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Camp hasn't even started so let's end this now. The biggest hit this off season.

Polls are fun, quick, easy and sometimes informative. A lot has happened since the end of the 2013 season and not all of it bad. Still no team is really strong enough to with stand to many set...


Important Week for the LockOut and New CBA

I am more interested in the various opinions of us rumbler's than I am my own.  It has been mentioned in Fan Posts, Comments, on site reporting, various articles written in the media as a whole...


The Second Pick will be key in 2011

Thank you rumbler's.  Allot of stuff happened today and all I had to do was finish work and come home and spend about two hours reviewing everything.  That included the luncheon press conference. ...


Household Names, Sleepers in the Draft, Potential Long Time Future.

Casey Mathews by name recognition alone could sell tickets.   Casey Mathews can play the game.  A very smart and instinctive player.  The blood lines are undeniable where every member of this...


I need some input Rumblers from 2010 Draft.

The 2010 draft suggested that Buddy Nix was very interested in moving back up "into" the first round to select a Player.  We have discussed this player being Tim Tebow, Dan Williams or Rodger...


Ryan Fitzpatrick Approval Poll

We have one for Chan we have one for Buddy, why not have one for the most important position on the field? I have learned that guaging a QB in this league is futile with many levels but would still...


Get to Camp, the hitting started!!!

     Day Four Observations.  Actually this was a mild day at Training camp.  I estimated around 1,200 people in attendance.  First thing I did was check out the Bleachers and realized that most...


Stopping the Run

Much has been talked about regarding our poor run defense from a year ago.  Also, there has been some discussion on the value of signing Torrell Troupe as early as we did in this past draft.  The...


Three Day Draft Strategy

     This is a first, at least in the modern era, that the NFL Draft will take place over a three day period.  It is my understanding that starting this Thursday, 4/22 at 6:30pm  the first round of...


Thinking Back Some 20 years.

I can remember when Marv Levy was named the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills.  My initial response was who is this guy?   Where did he come from?  What is this guy going to do for us?  What's his...


Aren't We missing something Here?

So much to read and so much to comment on.  We lost two out of three games aganist teams that most of us predicted would happen.  We have had some key injuries which has had an effect in these...


The Flip Side of the Packers PreSeason Game

This game easily exposed some glaring weaknesses.  In a nut shell we took two steps forward and three steps back.  The pack on the other hand took another step forward.  Looking back to last year. ...


#2 QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

There hasn't been allot of love thrown towards this guy.  Almost to the point where you could count on one hand the number of rumbler's that support him.  Recently, we discussed the importance of T...


The Next Steps in the Process

Where do we go from here?  Camp starts soon but not soon enough.  We need to sign our draft picks.  Then we will be gathering our 2009 Bills team and mold them into the playoff team we have been...


Was Our 2009 Draft a Plan B Approach

Pre draft we focused on pass rush and a top tight end that would impact immediately with our offensive style.  Then we traded Jason Peters to the eagles after cutting loose our right guard and...

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