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The Season 1 Mania Money Pool CHAMPION!
The only MMAmania Fantasy Football CHAMPION!
The Season 3 Mania Money Pool CHAMPION!
Season 5 Mania Money Pool 3rd place finisher
Season 6 Mania Money Pool runner up*

* the Season 6 first place finisher colluded, so I am the real Season 6 HONEST CHAMPION!


$50 with JOBEN Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$50 with KEVIN Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$50 with donkeypunch Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$25 with donkeypunch Season 4 Mania FFB matchups (I won week 3)
$25 with Puck Head on Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$25 with Puck Sproles outscores Chris Johnson in 2013 fantasy points
$25 with Buster on Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
I bet vhw $20 that Hendo does not get finished by Chael if they ever fight.


WINS = 37 for $906
LOSSES = 12 for $255
NET = +25 for $651

*********** Still awaiting Payment on **************
WON $10, Mac on Jones vs Rampage. I gave him 2-1 odds
WON FFB Entry Fee for 2012 from David WS on the Super Bowl. Let's Go Giants!!!
WON $20, David WS, Season 6 money pool
WON $20, ItalianStallion, Season 7 money pool
WON $10, Mac, Anderson KO'd Chael *****awaiting payment, was double or nothing, owes me $20 now******
LOST $20 to MagicMike on Silva/Weidman. He is being a dick and won't accept my payment. I have contacted him three times.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
  • NFL New York Giants
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Connecticut Huskies
  • NHL New York Rangers
  • NASCAR NONE, hope they all crash!
  • MMA Dan Henderson
  • Boxing Money Mayweather
  • General Matisyahu
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MMAmania FFB - A New Champ is Crowned

In the A League, Buster Bluth was able to defeat ViolentMike in an ugly matchup to become champ. Congrats. Please contact me about how to send you your winnings ($325) since I don't believe you...


MMAmania FFB Championship Preview!!!!!!!!

The SemiFinals are in the books. This is how they went: ViolentMike: 135.83 Joben 130.73 In a very close matchup, I was able to beat Joben. Dez Bryant was the star of this matchup with...


MMAmania FFB Semi Final Preview!!!!

Here to write yet another fucking fan post... Next year we are going to rotate the fan post responsibility or something... Alright, so the quarterfinals are in the books. Here is how they...


MMAmania FFB Week 13 Recap and Playoff Preview

e FFB regular season has ended. 6 teams have advanced to the playoffs, and 4 teams seasons have ended and two teams saw their last game in the A League. Top 3 Fantasy Performers for Week 13 T...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 13 Preview

12 weeks down, 1 to go!!!! So far, only Puck Head and myself have clinched playoff spots. The other 4 spots will be decided this week. This week, I'm skipping the matchup recaps because that...


MMAmania FFB League A Week 11 Recap

Two weeks to go in the regular season. If anyone wants to write the regular season fan posts next season, please let me know. The job will be yours.... Week 11 Recap Joben: 123.87 V...


MMAmania FFB League A Week 10 Recap

10 weeks down, 3 to go in the FFB regular season. Week 10 Matchups Kevin: 126.03 ViolentMike: 114.40 Mania's Pete Rose earned their third win in a row when they beat ViolentMike 126.03 -...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 9 Recap

9 weeks down, 4 more to go in the FFB regular season. Quick update on BJPennfan: He did reach out to me and asked for my address (again) to mail the payment. I asked him to pay the extra $1...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 8 Recap

8 Weeks down, 5 more to go in the regular season. Before we get down to business, BJPENNFAN - WHERE ARE YOU AT MOTHERFUCKER????????? CONTACT ME ASAP. Your team has been locked. If you do not...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 7 Recap

Week 7 is in the books. yada yada yada BUT, before we get to the recap, I have some business to discuss. I tried emailing you both privately but have not gotten a response back, so I'll try right...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 6 Recap

We are pretty much at the midway point of the fantasy football regular season. If you are one of the teams near the bottom, you gotta start winning now if you want to make a run at the playoffs. ...


