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Jason Bay comparison study

I'm just curious, and don't have the resources to figure this out on my own, but im sure someone here can help me out. Can we get a graphic of the Mets record with and without Jason Bay in the...

Braves, Rays, Mets Interested In Ryan Theriot


Personally, I would be pretty happy with Theriot over some of our other options, any thoughts?

Padres hire Omar Minaya | MLB Daily Dish


Omar lobby for Sandy Alderson's old job.

Zack Greinke Asks For Trade


Worth a look? Do we have anything to offer?

Marlins Intend To Trade Uggla


Uggla.. worth a look? If so, do we even have the means to make a trade?

NL club official guarantees Francoeur will be a Royal in '11


It would be pretty amazing if Frenchy managed to end up on a team worse than his 2010 Mets.

Astros ask for Parnell + Thole for Brett Myers


As much as we need starting pitching, this is a pretty high asking price. The Mets turned it down.

Cubs Turn Down Castillo + Perez for Zambrano


That is some mighty fine lookin' trade bait we got there.. The only good news is, we are trying to get rid of the right guys.

David DeJesus Out For The Year


Can this KC loss be our gain? They have already stated they "like" Frenchy. Now that they are down one more outfielder, hopefully we can get a deal to put him in a Royal's uniform ASAP

Mets Considering Dotel, Downs (Looking for Relievers, Not Starters)


I still think the Mets need starting pitching more than bullpen. Remember, if they get another starter, Takahashi goes back to the pen, and he was pretty good out of the pen at the beginning of the year.

Cardinals Looking To Add Personality To Clubhouse


Wincoeur for Pujols? The grission is just a bonus.

Jets interested in JaMarcus Russell?


Bad idea. Mike-T knows better than that.

Marlin's Search for a Manager: Trying to Steal our Bobby V


The Marlins are speaking to the should-be Manuel replacement about managing their club, and drawing more interest than the Orioles for Bobby V.

Arizona Cardinals agree to deal with Alan Faneca


The Cardinals have literally picked up every scrap that has fallen from the Jets table ... though Faneca is by no means a "scrap"


With Holmes now a Jet, is Jason Taylor a necessary signing? Would Brunell be a better use of our 1 FA?

We had 2 key needs to fill this off-season; WR and OLB/DE. We may have had some other problems, but these have already been dealt with. So WR and OLB are the only areas of concern going into the...

Oswalt may be a "Trade Chip" for the Astro's


He would be a great number 2 starter, but his injury concerns would unfortunately fit right in with the Mets rotation. As of now, this is just a theory, and far from being confirmed by any credible sources.


Does anyone else think Wright looks a bit uncomfortable in the field?

Now, I know we are only 3 games into the season, but there is some cause for worry. We all know the drastic negative change to Wright's UZR last season. Now, in one game alone I saw 3 problems, 2...


Completely Met Unrelated - Fantasy baseball Trade Question

Alright, I figured if I was going to ask anyone, it would be the baseball - intelligent people I have come to know on Amazin' Ave. I received this trade proposal:  I give up: Braun, Sandoval, and...

After delay, Jets fear Sanchez will miss all offseason workouts


Uh oh.. I know the Jets and Mets are only one letter away, but that doesn't mean they have to have the same injury problems...


Tak2 as a Starter?

It has to be said. As a matter of fact, I believe Barajas said it (maybe another catcher, don't quite remember). They said he should be at least a #3 starter. Right now, I understand the rotation...


Is it worth looking at Washburn?

Washburn recently turned down a small offer from the Mariners (probably somewhere between $1mm and $1.5mm). He is a career 4.10 ERA pitcher, but last year was odd. He had a 2.64 ERA in 20 games for...

Beimel's agent, Joe Sroba: "Talks with #Mets have fallen apart. Beimel is re-open to consider all...


Beimel's agent, Joe Sroba: "Talks with #Mets have fallen apart. Beimel is re-open to consider all clubs and willing to be flexible." According to Ken Rosenthal

Ken Rosenthal (Ken_Rosenthal) on Twitter

Feliciano departs after taking liner off leg


Here's the good news: we can't blame the training staff...

Lebron Suspended 50 games for steroid use


Oh my.. the world of sports taken a turn for the worst.. and yes, this is completely applicable

Rangers & O’s interested in Omir Santos


Wait.. don't the Rangers have as many catchers as the Mets?

Reds Interested In Gary Matthews Jr


Wait.. someone is willing to take him off our hands?!


Is there any way to sign Felipe Lopez?

I know the Mets have a lot invested in Castillo. And I know Castillo isn't the WORST second basemen out there, but if the Mets could scrape together the money for him now I think he would be an...

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