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College student. Loves Sacramento Kings, Likes Atl Falcons. Hates Lakers, Saints, Mavs.

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Falcons Release Ovie Mughelli


Welp. It makes sense but it also makes me sad.


The Logic of Divisions in the NBA

Hello all.This is not a post that is necessarily about the Kings persay, but it does involve our beloved princelings in terms of the overall discussion.First off, I'd like you to take a moment to...


I'm out of Draino and my pipes are clogged with Fish.

Yes, a stupid pun titles this fanpost. Here's my problem. And it's a problem we all share as Kings fans. The acquisition of John Salmons is/was completely and inherently unnecessary, if not...


Why I'm Not Worried About Relocation

Hey StR-ers! This is not a post for your comfort or mine, and it's not a post featuring me talking out of my own ass, as cheeky as that would be. This is also not necessarily an April Fools post,...

Baron Davis traded to Cavs for Mo Williams, Jamario Moon


I wonder why the Clips do this... Baron was just starting to establish a rapport with Griffin. Oh well. This is relevant to the Kings because I think it makes Friday's game that much more winnable.


What the SACRAMENTO Kings Mean To Me - A Venomy Perspective

Here we are. The last hour of the last day of the last month... etc. I, for one, knew it would come down to the last moment. One last desperation attempt at keeping the Kings in Sacramento.   If...


Thank You Packers - From A Fan of the Dirty Bird Falcons

Just a disclaimer: This is in no way a trolling post or anything like that. Just some thoughts on the game and on your team. IF there is any part of this post that you guys feel is a trolling...


STR Limerick Open Thread

Hey all! You know what always helps get me through tough times? Substance abuse. But also, limericks! Explanation of fanpost after the jump.


NBA DRAFT 2010: Open Thread II

umm yeah


Sactown Royalty: Know Your Meme - Acronym Edition

Hey guys! Your friendly VenomySnicket here, to explain to you the exceedingly simple workings of most of the 'memes' that one might see in any random comment on anything. A Meme is: a postulated...


ROY Race: Evans vs. Curry

I think we all agree that Jennings is about 40 or 50 paces behind these guys, so I'm here to present my opinions on the merits of both of these guys in the race. A majority of the Kings fans...


Cali View from Section 6

There I was, in hostile territory, proudly wearing my Turner jersey, surviving the heckling (never as bad as Oakland though,) waiting for my moment. 7-0. Standing up, motioning touchdown like I was...


Andrew Sims | Ricky Rubio

KWOD 106.5


An Ode to JR Smith From A Kings Fan

Preface: I am a Kings fan.


The Soul Crusher

You know that one play? That play that sucks all the excitement out of the building? Or that one play that just puts the crowd into a frenzy? That play that absolutely stabs the other team in the...


Thoughts on Rotation: Who Should Play?

Now, even though this is after a pretty big win (both for my psyche and the teams,) just remember my emotions are entirely in check. I thought this would be a proper time to discuss the rotation...



Clever name? Check. A few players, tons of fans? Check. Fun? Oh it seems we left that behind. I went expecting to hear some people (namely Theus and the Maloofs) speak. Reggie did for like two...

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