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Kluwe, what else is new. Someone wants to be relevant


A very narcissistic view is summarized by Holler. The media spotlight must feel good to Kluwe.


Impressive OTA players - a surprise listing

A Viking is on the top 25 most impressive OTA players. Coming in at #4 - guess who? This was a surprise find . Enjoy! h...


Intriguing QB Video - Yahoo Dream Chaser

In 9 months in Bill O'Brien (formerly Tom Brady's QB Coach and OC coordinator for Patriots) - Matt become a Big10 QB passing leader. Fact: He knows a complicated NFL offense system Fact: He...

Why the read option may have been shut down


If GB loses to SF 49ers, some credit may be due to Vikings minimizing use of the read-option and not tipping our hand very much (more helpful favor to SF than GB). This SI article was rather insightful with diagrams and play analysis. If GB wins on the road, we could be very well looking at a GB vs Seahawks rematch and a GB vs Patriots/Denver Super Bowl. It'll be worth reflecting back on this post after the game is over btw GB & SF to answer one very simple question: Could the read-option via mobile QB have been the best chance of Vikings defeating GB? If yes, it could be your beloved Vikings challenging the Falcons in a playoff rematch indoors (favorable to adrian), setting up a NFC Championship game against SF or Seahawks. Damn. Just imagine the possibilities of a SB trip could have been possible this year. Vikings threw it away on purpose by jamming Webb into the pocket pass game plan and turning us into a one dimensional offense GB had no fear of.


Moneyball Analysis of Why Vikings are Failing

Total Time of Possession Analysis - It's getting progressively worse but it's not very revealing as to what's going on. 31:32 Sun 10/14 Redskins --------- LOSS 26 - 38 24:55 Sun 10/21 C...


Ponder is getting some exposure, 2012 expecations

Christian Ponder has lofty goals for Minnesota Vikings Source: NFL.com If you dont have goals, why bother playing the game. I like seeing the focus on creating more passing successes for 1st...


Moneyball Points Analysis Of '11 Vikings Over Past 6 Seasons

One of our readers puts together a lot of scoring analysis of our favorite football team.


Late Round Picks - Fun players worth watching

Joe Webb was a late rounder, a #199 pick. He was completely off the radar screen of many teams but he's grown and made a difference with the Vikings. In today's turbocharged mocked up world, they...


Morris Claiborne scored 4 of 50 on Wonderlic

Is this a concern? Field smarts vs cognitive smarts... This looks real bad. Below Jamarcus Russell's level. I cannot advise the 3rd pick to be blown away on someone who fails at basic reasoning...


Redskins v Vikings - Flashback & 2012 season wishlist

There's debate whether Vikings should have lost against the Redskins. I feel it was the game which re-oriented the franchise and defined what the Vikings are all about. Granted, they only won 3...


Top 100 Free Agents according to PFW

Do any free agents catch your eye and why? Sometimes we can find a good deal with NFL experience among the free agents available. h...


Sunday NFL Combine 2012 - Blackmon dropping too many passes

It was with interest to see chatter about Justin Blackmon (WR) as a potential pick for the Vikings. The combine is not doing him any favors in improving his draft stock. Too many dropped passes. O...


2011 Season recap

Looking back, 2011 season was an enjoyable one. This post does a nice job on the things we'd have missed out on if the lockout cancelled the season. h...


OT: Broncos v Steelers game

Could it be that this game was the closest thing as proof of a higher power becoming part of a football game? From a variety of sources, there's no denying the presence of an unusual set of...


Webb's a class act, gives Ponder congrats

Christain Ponder seems well grounded as he walks into the locker room.  No over-amped whoops and what not.  Joe Webb is among the first to congratulate him.  (see video below via desktop computer,...


Where we should all give up on Govt of Minnesota

Articles like this as published today do nothing but irritate fans and incite anger at the Government and all elected officials of Minnesota.  Having the Vikings franchise is something that seems...



Christian's performance with only 13 passes made it into the top 10 in Week 7 http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7141927/nfl-week-7-total-qbr-leaders A good chunk of them were clutch 3rd down...


What's the one thing Tom Brady has in common?

This might sound like a stretch but Tom Brady's performance tonight gives pause for a few questions:  What is he doing differently to see the field better?  What qualities about him, and other...


Professional Football - Is it a bubble or ponzi scheme?

The professional football has enjoyed steady revenue growth and increasing popularity.  Each year, there are new ways to sell the this product, it's teams, stadiums, and the players to the fans. T...

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