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JV1 Is Getting A Raw Deal

via assets.nydailynews.com Here's some food for thought. What if Jordany had charged the mound after being hit? Would the Mets have ran out there and thrown down with him Double Dragon style?...


As Mike Glennon was Falling Flat on his Face, Tajh Boyd Seized the Moment

Well, what an interesting day of bowl games New Years Eve provided us with. In the morning tilt of NCST vs Vanderbilt, Mike Glennon laid an even bigger egg then Geno Smith, finishing the day 35-53...


Is this bad? IT'S NOT GOOD!

I was thinking about the nightmare possibility of the Bills bringing Dave Wannstache back for another year in the wake of a historically bad defensive season put on display by our supposed revamped...


The QB the BILLS should (and will) draft come April

If you're not familiar with my articles, it wouldn't be a surprise, because I don't post much. A few years ago though, I wrote an article after watching a young QB for Nevada tear up a decent CAL...


Article I wrote on Colin Kaepernick back in Sep 2010 on this site, wish Buddy listened to me

I even called Luck, Mallett, and Locker correctly in the comments section. I was also on record on my twitter account (@viciousv__) saying we need to draft Russell Wilson no later than the 3rd...

Should Fitzpatrick look into wearing this in 2012? Vick is


He had the rib injury last year, and in the preseason he always looks like he was taking hellacious shots to his midsection right at the point of release. Clearly our backup QB situation is an absolute mess since we failed to draft Russell Wilson in the 3rd round like I was begging them to do. I think he needs to get this protective gear asap before the Travaris Jackson era begins and our playoff chances flame out into oblivion. Thoughts?


After watching the Nevada game last night, it all makes sense now

While watching the Nevada vs California game last night, a sudden thought dawned on me.  It was like a realization hit me square in the face, and all of a sudden I could see exactly what our...

Analyzing the Offensive Line: Urbik, Hills Make Their Pitch Against Broncos


This Steelers blog site gives a very positive review of Urbik, even predicting that "it would be hard to see him pink-slipped at this point". Im pumped to see what he can do.



Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of the English Premier League, and my favorite team is Liverpool.  One of my favorite things we do is sing the song "Walk On" as the team is coming out of the...

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