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Didier Drogba's Life at Chelsea

Struggling to hold back tears..... Thanks for everything Didier.

The Art of Winning a Penalty Shoot Out

Very interesting read, even if the main point boils down to "shoot it in the top corner".

Test Your Knowlege of International Club Football

Only 27/60 for me. Should've been more but I didn't know how to spell some.


Drogba to Barca?

One of my Catalan friends has informed me that Droggles' agent has conveyed to Catalan television that he is negotiating with Zubi and Barcelona at the request of Drogba himself. The local media is...

Awesome Rambo Interview

So yea. Ramires talks about the CL semifinal, and his childhood.

CAPTION CONTEST! Bosingwa: There! You saw it? My cross just left orbit!


CAPTION CONTEST! Bosingwa: There! You saw it? My cross just left orbit!

Win David Luiz's Boots!

Yes, his boots. Probably with his feet sweat all over them.

Drogzilla's Cameo in A (Former) Pornstar's Music Video (SFW)

The former porn star is Julia Channel. The video contains no nudity. A wild Droggles appears. Don't ask why, I have no clue. (I've spared you 3.5 minutes of your life by linking you directly to when he appears. You can watch the whole video if you want, but it's pretty shit.) Edit: Also, here's the "making of" video.

Droggles Appears On The Graham Norton Show

Confirms what we already knew. He's a down-to-earth, humble man.

Reminder of What Essien Used to Be.

You're were probably expecting a video, huh? Well I think this speaks more volumes than a video could. These are United fans from the biggest United forum on the internet (, and they're absolutely shooting their load at the "old' 2009 Essien. "Best midfielder in the world, bar none." "The only player I would take over him is Messi, if United had their pick " "He's actually the only one of our rival's players that I can recall having a man crush on. " The compliments are that much better when you know they have no Chelsea bias. Will we ever see this man crush inducing Essien again?

The Football movers and shakers will meet this weekend to discuss various interesting topics

- Goal-line technology - Four subs for extra time - "Triple punishment" revisions - Implementation of vanishing spray and more The vanishing spray helps mark out the 10 yards whenever freekicks are taken. "Triple Punishment" is the punishment defenders get when they deny a clear goalscoring opportunity in the box (1. Suspension 2. Penalty 3. Expulsion)

Arnesen Speaks

Arnesen on his time at Chelsea: "I never invested huge amounts of money in the youth sector. What has been written was mostly nonsense." Arnesen on Chelsea: "I've never spent €5m for an 18-year-old. Here €250k, there €400k, but everything else wouldn't suit my philosophy." Arnesen on CFC: "A young player shouldn't switch clubs for money. I have to say: At least in the yth sector we've been like a huge family." Arnesen on Mourinho: "He's an absolute professional, but we never had to deal much with each other." Arnesen on Chelsea: "Only after Hiddink joined, the cooperation with the first team got more intense." Arnesen on Chelsea: "After Hiddink left, Roman told me to find a successor. I signed Anchelotti. The time with him was wonderful." Arnesen: "I signed Sturridge from City. I told him if he trains well he'll rank among the top-20 of the squad & make 5 games in his 1st yr." Arnesen: "For the 2nd yr, I predicted he'll rank among the top-16 & after that top-12. Footballers need a plan to orientate themselves by." ___________________________________ Interesting quotes. Does this mean Ancelotti was more youth-oriented? Does this prove Mou's rep as a "youth ignorer"? Erm, I don't know how to multi quote twitter, so I just linked the source's twitter profile. You will have to scroll down a bit to see the tweets.

The Tragedy of Torres

This is a more psychological view on our number 9. Has loads of references to similar happenings in other sports. Other athletes, who've experienced something similar, weigh in on why this is happening, and what he can do to stop it. Most definitely worth a read.

Ramires would return to Brazil right away if he could.

This is a huge shock. So much so that I believe this may be a translation error. Here's the original interview in Portugese. Original Interview If you're fluent in Portuguese, let me know if the translation in the title is right. Ed note: ?!

Barca Sports Director Says They Have First Option On Oreo

This is a bit confusing. His use of "first option" makes me think that they can only buy him back if we want to sell, but the rest of the tweet doesn't make sense in that context (It wouldn't matter if they were planning to buy him back, if we don't want to sell). There's a good chance the translation doesn't do the original statement it's fair due.

Why Did We Ever Convert Mikel to DM anyways?

Anyone think we can still convert Mikel back to AM? Would it be worth it?

Paolo di Canio's Epic Rant

Love the man or hate the man, but that was class.

Big Man Terry Has The 3rd Highest Pass Acc in Europe

1208 of those passes were for David Luiz right next to him. :3

Cole's Dream Team XI

Seaman; Lauren, Adams, Campbell, Cole; Sturridge, Vieira, Gerrard, Pires; Bergkamp, Henry Sabrina likes this.

AVB is a compassionate guy. A real hero.

Have tissues handy. (I know it's the Sun, but the unwritten law we follow as fans says to always ignore the negative stories, and for some reason believe the positive ones.)

Bellamy says "Dutch c**t" to Krul

I can't really tell myself, but if Terry got screwed for it, Bellend-amy should too.

The Boas On Torres

AVB talking specifics about Torres. The article title is a bit misleading - AVB never says he will make Torres great.


Frank Lampard's Plight

It's no secret that Lampard wants to play every game. I like that he doesn't feel happy sitting on the bench, as no player should, but I get the feeling that he's second guessing The Boas. Lampard...

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