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Darren Collison summer explosion


Cool DC vid from the Grantland channel

UCLA offers 8th grade QB?


Well, we made fun of Kiffin for this... personally not a big fan of this, though maybe some will be glad at the forward thinking on the QB front.

PER Wishlist: More David Wear, More Tony Parker?

Bumped from the Fanposts. Should Tony Parker get more mins than he is currently getting under Ben Howland's rotation? Taking a look at the numbers. - BN Eds.

NPR interview: Kluwe and Ayanbadejo, eloquent and courageous


This may have been linked elsewhere, but a non-football friend heard this piece and wrote on Facebook: "Just listened to an NPR piece in which both players spoke. I must admit I was blown away by their eloquence and courage. Way to beat down the "Bedazzled" dumb jock myth" UCLA football players: dispelling dumb jock stereotypes since 1919.

TV for OSU announced: ABC/ESPN 2, 12:30 kickoff


Suddenly a game with a lot more luster after the weekend's results, OSU's visit to the Rose Bowl on 9/22 will be a 12:30 kickoff on ABC/ESPN2

Profile of Rachel Kidder and the UCLA WVB team


apologies if already posted, just came across this on ESPN. Nice to see the Kidder family's Blue & Gold shining through.


Beware Trogans bearing sympathy...

Quite aside from his other brazen lies (he WAS there and DID have something to do with it, when it comes to the Reggie Bush situation), Lame's ability to maintain a straight face while...

OT: Punting to Victory


Former Cal punter Bryan Anger expecting to make a big impact with Jaguars ;-)

Shades of Howland's UCLA? How Urban Meyer lost control at Florida


Thought this piece had interesting similarities to the decline of Howland's basketball program (from a higher level of success, obviously), with allegatings of drug use, favoritism and lack of discipline. One of a number of choice quotes with parallels to the SI story on UCLA and Reeves Nelson: "It was Harvin, more than anyone, who epitomized the climate Meyer created. While former players say Harvin always was treated differently as a member of Meyer’s Circle of Trust, it was the beginning of his sophomore season—after he helped lead the Gators to the 2006 national title—that it became blatant. That's also when it began to contribute negatively toward team chemistry.... ...At one point during the 2008 season, multiple sources confirmed that Harvin, now a prominent member of the Minnesota Vikings, physically attacked wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him to the ground. Harvin had to be pulled off Gonzales by two assistant coaches—but was never disciplined. "


Why Howland Must Go: A Dispassionate View From a Former Howler

A former diehard supporter of Ben Howland methodically lays out his reasons why he should not remain as the head coach of the UCLA basketball program.

Lorenzo Mata-Real interview audio


Lorenzo is one of my favorite Bruins of recent years - handled himself on and off the court, never complained publically about going from a Final Four starting center to a backup when a more heralded freshman took his job, really epitomized the win-first, team-first attitude. An interesting alternative perspective from someone who won with Howland.

Oregon QB to enter draft


Bizarre decision; and means both Stanford and Oregon will be replacing QBs in the Pac-12 North.

OT but serious: another shooting at VaTech


Thoughts going out to people in Blacksburg - 2 dead and campus on lockdown.

Ready for a slaughter at the Alamo?


Obviously all projections should be taken with a grain of salt, but I'm not sure getting butchered by Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl would be much reward for a magical 6-6 season...


Football Outsiders FEI: UCLA Offense 7th, UCLA Defense 117th

I haven't done an analysis of the methodology that Football Outsiders use for these measures, but I thought worth sharing in case someone wants to look at it more closely (and I'll try to look...


NOT a moral victory, but not the time to abandon ship

While UCLA's latest defeat against Stanford doesn't represent a "moral victory," there were some signs argue a BN member that gives Bruins some hope that it is not time yet to give up on the season.


A delayed reaction to the Texas debacle

[Sorry for being late to the party, and apologies if I duplicate anyone's comments here. After watching the game from the UCLA endzone I have been off the grid due to work and other factors.] ...


UCLA's Offensive Production v. Houston: Play-calling, or Talent & Execution?

A discussion on whether UCLA's offensive output v. Houston Cougars was a result of imaginative play calling or a combination of talent and execution (or both).

MJD: "Finally its time for America's team to get back in action... Watch out world here we come!!!...


MJD: "Finally its time for America's team to get back in action... Watch out world here we come!!! Go JAGS!!!!!!"!/Jones_Drew32/status/95549826296578049

Bruin Chris Kluwe is the voice of reason


Quick twitter hit from Chris Kluwe on the NFL labor negotiations. Whether or not you agree with his take, I suspect most Trogans don't tweet 'operative bywords'...

LA Slimes: build football stadium downtown


I hate linking to this publication, but given it was referenced on ESPN radio today as some kind of gathering momentum, I thought discussion here might be helpful. My take: academic research on these issues usually differs wildly from the 'hired consultants' promoting a project; and, selfishly, NFL coming to LA likely eats into ticket revenues for UCLA.

Bruin legend Bauer: an MLB contributor this year?


ESPN suggests Bauer could be helping the Diamondbacks make a playoff push late this summer, if he signs soon enough. Here's hoping they give him a big deal and he gives the Diamondbacks a David Price-esque bullpen boost this year for a conternder before becoming a starter next.

Bruin aces 1,3 in SI MLB mock draft


I know, another day, another mock draft, another strong showing by our superstud pitching duo; but this was the first major one I saw with both our guys going top-3.

UCLA FB 4th favorite to win Pac-12 ... South Division


Link is to SBNation's Utah Utes page, who quote gambling futures giving us long odds in the 5-school race to win the Pac-12's South Division. Only school pegged worse is Colorado in the first year of a new coaching staff.

Honeycutt on Honeycutt: better than Tayshaun Prince


LOL at some of the self-description; would like to point out on the handling claim that his 2.8 assists and 3.0 turnovers per game as a college sophomore do not compare favorably to Tayshaun's career averages of 2.7 assists with only 1.2 turnovers in the NBA.

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