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3 Broncos among the league's least valuable?

#25 Laurence Maroney Maroney spent most of his time in New England on the training table or working on his dreads, but the Broncos still dealt a fourth-round pick (getting a sixth-rounder in return) for a guy who promptly gained 74 yards on 36 carries. Then he got arrested for marijuana possession after a Rick Ross concert, which would only have been worse if Rick Ross actually made the arrest. #20 Robert Ayers Ayers was a hybrid pass-rusher taken in the middle of the first round. Two years into his "career," Ayers has actually produced 1.5 sacks, but he's also started 11 games and taken up a lot (of) snaps in the process. #4 Daniel Coats Coats dropped a third of the passes thrown to him in 2009 and then fumbled away two of the 18 catches he did make. His teams were smart enough to avoid throwing him the ball in 2010.

Who's "Clady?"


@RyanClady Saw somebody off the golf course with a Tebow jersey on and ask where their Clady jersey was... Reply " Who's that ? " lol


If the lockout happens, who gets the playbook?

It looks to me like the lockout is going to happen.  The owners are in a position of strength, and the players have shown no indication of budging.  In the past, teams in this situation have given...

One step closer to Orange!


Ok, so it's not exactly news, but it's still exciting to read!


Season Ticket Holders... It's time to send a message to the team.

For those of us season ticket holders, it's time to send a message to the team.  It's time to vote with your feet to let Bowlen know that you won't accept a mediocre product on the field.  It's...

WCG Photoshop Contest: Give Lovie a Sweet 'Stache


What do you think about doing a contest like this on MHR?


Name Calling

The subject of "Donkeys" has been brought up recently, particularly as a term of derision, and that's led me to consider the use derogatory names from other teams as well.  Please understand, I...

Skeleton in Kiszla's closet: Quinn will start in Super Bowl


Here's a little blast from the past... Granted it was before Tebow, and before we got to see how good Kyle Orton can be when healthy, but it's still good for a laugh!


Mile High Vuvuzelas?

Amidst the, uh, buzz generated by vuvuzelas in the World Cup, I remembered that as a child, I had a long plastic horn.  It was nearly as tall as I was, orange, and was clearly designed to make lots...


Black and Silver Lining?

This loss was absolutely awful, but there are a couple of positives we might take from it.

Ralph Wilson calls Dick Jauron to Detroit to fire him.


'Cause if theres anything Detroit needs, it's another unemployed person.


Former Broncos in the UFL

I checked out the site for the new league and the first thing I noticed...  well...  you have no choice but to notice the gaudy color scheme.  They're a cross between day-glo and pastel.  And all...


"Bronco's?" ARRRRRGH! It's BRONCOS!

I apologize for posting this rant at such a critical time of year, but I can't hold it in anymore.  MHR is one of the most literate communities I belong to on the internet.  With that said, I have...


Preseason Playcalling

This fanpost is a follow-up on a comment I left to an earlier post. I've seen a lot of criticism lately of McDaniels' preseason playcalling.  There are a lot of complaints about no passes being...


The Boo Birds

Man, I am so SICK of people booing...  People are going to boo McDaniels, they're going to Boo Orton, and they're going to boo Cutler.  So inappropriate!    But I have a solution: When I'm at the...

Broncos continuing stance on Marshall


In breaking news, there is no news, but we have to write something, so we'll just rehash an old story and pretend it's relevant that nothing has changed since the last time we reported it.

Michael Vick? Are ya F'n Kidding Me?


Uhhh... I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree. The three reasons: 1. There is no clearly defined QB: That's true; We wouldn' t know if Vick was third behind Orton and Simms or Simms and Orton. 2. Vick is a veteran of the NFL: Kurtzman alleges that his experience reading defenses will be invaluable, apparently considering what Vick was doing all those years "reading defenses." 3. Vick is exciting, and will put butts in seats: Errrr... was exciting. We don't know how exciting he'll be. But it's an interesting thought that the Broncos will finally be able to sell out a game with Vick on the bench.

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