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The Season 1 Mania Money Pool CHAMPION!
The only MMAmania Fantasy Football CHAMPION!
The Season 3 Mania Money Pool CHAMPION!
Season 5 Mania Money Pool 3rd place finisher
Season 6 Mania Money Pool runner up*

* the Season 6 first place finisher colluded, so I am the real Season 6 HONEST CHAMPION!


$50 with JOBEN Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$50 with KEVIN Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$50 with donkeypunch Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$25 with donkeypunch Season 4 Mania FFB matchups (I won week 3)
$25 with Puck Head on Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
$25 with Puck Sproles outscores Chris Johnson in 2013 fantasy points
$25 with Buster on Season 4 Mania FFB regular season points
I bet vhw $20 that Hendo does not get finished by Chael if they ever fight.


WINS = 37 for $906
LOSSES = 12 for $255
NET = +25 for $651

*********** Still awaiting Payment on **************
WON $10, Mac on Jones vs Rampage. I gave him 2-1 odds
WON FFB Entry Fee for 2012 from David WS on the Super Bowl. Let's Go Giants!!!
WON $20, David WS, Season 6 money pool
WON $20, ItalianStallion, Season 7 money pool
WON $10, Mac, Anderson KO'd Chael *****awaiting payment, was double or nothing, owes me $20 now******
LOST $20 to MagicMike on Silva/Weidman. He is being a dick and won't accept my payment. I have contacted him three times.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
  • NFL New York Giants
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Connecticut Huskies
  • NHL New York Rangers
  • NASCAR NONE, hope they all crash!
  • MMA Dan Henderson
  • Boxing Money Mayweather
  • General Matisyahu
User Blog

MMAmania FFB Week 2 Recap *** Updated! ***

********************************** Update is at the end ******************************************************************** Week 2 of this young NFL season is almost wrapped up. All we have...


MMAmania FFB Week 1 Results

by ViolentMike, MMAmania.com Sep 5 2012, 11:21a

by ViolentMike, MMAmania.com Aug 27 2012, 10:43a

by ViolentMike, MMAmania.com Aug 23 2012, 12:26p

Puck finally signed up after his month long trip to try and catch the Lockness Monster failed so I was finally able to finalize the teams and randomize the draft order. The draft order is as...


MMAmania FFB League Vote Results

Over the past week, we held two league votes. One was to determine how many points passing TD's and INT's would be worth this season, and the other was to find out which 2 maniacs are getting into...


MMAmania FFB Leage Vote Update

I was just informed via email that MMAchamp will not be returning this season. The reason? Because he didn't want to be the only fag in the league now that Dragay and Gay Jay are leaving. ...


MMAmania FFB Season 3 RECRUITMENT!!!

Alright, its already August 1st, that means its time to start talking fantasy football. That's right, fantasy FOOTBALL, the greatest fantasy sport of them all!!! Last year, we had two leagues,...


Money Pool Results.... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I've waited two fucking days and SOMEBODY still hasn't posted the pool results yet. Its really not that difficult to do, in fact, this will only take me like 3 minutes, tops. You...


MMAmania FFB Semi Finals Recap

Week 15 of the NFL season is just about in the books. All we have left is the Steelers and 49ers tonight. This week, we only had 2 matchups - its the semi finals! The winners to meet in the Super...


MMAmania FFB Playoffs - Wildcard Round Recap

Week 14, which is the wildcard round for fantasy playoffs is just about in the books. All that's left is a game tonight between the Seahawks and Rams. Before moving onto the top 5 fantasy players...


MMAmania FFB Week 13 Recap **UPDATED**

The final week of the FFB regular season is just about in the books. All that’s left is a game tonight between the Jaguars and Chargers. Let’s first take a look at the Top 5 Fantasy Performers...


MMAmania FFB Week 12 Recap **Updated**

Week 12 is in the books, one week to go, and then its the playoffs.   Which actually leads me to something I wanted to bring up.  The league was set up so that the standings are based on win/loss...


