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Game 158 Open Thread: 26 September, 2007


Puppy Kicker Villanueva 7-6, 4.96 8-4, 3.97 Thompson certainly looked good in the second to last home game of the season, and even without his sinker working the absurd way that...

ghosts and punching bags.


Wouldn't it have been much easier for us to have seen these games against the Brewers back in August?  To have been able to abandon all hope of the postseason a month back, rather than a few weeks...

Game 151 Open Thread: 19 September, 2007


Moyer Wainer 13-11, 5.12 13-11, 3.71 GAME TIME 7:10 CDT I mentioned good ol' Adam as one of the few encouraging things about this years' Cardinals, and I stick by that assessment....

It is *NOT* a flesh wound


Sorry about the late post, my browser crashed, destroying my original post.So, I had a bunch of school work to do last night, so I stayed up and witnessed the seventh innings on on my mlb.tv feed....

Game 143 Open Thread: 12 September, 2007


high socks Arroyo, pop superstar 2-13, 5.61 8-14, 4.40 GAME TIME 6:10 PM CDT This morning, I sort of looked at the way that the position players stack up for next year, and sort...

Like a phoenix from the ashes...


Well, describing that game as deflating is almost an absurd understatement.  It's almost grown boring talking about these blowout losses that the team is suffering.  It was especially disheartening...

Game 136 Open Thread: 6 September, 2007


Armas, Jr. Marky Mark 2-5, 6.75 No Record GAME TIME 7:10 CDT As I stated in today's morning post, I strongly believe that this team is far more dependent on Mulder to be...

Scrubs, Studs, and Swamp Gas


I have to say, one of the things that, in retrospect, really annoys me about that Kip Wells loss (aside from all of the typical complaints one would have about Kip Wells vomiting up a loss) was...

Game 129 Open Thread: 29 August, 2007


Baron Von Kippington Oswalt 6-14, 5.41 13-6, 3.33 Every time that I think that I have Kip Wells figured out, I apparently don't. The guy just seems to have a preternatural...

A night at the juice box


Took the ladyfriend to last night's game at the Juice Box.  She improved her personal record at Cardinals games to 2-0, with the team scoring seventeen runs and allowing five.  There were a lot of...

Game 124 Open Thread: August 25th, 2007


Smoltzie Kip Von Wellsworth III 11-6, 3.05 6-3, 5.24 lb is in transit today, so I'm putting up the game thread.Don't look now, but if Mr. Wells goes 6 2/3 scoreless today, his ERA...

Game 123 Open Thread: 22 August 2007


Olsen b.Looper 9-10, 5.25 10-10, 4.98 Check out Looper's stat lines by month: Month ERA W/ND/L K BB innings/game Mar/Apr 1.91 3/1/1 18 10 6.6 May 5.35 3/0/3 20 14 5.67 J...

Morning thread: On hustle and an ace


That game from Wainwright really impressed me.  It's always one thing to see a starter with his best stuff just show up and dominate the opposing team.  Jorge Sosa had games like that this year.  I...

Game 117 Open Thread: 15 August, 2007


Piñeiro Gallardo 2-2, 4.50 4-2, 4.20 I looked up these guys' historical stats against the opposing teams, but there is essentially no record on either side, beyond Kevin Mench...

4.5 games back. Hitting and pitching resurrected


Kip Wells continues to rise from the dead, and puts together another decent outing.  Considering that it looked like he completely unraveled in the first inning, it's all the more amazing that he...

Game 111 Open Thread: 8 August, 2007


Professor Baron Von Kippington 7-8, 4.20 4-13, 5.58 Well, the Brewers are going through a Coors nightmare tonight, so a win tonight would be pretty nice. Maddux hasn't exactly...

Back, back, back, back


So, my two week journey snaking through Cardinals and Cubs country in the midwest has finally come to its end, leaving me plopped back in Texas. I took the lady friend to her first Cardinals game,...

Game 103 Open Thread: August 1st, 2007


Loop Armas, Jr. 8-8, 4.85 0-3, 6.93 Now here's a pitcher that the Cardinals should be able to hit--Armas's WHIP as of today: 1.72. If you look at the guys who have really hit him...

Pitch your way back up in the standings


Well, the Cardinals decided to continue the winning streak again last night.  In past years, four games would be fun, but hardly significant.  This year, however, it seems like an absolute godsend....

Game ninety seven open thread: June 25, 2007


That game was, I think, one of the more frustrating losses that I've seen in a while.  The Cardinals wasted numerous scoring opportunities, they made fielding errors, and, of course, Tony La Russa...

Game ninety one open thread: 18 July 2007


Kippersley D-Train 3-12, 6.25 7-8, 4.81 GAME TIME 6:05 CDT So, is this Kip Wells' last stand in the rotation? He at least seems to have kept Miggy in check throughout the course...

You gotta take what they give ya


This team just seems to be fantastic at finding new ways to lose.  It seems like a lot of you in the comments are using this as an excuse to get angry and frustrated with our redbirds.  Certainly,...

Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years.


So, lb was kind enough to point out that the last Cardinals team to be more than five games out of 1st place at the half, yet still make the playoffs was the 2001 Cardinals. I thought that, today,...

Game Eighty One Open Thread: July 4, 2007


Livan Thompson 5-5, 4.58 6-3, 4.88 GAME TIME 6:15 CDT I'm on my way to a 4th of July BBQ, so I'm putting up this thread early. It looks like there's going to be yet more rain...

Kip Wells, somehow, won't go quietly into the night.


Well, that was a disaster.  As was stated in the game thread, Wellemeyer was hardly helped out by the errors in the field there,  but then again, errors really don't matter when you allow 3 HR in...

Game Seventy-Five Open Thread--27 June 2007


high socks Glavine 0-9, 6.64 6-5, 4.38 GAME TIME 6:10 CDTSo, here we are.  This should be a game that the Cardinals are virtually guaranteed to lose: struggling Anthony Reyes...

There should be a congressional law banning the DH and astroturf


I got back Monday night from a weekend trip to visit the family.  My girlfriend, who is from Italy, and hasn't completely learned the ins and outs of baseball yet, initiated the following dialogue...

Game sixty nine open thread: June 20, 2007


Meche Wellemeyer 4-6, 3.00 2-1, 7.03 So, tonight we see the cream of the 2006 free agent class, apparently. Adam Kennedy is getting the start tonight, and it's well justified with...

On Thompson and on the team's prospects


That was a nice start last night by Thompson.  I think everyone here is happy that Kippers was the one that was demoted and not him.  I was a little worried watching him as he went late into the...

Game Sixty-Two Open Thread: 13 June 2007


Wainwright Od.Perez 4-5, 5.19 3-6, 5.68 GAME TIME 7:10 CDT Things to watch for this game: Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen have historically just teed off on Odalis Perez: Albert’s...

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