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How Unlucky Is Phil Kessel?

What are the odds that Phil Kessel would have started the year with zero goals? Small enough to be frustrating but large enough to guarantee it would happen to the Leafs.


Chance: What Role Will It Play?

In a short season, chance may play a more significant impact on results. How will that help or hurt the Leafs?


Where Will the Leafs Draft if the Season is Cancelled?

This week there was a lot of talk about where the Leafs might draft if there's a lockout and the season is cancelled. Many fans probably recall the lockout in 2004-05 that, conveniently, landed the...


Shot to the Chart. But Who's to Blame? (You Give Goalies a Bad Name)

It's no secret that the Leafs have a bad penalty kill. In fact, it's beyond bad. Before tonight's game the Leafs sit dead last at a 69.4% kill rate. What's worse is that this isn't a new...


The Sconnie Connection

via Backstory: About 6 months ago I moved to the great city of Madison, Wisconsin. While I was dismayed to leave Toronto, my beloved Maple Leafs, and my motherland behind, I...

Behind the Numbers


From ESPN, but it's a fun little read. Reminds me that NHLers don't have to always be completely without personality and creativity.


Dr. Burkelove (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Free Agents)

Do Unrestricted Free Agents produce fewer points after signing their big deal? Sure looks like it.

Sharks have claimed forward Kyle Wellwood off waivers.


Sharks have claimed forward Kyle Wellwood off waivers.

According to a tweet by Mirtle. #KyleWellwoodIsFat from tacos.

What Does Save Percentage Really Tell Us?

A look at the Toronto Maple Leafs' save percentage by game state.


Why Wilson is to Blame (Not Gustavsson)

What has the most impact on wins?


History Lesson: Why Ron Wilson Should Get Fired ASAP

Should Ron Wilson be fired? How have teams that have changed coaches fared over the past two seasons?

The only teams to have started 4-0 only to miss the playoffs since '08-09 are Calgary and...


The only teams to have started 4-0 only to miss the playoffs since '08-09 are Calgary and Minnesota. Everyone else with a 4-0 record not only made the playoffs, but finished near or at the top of their conferences.

An interesting stat, courtesy of Eric Engels, that should make us all optimistic. Granted, he's only talking about a few seasons, but clearly starting the season 4-0 helps goes along way towards finishing the season 5 games above .500 (i.e., in playoff territory). **Update - There were 6 additional teams that went 4-0 since the lockout. All of them made the playoffs.

Ch-ch-ch Changes (to the PK)!


Elliotte Freidman on why the Leafs PK has looked good so far. Turns out it's more than a shift from a diamond to a box.

Kadri to be Given Sheltered Minutes?


"Maybe in our case the third line is reasonable as well. But if we have three guys playing better than him, we have to decide what we’re going to do. It’s up to Kadri to get the job done." - Ron Wilson I think this means maybe, just maybe, Kadri makes the team AND gets some time to get adjusted to the league.


2010 Predictions - By the Numbers: Part III

So far I've used individual GVTs to examine the player additions and subtractions to each team. This is all aimed at answering the question "will we make the playoffs next year?" First, lets take a...


2010 Predictions - By the Numbers: Part II

In Part II of these posts, I will use my method outlined in Part I to examine how a team did in the off season, and where we can expect them to be next year. Atlanta Thrashers Key Additions: ...


2010 Predictions - By The Numbers: Part I

Lets face it: the off-season is no fun at all. Sure, there's the draft (draft schmaft) and the free-agent frenzy, plus the occasional contract veto by the NHL, but really it's mostly a whole lot of...

Leafs Continue to beef up depth, Marlies


We've signed 3 guys with NHL experience, none of whom are named Kovalchuk.


Why I'm Happy About the Canadiens' Deep Run in the Playoffs

Let's get this straight: I am no fan of the Canadiens. Can't stand em! But I'm really happy they went deep into the playoffs. I could have even been happy if they got into the finals (so long as...


Five Reasons I Love Hockey

I've had a fractured relationship with sport at points in my life. I grew up both extremely smart and very athletic as a kid. My parents naturally pushed me more in athletics than in academics. By...

Phil is Philthy


After another goal last night, Philthy Phil now is 1 away from 30. If he accomplishes that feat, he'll be the first Leaf not named "Mats" to do so since AlMo. More importantly, he's now 10th in the league in goals/game. That's right. Phil, who is 22 years old, on the 2nd worst team in the league, is scoring at a better pace than Marian Hossa, Jarome Iginla, Rick Nash, and Bobby Ryan.

Toskala Pwns


Toskala was pulled tonight after stopping just 9 of 12 shots. SV%: .75. Two words: "Haw haw"!


Kessel vs. Malkin: A Graphical Comparison

A look at Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin's production this season.

More on Phaneuf's Personality Problem (PPP)


Andy Strickland on why we should be concerned about Phaneuf. *I realize that this is coming from the Fraud's website, but Andy Strickland is a guy I respect.

Berger: Marleau Won't Play for Wilson Again


Though Berger doesn't comment on his most recent rift with RW, he does say that the leafs have no chance of landing Kovalchuk or Marleau, in part because of Wilson. How he knows these things God only knows. He does manage to get in another reference to Kool-Aid. I'm starting to think it's a product placement.

Based on a discussion yesterday about whether or not Brian Burke's situation could be considered...


Based on a discussion yesterday about whether or not Brian Burke's situation could be considered analogous to Obama's, I threw this together.

I don't think numbers tell everything. I think overall, I haven't let in that many bad goals. You...


I don't think numbers tell everything. I think overall, I haven't let in that many bad goals. You know, goals just happen and I never worry about those.

This was taken from an article in November of 2008. Amazing how much things change.

Flock of Siegel on White


I can't help but feel he's been reading our discussions. The debate about whether White stays and where he fits with the cap was brought up by me yesterday in the discussion about Stajan. Other details of where he is in 5-on-5 scoring for defensemen was also brought up by someone recently...

Kadri in Tough to Make WJ Team?


"We want him to play a little bit of a different style here and it is going to be tough for him to adjust to that style a little bit," said Desjardins. "At the international level, turnovers will hurt you, so we're probably trying to make him not put himself in that situation as much," he said. "But you still have to be the guy that got you here as well, you can't be a totally different player. It's a bit of a tough one for him but he's a good player and he's got lots of skill."

Monster to Start Tonight


As per Jonas Siegel's twitter. No word on whether this means Toskala starts tomorrow. My guess is no.

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