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John Terry Nutmegged By His Own Son


JT don't take no shit from anyone, though. George Terry gets his afterwards.

Great Piece on Pochettino's Southampton and His Tactics


Not Chelsea related, but is a great, great read that hasn't got enough attention. If you like or are interested in football tactics, this is for you.

Flo Mo's Parting Message


After all the shit we put him through, he's still classy as fuck. Thanks for everything, Florent, and good luck wherever you go.

Schurrle Apparently Tells Fan That He's Going To Chelsea


I don't really buy it. He could totally have been faking interest just to not upset a fan.

BBC end of season predictor


The CL match up is good but the relegation battle is the most interesting. Fulham aren't even safe! I put in some experimental results and Fulham could be relegated. What madness! Anyone from 11th downwards could still be relegated. Post your final table. Mine's in the comments too.

Messi v Robotic Keeper


Cyborg v Cyborg. Who will win?


United Fan Crunches Numbers to Show Chelsea Are On Course For Fourth Place Finish

Linky Link He provides a better technical explanation than I ever could but in layman's terms what he did is create a league table based on expectations and reality. What this means is that not...

Terry and Lamps On The Plane to Bucharest


Of course Terry would know Turnbull's missus.

If You Ever Doubted Roman's Power...


How nice of him, eh? It wasn't even for Chelsea specifically.

Luiz and Oscar Before the England Game


(read the description if you don't get it)

Big Man Has A Big Heart


"For those who don't know, Harry Moseley was an 11-year old boy who started a charity (Help Harry Help Others) after he was diagnosed with cancer. One of the things he did was raise money by selling bracelets. He died this day last year." Backstory video Description by AnnieIWillKnow from Reddit.

Drogba's First Personal Interview In China


Highlight of the interview: Chinese Reporter: Thank you. Drogba: Thank you. CR: Thank you. Drogba: Thank you.

The Beautiful 2011/12 CL Champions Ring (Not Jewelry)


Other Champion Rings (for previous years and also other competitions/sports) can be found here.

Stupidly Good Preview of Greece v Germany


Looks like we're in for a cracker of a match.

Guardiola And Mourinho Share A Hug


Awwwwww. It looks like they'll be the bestest friends forever!

Steve Clarke Leaves Loserfool!


Sign him up! The defense could use a touch up.

The Geezer is making good progress on his mission to find us a decent CF.


The Geezer is making good progress on his mission to find us a decent CF.

All of The Drog's Goals For Chelsea Plus That Penalty and His Farewell


I'm tearing up...... again. Gone but never, ever forgotten. Didier Drogba.

Azz and Cole after the match.


Azz and Cole after the match.

The Swiss Ramble Gives His Take On Chelsea and FFP


You probably already knew that we weren't in the shitter. What people don't understand is that a player's fee is amortized and not paid in full all at once. Lack of knowledge on this fact makes the average opposing fan very ignorant.

Mata when he was 11, or current Mata just after a clean shave? YOU DECIDE!


Mata when he was 11, or current Mata just after a clean shave? YOU DECIDE!

Hazard Explains Why He Snubbed The Manchesters


Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.

Today I Learned There's A Whole Video Dedicated To Branko's Ass


I watched all of it...... y'know, for science. Real should be aware that this kind of ass doesn't come cheap, should they want it.

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