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User Blog

Open Game Thread: Early Afternoon Games (10/27/13)


An open thread to wax philosophical on all the going-ons of the early games on this fine Sunday afternoon. The Texans are off, but BRB's open game day threads are not. Come join the fun.

An Introspective Look At Injuries And The NFL


Are we all bad people for loving football? How difficult is the NFL's decision-making on safety rules? Brian Cushing's injury prompted a long internal conversation about why we love football and...

Hair of the Dog: Now Pick-Six Free


The third-string quarterback is starting. The star running back and star linebacker get hurt with Cushing now out for the year. This storybook season brought to you by Stephen King.

The Pregame: Week 7 (Texans v. Chiefs)


There's at least a 2% probability that the Texans struggles this season are due in part to the fan base not being able to generate enough hatred for the opponent. That ends now.

Hair Of The Dog: Solidarity, Brothers!


The Texans have been saying all week that the problems run deeper than Matt Schaub. This weekend, in a show of solidarity, they proved that to be true. Check out the day after the Texans lost to...

Hair of the Dog: Numb


There comes a point in every man's life when he reaches a crossroads. A time when he must decide whether to take the road less traveled. Let's hope that Matt Schaub takes that road and that he gets...

Hair Of The Dog: Party Like It's 2008 (SEA v. HOU)


This game felt like one of those old timey Texans games when no matter the score, you just had that feeling that the Texans were on the verge of doing something stupid.

Hair Of The Dog: Flagged For Disgust


If you've ever gotten all excited to go to a really nice restaurant only to get food poisoning and embarrass yourself by puking all over the waiter, then you probably know what it felt like to...

Hair Of The Dog: Return Of The Kitten


If you like burning ants with a magnifying glass, you'll love watching the BRB crew squirm during the second straight last second victory.

The Texans Super Happy And Optimistic Preview


The season of predictions is nearly over, and seeing as none of those have any chance of being accurate, I decided to go with the one we'd all really like to see.

Hair Of The Dog: Hey, It's Preseason For Us, Too


The BRB crew always treats the 3rd preseason game like the true warm-up. Here's a Hair of the Dog as proof.

2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Select Chris Jones


The Texans have finally drafted a nose tackle! He's not the space eating beast of BFD's dreams, but he looks like the type of player that can fit into Wade Phillips' one gap style.

2013 NFL Draft: The Irrelevant Open Threads


For those hard core draft geeks who are still watching, here is what will likely be your final open thread. Use it wisely.

2013 NFL Draft: Texans Trade Fifth Round Pick

The Texans traded their fifth round pick to the St. Louis Rams for two sixth round picks.

Hair of the Dog: NFL Draft Edition

"Oh how I wish I knew what the BRB staff was saying during the draft." I know that's what you're thinking, so let me share that glorious dialog with you.

Potential Texans And Character: Do You Care?


While there's no pressing event to prompt this discussion, I was wondering recently about how people view character and off the field issues when evaluating potential Texans.

Hair of the Dog: Mercifully Over


The Texans season is at an end. The Texans did not go out with grace or style, but rather left a legacy like David Carradine. At least it's over. Let the healing begin.

Hair of the Dog: Now With Multiple Playoff Wins!


With the regular season over, the BRB crew brought their A-game for this playoff game. Unfortunately, that file was lost, so we put this together.

Hair of the Dog: Texans @ Colts


A journey through hell led by Matt Schaub and narrated by your favorite crew of miscreants.

Hair of the Dog: Oops, Fall Down


Hair of the Dog: The Texans played like a team that has nothing left to play for as opposed to one that had a chance to secure home field advantage. Let's relive it!

Texans vs Vikings Post-Game Thread


Well, that sucked. Share your misery with others here.

Hair of the Dog: AFC South Champs, Baby


Hair of the Dog: The Texans and Colts faced off for the division title, while the referees worked out their flag throwing technique in preparation for the post-season. Relive the magic!

Hair of the Dog: Kitten


Want to relive the game from last night? Well, read this anyway.

Hair of the Dog: Swept Clean (Texans @ Titans)


The Texans defeated the Titans on Sunday and the BRB crew was there to discuss, comment, and make sarcastic remarks and bad jokes.

Fanning The Flame: The Texans-Titans Rivlary


While MDC's Pregame usually "stokes the hate flame," this week's game is deserving of an early start. Consider it your appetizer of loathing before your hate steak.

Hair of the Dog: A Second Helping of Football


The Texans made their best effort to give us all indigestion with their heartbreaking overtime performance. The BRB crew steps away from their families to provide an epic conversation.

Hair of the Dog: BRB Talks Texans-Jaguars


Hair of the Dog: Somehow the Texans set all sorts of offensive records in this game, and the BRB crew was there to comment. It's what we do.

Hair of the Dog: Recently Turned Over By Chicago


BRB's staff e-mails each other during the game. Read what they had to say.

Hair of the Dog: Also not worth $100M


Hair of the Dog: The BRB writers have an email discussion during the Texans game against the Bills.

Reviewing The Texans' Season To This Point


After rewatching five of the first seven games of the season, I share my observations on the Texans to this point.

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