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Infield Shift Data For 2013

Jeff Zimmerman has released some data on major infield shifts (three infielders on one side of second) for 2013. (UPDATE: And now he says there's an error in the source data, so hold on.)...

The Hidden Brilliance Of Zane Smith


Guess who Madduxed more frequently than Maddux?


Larry Granillo ranks the best stadium statues in baseball. If this picture hadn't been next to number 1, I was going to write a sternly worded letter to the editor.

The first half of the season


...has been pretty great.

"If you're going to talk Puig, why not Marte?"


I have seen it suggested in some quarters that it was ridiculous for Clint Hurdle to suggest that if people were talking up Puig for the All-Star Game, they should be considering Starling Marte as well. Here's a link for them.

A Measure of Hitter Volatilty


So I was all like "Where the bleep is Pedro Alvarez?" and I realized the table was sorted in the opposite order. Pedro is tied for the third most volatile hitter so far, and the most volatile in the NL. Most volatile in the majors is Albert Pujols, by a ridiculous margin.

The Slider That Wasn't


A cautionary tale about the perils of scouting. (No, it's not Moskos.)

National League Logos With Horrible Fonts


This is awesome, but what makes it an auto-link is the potshot at Jason Grilli. How'd that work out for you, Tigers fans?

Tanner Scheppers's Performance Is Unsustainable


Checking in on our unsigned 2008 second-rounder, so far this season in 25.1 innings he has given up 14 hits, seven walks, four hit batters, and two home runs, to go with sixteen strikeouts. He has been charged with two earned runs for an 0.71 ERA. That, my friends, is a regression candidate.

Is Clint Hurdle Some Sort of a Genius?


That sentence actually appears in this Baseball Nation article about Jason Grilli.

Eric Wedge Outblathers Clint Hurdle With One Hand Tied Behind His Back


On benching Brendan Ryan: "You know, we stuck with him last year because we felt like we were going to give him every opportunity and quite frankly, we had every opportunity to give him every opportunity. If that makes any sense. I'm saying it without saying it."



It stands for "Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop." Bookmark this -- the Bucs only have two so far (and one of them was a pickoff on a blatant balk, so I'm told), but if we get any baserunners I'm sure we'll rise in the standings.

James McDonald, Pirates Take On Cubs


The Pirates try to win the series at 12:35 EDT.

The Brewers Have Signed Yuniesky Betancourt


Come back, John McDonald. All is forgiven. (This is a couple of days old but I hadn't seen it mentioned on Bucs Dugout.)

Exicardo Cayones in Vernon Wells Deal


...along with Kramer Sneed. This surely sets a record for most unlike names in the same trade. No substance to the rumors that Exicardo Cayones' birth certificate says "Token Minor Leaguer."

A List of Players with Spring Training OPS over 1.000


On that list, besides Jordy Mercer and Gaby Sanchez: Jim Negrych, Brian Bixler, Brandon Wood, Steve Pearce, Yuniesky Betancourt. (The previous sentence fragment was almost certainly unfair to Steve Pearce.)

The Most Encouraging Thing You'll Read Today


John Sickels says of the debate over whether Alen Hanson or Gregory Polanco is better, "this is sort of a small-scale Pirates version of Profar vs. Taveras." (Scroll up a tad to see some excellent analysis from McCutchenIsTheTruth.)

Highlights from Pirates Photo Day


Bob Nutting is too cheap to hire Tyra Banks to teach his players how to pose in front of the camera. We reap the benefits.

Notes On The Opt-Outs For Brandon Inge And Jonathan Sanchez


John Dreker at Pirates Prospects notes that Inge's and Sanchez's opt-out clauses are part of the new CBA: major-league free agents who sign minor-league contracts are entitled to opt out of their contracts five days before opening day if they don't make the 25-man roster, collect a $100,000 retention bonus if they don't opt out, and opt out again on June 1 if they are still in the minors. So the presence of these clauses in the contracts isn't an indication that the Pirates are semi-guaranteeing Inge and Sanchez roster spots; they had to include them. Brad Hawpe isn't entitled to similar opt-outs because he sucks wasn't on a 40-man roster at the end of last season.

Trevor Bauer Raps


Apparently this was recorded in December as a blast at his Twitter haters, and the appearance of the couplet "You hide behind a mask to facilitate a task" just after Miguel Montero publicly ripped on Bauer is just a coincidence. Still, it's awesome. I've listened to it all the way through twice, which I think is a record.

Aledmys Diaz May Be Too Young To Sign, Not So Great At Baseball


Ben Badler of Baseball America reports that MLB is investigating the age of Cuban defector Aledmys Diaz (who some hope the Pirates will sign as a shortstop of the next few years). Unlike the typical age investigation, here the question is whether Diaz is younger than he claims, because if he's under 23 he's subject to the Latin American signing caps. But more concerning may be this tidbit at the end: "Age questions and unblocking issues aside, scouting reports on Diaz's talent remain modest. Though Diaz has played shortstop in Cuba, scouts have said he doesn't have the lateral range, quickness or footwork to stay at the position."


Report On Gerrit Cole From Instructs

Kiley McDaniel has an interesting report about Gerrit Cole from September instructs. Here are some quotes (to pad out the word limit because no one would ever see this as a FanShot): Cole only...

Jared Hughes Is The Great Deceiver


An article by Jeff Sullivan points out that, of all the pitchers who've thrown at least 75 innings since PitchF/X became reliable in 2008, Jared Hughes has induced the highest percentage of swings on balls out of the zone. (The article is actually about how Phil Dumatrait was the opposite of that. Relive the horror that was the fifth starter spot in 2008! Read some truly embarrassing praise for him!)

Bullpen Banter's Top 15 Pirate Prospects

A week or two old, but Bullpen Banter has posted their Top 15 Pirate Prospects and I always find their perspective interesting. The list: Gerrit Cole Jameson Taillon Alen Hanson G...

Doug Slaten Heads To Korea


Twins GM seen shaking his fist at the heavens. "Why? Why?"

Strike Zone Calls: Requiem For Michael Crotta


In a certain monster thread, there was some discussion of the study showing that Pirates pitchers got the least generous strike zone of any pitcher. Sinkerballers are supposed to get squeezed more than other pitchers, so I checked out Michael Crotta's strike zone for his brief ML stint. Looks like he got about half the calls in the bottom quarter of the strike zone, which pretty much put paid to him as an ML pitcher. And then there's Charlie Morton (full stats from last year)... yowza.

Charlie Morton Stays A Bucco


According to Tim Williams at Pirates Prospects, the Pirates have agreed to terms with Charlie Morton.

Rule 5 Roundup (From Crawfish Boxes)


kyuss94 at Crawfish Boxes (the SBNation Astros blog) rounds up some of the Rule 5 draft-eligible prospects. Kyle Kaminska makes an appearance.

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