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A die hard Cub fan living at the limits of 720's broadcast limits.

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Cubs Among Several Teams Interested In Jorge Soler


The Trib is reporting that the Cubs are signing Soler -- but other teams are in the mix, too. $27+M, That would be great if it is indeed true.

Are the Cubs showing more interest in Cespedes than anyone else?


Interesting... I would love to see it, and it would make sense. I know the team seems to be conserving resources, but, the payroll projects to be way down from last year. Could this be the signing they have been saving their pennies for?


What to do with Sean Marshall?

The Cubs certainly need to develop a plan for Sean Marshall. To me, he is the most intriguing asset the Cubs have. I see four options: 1) Keep him in his current role.2) Move him to closer.3) Move...


Should the Cubs sign Prince Fielder?

Yeah, I know that this topic has been batted around plenty. But, its a slow day, and I am tired of thinking about PEDs, MVPs, and a list of very unexciting non-tenders. Let me start by saying I...

Maddux interview


I have to say, I am a pretty sold on this guy.

NY Times piece on investment in DR baseball academies


Interesting article and video on US investors involvement in Dominican baseball academies.


Nick Johnson? Starting Pitcher? Why?

There is a story in the Sun Times re: some possible targets for the offseason: link This will obviously not be the last rumor type posts, but my question is simply, why? I would categorize myself...

Cool NY Times article on bats


Interesting article with a few references/photos of some of the best named ex-Cubs out there.



Yes, it is a slow time for the hot stove, but I am wondering what folks thoughts are on Mark DeRosa given the latest offseason moves. Per MLB TradeRumors Mark De Rosa was offered 2 year 12M from...


Zimmer: Our loss is their loss?

I read this in Barry Rozner's column ( the main headline is a fairly far-fetched hypothesis regarding Joe Girardi managing the Cubs after his Yankee contract expires), and got a kick out of this...


SI archive story on Sandberg and Salaries

Posted on the SI website is an an old article discussing Ryne Sanberg's record breaking 1992 contract extension.  I read the article and thought folks might like a break from the hand-wringing,...


Mr Cub on NPR

In case you don't listen to NPR in the mornings, there was a great interview with Ernie Banks this morning.  While we all sit around enduring the Cubless postseason, this interview is a treat and a...


Griffey-Marshall/Jones Rumor

Over at, there is a rumor of a Griffey to the Cubs deal.  I am sure that others will see it, and I actually came by BCB to read what others would think.  I for one, wouldn't do...


2007 Draft question

I have seen that the Cubs are slated to pick 3rd in this years draft, with TB and KC 1 & 2.  I seem to recall in the past that the order of selection alternated between NL and AL teams, with the #1...


Santo and The Vet's Committee

I came across an interesting story on the Sports Illustrated site written by Mike Schmidt.  He is a guy who, when first elected to the HOF, took a very elitist view of who should be there, and...


Why I like the Marquis signing

I know that this opinion is not a particularly popular one, but I am pretty happy with the signing of Jason Marquis.  My pleasure with this signing stems from two lines of logic: I feel there is a...


1 good or 2 ok SPs?

I am curious what folks think of this somewhat hypothetical question, Would your rather the Cubs......sign 1 frontline starter, (Schmidt or Zito) then cross your fingers on the rest of the rotation...


Bring back Alou?

I am wondering what folks would think about the possibility of bringing back Moises Alou?  Yes he is getting a bit old, but he still hits well, and, along with Murton and Jones, could make a decent...

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