hopefully in Thailand, or Macau, or someplace like that. I may answer limited questions. Omerta, you know.

How To Rebuild The Pistons?


Interesting article by beat writer V Goodwill. It's kind of basic, but also clearly lays out the team's options how to rebuild. Since many of you love to play GM here, which scenario do you prefer? I really liked how Seattle/OKC rebuilt, for a number of reasons. First, Sam Presti may well be the best GM in the game, and he learned his lessons well from RC Buford who would be my alternate "best GM" choice. You do have to get the picks, and hit on them. There's no lock of doing so. But Presti scored, and also scored with Ibaka. Also, one thing Buford and SAS do better than any other team is nailing the 2d rounder. We used to be good at it, when the braintrust consisted of Perry, Hammond and Ronzone, Perry and now Ronzone are back again, so we may find a sleeper or two there next year. As for our squad, I think after this year's draft, we'll be in better position to figure out what our core going forward is going to be and add players from there. This will likely be our last trip to the lottery, so, where we go from here is probably to develop depth, either by 2d tier FAs or by the draft (specifically, 2d rounders). Finally, one thing I'm thinking of is, say we get the #6 pick. Do you trade up to try to get Davis, and if you do, what can you offer which doesn't destroy your team? Davis is obviously a special talent, and would compliment Moose well. On the other hand, it is a deep draft, you are going to get a player who will be a NBA starter for years to come. Also, you can draft a wing player if that's the best available, and hope that a Ezeli or Melo will still be on the board at #37 when the Pistons draft again.

I Love Jim Schwarz


Dude kills it during the presser yesterday. Not only does he growl through the presser like Bo Schembechler or Woddy Hayes would, dude cracks jokes and is funnier than Lee Corso when Corso was an HC. (h/t to Sean Y for the Dis Bryant quote and link) He's going to be awesome on Mondays. If this is 4-0 I can't wait to see 8-2.

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