MMAmania FFB Week 11 Recap

Week 11 is now complete.  There are only 2 weeks of the regular season remaining in fantasy land.  So far The General is the only one to punch his ticket to the post season.  The rest of us, minus...


MMAmania FFB Week 10 Recap - UPDATED

Week 10 of the NFL season is just about in the books.  All we have left is tonight’s game between the Packers and Vikings.  Why does it feel like I just watched this lopsided matchup in primetime? ...


MMAmania FFB Week 10 Preview

Our FFB post has fallen of the rec'd fanpost area.  Seeing that its Friday, we need a place to talk football.  This would be that place.


MMAmania FFB Week 9 Recap

Week 9 of the NFL season is just about in the books, all that we have left is tonight's game between Ulf's Eagles and Geno's Bears.  I'm predicting that the Eagles win handily.  The two things that...


MMAmania FFB Week 8 Recap

  Week 8 of the NFL season is officially in the books.    Let’s first take a look at the top fantasy performers for Week 8   Ray Rice – 34 pts – Dragay Stephen Jackson – 34 pts –...


MMAmania FFB Week 7 Recap - A & B Leagues

Week 7 is just about over, all we got left is a game tonight between the Ravens and Jaguars.   Here is a look at the top 5 fantasy players for this week:   Arian Foster – 45 pts – Puck Head D...


MMAmania FFB Week 6 Recap *** UPDATED, even has B League info ***

  Week 6 of the NFL season is now complete.    This week’s top fantasy players are:   Ahmad Bradshaw – 32 pts – Ulf Murphy Aaron Rodgers – 29 pts – The General Fred Jackson – 27 pts...


MMAmania FFB Week 5 Recap

Week 5 is just about over.  All that's left is some meaningless game tonight between two teams that nobody even cares about, especially around here.  The Lions vs Da Bears.  Losers.   So far the...


MMAmania FFB Week 4 Recap

There is one more game that is pretty fantasy irrelevant tonight between the Bucs and Colts.    So far the top fantasy players of the week are:   1. Aaron Rodgers - 56 points - The General 2....


MMAmania FFB Week 3 Recap *****UPDATED*****

  Week 3 of the NFL season is in the books.   Sunday was a great day of football.  I took great pleasure in watching the Giants beat up the Eagles.  The other big standouts on the day for me were...


MMAmania Fantasy Football Week 2 Results *** UPDATED ***

Week 2 is in the books,   The Top 5 Fantasy Performers for Week 2  are:   1. Jeremy Maclin - 42 points - The General's bench.  Thanks buddy! 2. Miles Austin - 41 points - DetroitDrew 3. Vincent...


Friday Football Smack Talk Thread!

Week two of the glorious NFL season will be kicking off this weekend.  I don't know about y'all, but I'm pumped!   Let's first take a look at the current odds for this week's games.


MMAmania Fantasy Football Week 1 Results ***** UPDATED *****

The first week of the NFL Season is over and boy, oh boy, am I’m happy that its back.  Sunday’s just aren’t the same without football.    So let’s hop into our fantasy business -   The top fantasy...


A-League Draft Recap ***** UPDATED *****

  Both Mania FFB leagues held their drafts last night.   It was a good time had by all.  Well, except for Deuce because he lost his internet connection just minutes before his pick in the 1st round...


DRAFT DAY IS HERE!!!!! Time for Smack Talk!

Alright you FFB maniacs, guess what today is???  Yup, everyone but Jay's dumb ass  guessed correctly.  Today is draft day, bitches!  Both the A-League and the B-League are holding their live drafts...


My Farewell to Mania!

Hey everyone i just wanted to say my goodbyes to you all. It was great being on here for as long as i have but I have a job and therefore have to take a lunch break.  It has been a very tough...


FFB A-League Update: Ulf or ANS? **** Updated with Draft Order ****

Ok, so I just heard back from diceman.  He said that he will not be playing this season  His reason was because he feels that playing in a league with me is like throwing his money away because he,...

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