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In London? Here's what (and where) to drink

I lived in London for a year that encompassed the '11 football season. I recall watching Blaine start his first NFL game via a fuzzy online streaming service (while staying at the home of a...

BREAKING: Jaguars accidentally draft Gene Smith


Caldwell's poor handwriting sets the franchise back 4 years.


New Draft rule instated: You HAVE to pick a QB in the first round

This is a great and amazing idea for many reasons. The first reason and also the last reason is that we can stop talking about value and steals at the QB position past the 1st round. Everybody will...


Predicting the divisions in 2013

This is premature but who cares, I'm bored. Preface: nothing earth shattering here. I'm really low on teams with bad QBs. I'm cynical of new coaches fixing things quickly; rarely happens, and if...

NFL Teams by no. of Twitter followers

We rank 31st, just above the Cards and significantly behind the 30th ranked Rams.


Jags! The Hipster team!

We're fans of a team you've never even heard of! If our team was in Austin, games would be sold out, vintage Jags clothing would be hundreds of dollars, and the stadium would have a micro-brewery...


Gene Smith: the worst GM in football

Gene Smith has ruined this team with not only bad drafting but also bad free agency signings. I 2009 draft: Eben Britton is playing horribly and should not see a 2nd contract with the team. T...


A Losing Season Would Be OK!!

With a solid coaching staff in place that isn't going anywhere after this season (with the exception of coaches like Tucker getting looks for head coaching gigs, which is dependent on defensive...


Should Khan give Gene Smith the pink slip?

If it's still "in Gene we trust" for you, you have more faith than I do. After 3 drafts, the man has yet to pick up a surefire hit. His best player as of now is Terrence Knighton. The second best...


Which coaches will be fired?

Bill Belicheat: job secure! Tony Sparano: dunzo. Probably going to be replaced by somebody high-profile as the 'Fin's owner thinks he can succeed on money alone (Parcells, anyone?). Cowher is...


Is Mathis done as a Jaguar?

Who thinks that was Rashean Mathis' last game as a Jag? I kind of do.   Gene has been known to make the team younger and the upcoming draft appears to have a lot of secondary depth (not to mention...

Kind words from Bill Barnwell

"...If their offense can improve to a passable level, the Jaguars could be quite the spoiler for teams heading into the second half." We're not making the playoffs, people. That much is obvious. BUT! New goal! Destroy everyone else's season! Let's get Kubiak fired by helping the Titans win the division! Let's get Caldwell fired by keeping the Colts winless! Let's pick off Rivers 13 times so he loses his job! Let's break Matt Ryan's collarbone so the Falcons don't make the play-offs! (too far? yes, too far).


Suck for Luck Sweepstakes

For me, it's down to the Colts and the Dolphins, two teams who just can't seem to win no matter what, and who lose in horrible fashion. Yesterday, the Dolphins couldn't hold off Tim Tebow in his...


We CANNOT allow 5 sacks

I didn't watch the game so please enlighten me. Which sacks were the fault of the O-line and which were the fault of Gabbert making rookie mistakes? If it's mostly the O-line (as I suspect) then...


Gregg Williams for head coach?

I don't know about you guys but one guy I think would be cool to have as head coach (besides my first choice of Jeff Fisher who I do NOT think is out of our price range) is Gregg Williams, former...

DC Tucker tears his quad. WHAT???

Another strange Jaguars injury...


What I expect to see from Blaine this Sunday

1. Not sensing defensive pressure. He'll get sacked by Charles Johnson because he won't see it coming. 2. An INT He'll make a dumb throw into coverage because he's inexperienced and not good at...


Gene Smith's Risky Game (And why we hate him for it)

In 2009, Gene Smith absolutely gutted our roster. In 2010, he continued to cut players that were with the team until it was a young, developing shell of its former self. Gone were Stroud,...


Let's all recall... our beloved WR Troy Williamson led the 2009 NFL pre-season in receiving yards... and proceeded to do nothing for the franchise or any other team ever again. I currently have as many 2011...


Sacks, QB skin color, and why the St. John's river flows north

This will be very scatterbrained. Just to warn you.   So Blaine Gabbert! Most things have already been said but I'm happy that Vic Ketchman and obviously Smith, Del Rio, and Mcdonough (and...

So Tebow is the only one who isn't a bust... simply because he hasn't had the chance to be one...

So Tebow is the only one who isn't a bust... simply because he hasn't had the chance to be one yet. "Of the 11 BCS title-winning quarterbacks to enter the NFL, all were hot stuff in college; nine did little in the pros: Tee Martin, Chris Weinke, Josh Heupel, Ken Dorsey, Craig Krenzel, Matt Mauck, Matt Leinart, Chris Leak, Matt Flynn. The 10th, Tebow, has been in the NFL only one season; the sole (albeit current free agent) NFL quarterback with both a BCS title and a solid pro career is Vince Young. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco -- none played on college title teams. They learned the hard way. "

This dumb blogger thinks the 2011 Texans will sweep the Jaguars, make the play-offs, sprout wings and fly

Thankfully, he knows he's being ridiculous. And look! Another team that thinks they get no respect! In the same division even! It's like we should be friends or something...

Vic Ketchman's Mock Draft

Not too sexy a pick for us, but it makes perfect sense. His faith in Jerry Jones is lacking, hilariously. And he continues to give Andy Dalton a lot of love.

Nice write-up on Aldon Smith

This writer on makes Aldon Smith sound like one of GM Gene's "base hits". Good read on the DE crop this year.

Don't let Jamaal Charles beat MJD!

It looks like it's real close between Jamaal Charles and MJD in the second round of voting for the Madden 2012 cover. Head on over and vote so he makes it to the next round!


Belichick shopping the 28th overall pick?

I saw that this was rumored on If it's true, I think GM Gene should seriously consider trading down. As we know, the quality of players drops off significantly after the early...

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