MMAmania FFB A League Week 5 Recap

Five weeks down, and 8 more to go in the FFB regular season. Let's get down to business. Top 6 Fantasy Players of the Week 1. Tony Romo - Deuce - 49.57 - This game was fucking nuts. Instant...


MMAmania FFB Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Recap - A LEAGUE

4 weeks down, 9 weeks to go in the FFB regular season. The Top 5 fantasy players of the week: 1. Drew Brees - 40.97 - Shiv 2. Tony Gonzalez - 38.90 - donkypunch 3. Peyton Manning - 34.90 -...


MMAmania FFB A-League Week 3 Recap and Week 4 Preview

3 weeks in the books. All I can say is that the Giants suck more than OilCheck's cucumber pic. Top 5 Fantasy Players of Week 3 1. Antonio Brown - 40.6 - Deuce - I had no idea the...


MMAmania FFB Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview

Week 2 is in the books. Puck Head, Kevin, Buster and BJ's team all look very strong. And it looks like week 1 was a fluke - Deuce's team is back to playing like Deuce's team. Here are the top...


MMAmania FFB Week 1 Recap

Week 1 is in the books. I wish I had more time to write the fan post, but I don't, so this one will be kinda quick. The Top 5 fantasy performers of the week were: 1) Peyton Fucking Manning...


MMAmania FFB Season Kickoff!!!!!!!

The NFL regular season kickoffs tonight with a showdown between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. That also means, the FFB season BEGINS!!!!!!!! I'm sure some people want to make some...


MMAmania FFB News - B Leagues NEEDS more owners!!!!! and A League draft results

The B League is down to only 9 players right now. We would like to get 3 more to bring it back up to 12 teams. Worst case, we still need one more to form a 10 team league. Anything less that...


***** MMAmania FFB B League Sign Ups and Registration!!!!!!!!!! *****

The A League has decided its two new members - John G and TripPilch. Congrats guys, I'm already looking forward to a couple of easy wins this season! So now that we have the A League all...


MMAmania FFB League - Update on the A League Vote

Last night got a bit crazy and a few people ended up changing their votes - Deuce, donkey and Shiv. 8 of the 10 existing league members voted. We each picked two names out of JayBDUBBSJ...


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??!!??!! MMAmania FFB League Recruitment!!!!!

Alright, it’s already August 1st, that means it’s time to start talking fantasy football. That's right, fantasy FOOTBALL, the greatest fantasy sport of them all!!! The A League will be back...


Middle Relievers with SP eligibility - Who knows them???

I have seen a few articles around the net this season about pitchers that will be starting this season but have RP eligibility. This info is useful if you are in a weekly league and punt saves. ...


MMAmania FFB Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Preview - the final week of the regular season

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and all that.... This will be a bit briefer than usual, but I gotta get the current standings posted, list out the different playoff scenarios and talk...


MMAmania FFB Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Preview and Pre-Thanksgiving Hangout

Alright, week 11 of the NFL season is in the books, and all of the bye weeks are behind us now. Only two weeks remain in the FFB season, so if you are near the bottom of the standings, you better...


MMAmania FFB Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Preview

The FFB regular season halfway point is already behind us. That means that everyone should have a pretty good idea as to how good their team is. This season, no one team has broken away from the...


MMAmania FFB Week 6 Recap and Week 7 Preview

A little late this week cuz I've been busy with work stuff this week. Sorry guys, I'll work on getting my priorities straight next week. Here is a quick recap of last week's matchups Kevin...


MMAmania FFB Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Preview: The Fast and Sloppy

This is going to be fast and sloppy because it's fight week and a bunch of idiots are going to post stupid fucking fan posts that no one cares about and it will bump decent ones off the shitty...


MMAmania Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Preview

Hey everybody, or at least everybody that is still coming here despite the new format. But that's another story, that's been discussed many times, I see that a lot of you are back and which means...


MMAmania FFB Week 2 Recap *** Updated! ***

********************************** Update is at the end ******************************************************************** Week 2 of this young NFL season is almost wrapped up. All we have...


MMAmania FFB Week 1 Results