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8.5 Points and a Moneyline at +270. PLEASE DON'T LOSE THIS F#^&!(&!$ GAME VANDY PLEASE

Last time Vandy beat UTK, I had 50 on Vandy with the points (I think it was 13.5) and 50 on the moneyline (something like 370). Plus, I was there with the same guy I am going to today's game with....

Antepenultimate Game of the Year!

14.5 point underdog. Don't bet on this game.  Last weekend I left a Vanderbilt football game at half time for the first time in my life. I've been going to Vandy games for just short of 30 years....

Moneyline. There, I said it.

Randall Gene Moss became a Titan. Vandy basketball tipped off. Dai-Jon committed to Vandy. So, bet Vandy on the moneyline at plus 450. Good things always come in fours. Like King Size Reece's cups....

Warren Norman is out for the rest of the season with a wrist injury

Warren Norman's out for the rest of the season with a dislocated wrist? Sweet. In related news, basketball season begins Wednesday.

20.5 is a Big Number

  O/U is 55(!). We are terrible at football, but not THAT terrible. Parlay the Commies with the points and the Under. Also, Tyler Bray is good at football. That's frustrating.  Dynamite! (And...

Let's Win this One for Festus and His Cakes by Thunder Cake

Festus Ezeli just turned 21. How did he celebrate? With a Stevie Thunder homemade cookie cake. By the way, if you aren't following SThunder on twitter, you're a failure. At life. His twitter feed...

A Filthier Proposition than Udom Umoh's Twitter Feed (@Umoh_)

If you aren't following UU's twitter feet (@Umoh_), you should. Just trust me.  Positive Omen of the Week: Got home from the office last night and what was waiting for me: two beautiful,...

I wouldn't bet this game with your money.

Vandy is a 25 point favorite. Don't bet that. Under ANY circumstances. The O/U is 53. That a big number. Very big. Lest we forget that Vandy's offense is TERRIBLE. As a reminder, Kent is leading...


How to approach the Vandy-UConn matchup on your college football gameday selection spreadsheet.

Why I hate Kenny Chesney and you should take Vandy with the first half spread

The cool comfort of losing a close game we should have won and then getting blown out by an SEC West foe w/ a filthmonster of a defense can now set in for the Commies. Let's be honest: the...

Always bet on black. And Gold.

Vegas advice for entertainment purposes only.

Dear Big Ten Officiating Crew,

Please have the common courtesy to buy us a drink and ask us to dance before #($@&(@$ us.  Sincerely,  Commodore Nation

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious - Nongambling related post

You took Sned v. the field in the US Open. You bet on that horse with the nautical name in your preakness trifecta. You talked yourself into getting down HEAVILY on Cameroon because of two words:...

Bet on Vandy

Does Brian Williams know Brian Williams? Will Vandy cover a 1.5 point spread. Is Threesus the reason for the season?

Tourney Early Game Gambling

Non-Gambling Post: SEC Tourney Quarterfinals Early Game Gambling

Gamble. It's fun.

Non-gambing post: South Carolina Gamecocks

Nick Calathes Says: Money Line. Money Line. Money Line.

Non-Gambling Post: Florida Gators edition

Bet Heavy on Vandy

Bet Heavy on Vandy

Non-Gambling Related Post

Non-Gambling Related Post: Georgia Bulldogs

Non-Gambling Related Post

Non-Gambling Related Post

No love from Catnation

Vandy fans.... does anyone hate them as much as I do?  I especially enjoyed this response:  "They could stock an entire pretentiousness hall of fame w/ Vandy alums." Obviously, this guy has...

Biggest Game at MemGym

The response to the new poll has been a relatively resounding "no" as to if tomorrow represents the biggest game in Mem Gym regular season history. So, what is the biggest regular season game in...

104.5 Dumped as the Flagship

http://vucommodores.cstv.com/genrel/021910aaa.html If this means no Commodore update every morning at 6:55, my morning routine is shot. Seriously.  UPDATE: Apparently, we can thank the Titans for...

Gambling is Bad

Commodores are a 3.5 point underdog for the game, 2 for the first half. I'd stay away from the first half line. Possible for Ole Miss to come out swinging (big resume builder game for them) and...

Non-Gambling Related Post

Vandy is a 9 point favorite... in the first half. 16.5 point favorite for the game. Don't even consider betting either one. We start out slow, you lose. We mail it in the last ten minutes of the...


This midweek's man crush of the game award winner is not a single player. That would be too formulaic. Instead, it is something so deliciously homoerotic that it cannot be passed up: the Commies...

Tim Thompson.

Brilliant, per usual.

Non-Gambling Related Post - Don't be Stupid Edition

Commies are a 3.5 point favorite for the game, 2 point favorite in the first half. Under no circumstances should you bet this game with a book. The wise thing to do, as always with a Vandy rival...

Non-Gambling Related Post: The Other Athens of the South Edition

Commies are a 4.5 point favorite on the game, 2.5 for the first half. Take the Commies covering the 4.5. If the game is close at the end, UGA will be fouling and Vandy will sink the free throws....

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