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Dan Haren Becomes A Free Agent


A source said Carlos Marmol would've approved the trade to the Cubs, but for some reason or another the deal fell through. In the end the Angels wound up buying out Haren's option, and he became a free agent. #twitterjournalismfail

Haren To Cubs Depends On Marmol's No-Trade Maybe


...though maybe it will be by the time I hit "post." Ken Rosenthal tweets that the deal isn't done yet, that the Angels are talking to other teams, and that the Cubs have asked Marmol if he'd waive his no-trade clause for the Angels; it's not clear if they've got an answer. ...and now he tweets that if Marmol waives the no-trade the deal will go through. Resume scheduled panicking!

Rod Barajas Sets A Record


...for being bad at throwing out baserunners. Barajas threw out 6 baserunners this year while allowing 93 stolen bases. Since 1960 (as far back as the stats seem to go), no other catcher who has caught 700 innings has thrown out as few baserunners (though Barajas himself pulled it off in 2010, with only 34 SB). The only catcher who ever approached Barajas's awful CS% was Josh Bard in 2007, with 10 CS to 121 SB. Thanks to jrhouse8 for asking the question.

The Pirates season-series win over the Cardinals would give them home field in a one-gm playoff...


The Pirates season-series win over the Cardinals would give them home field in a one-gm playoff should they end up tied for a wild card spot

Brian McElhinny (of Raise the Jolly Roger). Mind-boggling tiebreakers: They're not just for football fans anymore!

Burnett To Start Thursday


Per Tom Singer at, A.J. Burnett will start Thursday's game, keeping him on an every fifth day schedule, while James McDonald gets six days of rest. This strikes me as exactly the right move.

Gregory Polanco Scouting Report


From Chris Blessing at Bullpen Banter. Blessing says that if he did his top 50 prospect list today, Polanco would be on it ahead of Alen Hanson. With video.

Anibal Sanchez To The Tigers


You can cross him off the list. Sanchez and Omar Infante fetched Jacob Turner (a top pitching prospect who's been scuffling a bit), two more prospects, and the Tigers' competitive balance pick. In other trade news of little relevance to the Pirates (with apologies to BoroHoss), the Yankees acquired Ichiro Suzuki for two meh-looking pitchers. The deal also apparently included the Mariners' e-mail list, because their season ticket holders were all sent a picture of Brian Cashman ashing a cigar onto Ichiro's cap and laughing.

You Can Ignore The Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds


For those (like me) who've been watching the playoff odds simulators with bated breath, you can stop watching the Baseball Prospectus odds for a while. The numbers are messed up in various ways; some are mentioned in comments, but the most obvious is that all the NL teams put together have something like a 60% chance of getting a wild card. (It should be 200%, since there are two slots.)

Midseason Playoff Odds Report


Baseball Prospectus's Playoff Odds report, which has been more skeptical of the Bucs than the other projection systems, gives the Pirates a 50.4 percent chance of making the playoffs as of the All-Star break. I'm pretty sure this is the first time the Pirates have broken the 50 percent barrier. Coolstandings, which goes strictly by run differential and strength of schedule, gives the Pirates a 72.4 percent chance of making the playoffs. Go Bucs!

I think Brock Holt is still in AA because they don't have the heart to make him miss this. (Holt,...


I think Brock Holt is still in AA because they don't have the heart to make him miss this. (Holt, Ramon Cabrera, and Brandon Cumpton will all be in the Eastern League All-Star game. Over/under on serious maimings: 5. via Brisbee)

Major-league veteran Dana Eveland's already been called up, made a spot start last weekend, and...


Major-league veteran Dana Eveland's already been called up, made a spot start last weekend, and will probably remain in the [Orioles'] rotation.

Think these guys might take Correia?

Gerrit Cole Scouting Report With Videos, 7/2


"His velocity actually improved as the game went along..., similar to Justin Verlander."

A.J. Burnett Second Most Overrated Pitcher in Poll Of 227 MLB Players


In related news, I have no idea what 227 MLB players are thinking.

Rays DFA Brandon Allen


Just after coming off the DL. I don't know how waiver claim priority would work this time around (and if we want a new first baseman maybe we just want to #FreeJeffClement anyway).

Most Valuable Players In April And May


This analysis by Glenn DuPaul calculates WAR per dollar of salary, so it's basically "Highest WAR among players making pre-arbitration salaries." You probably won't be surprised at the name of the top pitcher. Mock Draft Results


For entertainment purposes only, really, but the guys drafting for the Pirates (including BD's rinsana) took: 1-8) Albert Almora, OF, Florida HS 1S-45) Barrett Barnes, OF, Texas Tech 2-69) Tom Murphy, C, University of Buffalo 3-103) Lex Rutledge, LHP, Samford Presumably they took a pitcher from Samford College just to mess with Vlad's head. Carlos Correa went at second overall to the Twins, and John Sickels said he thought he was the best talent in the draft. Deven Marrero went 25th to the Rays.

More than that though is the pervasive feeling that the manager isn’t putting his players in the...


More than that though is the pervasive feeling that the manager isn’t putting his players in the best position to succeed — and then he gets frustrated when they don’t.

The Rockies' Wretched Pitching, at Fangraphs. Delicious, refreshing Jim Tracy haterade.

Gorkys Hernandez Called Up For Interleague; Evan Meek Optioned


Thanks to Thunder for the heads up.

Highest OPS Among Pirates Batters (Minimum 50 Plate Appearances)


As of the morning of April 30: 1. Garrett Jones (AVG 265, OBP 275, SLG 510, OPS 785) 2. Andrew McCutchen (305/360/378/738) 3. Pedro Alvarez (200/241/491/732) Alvarez's OPS+ is 100, so he has performed exactly average (with respect to OPS) given the parks he's batted in.

Pitchers Dropping Like Flies Around The League


I didn't say "dropping flies," I said "dropping like flies." The link goes to a story about Blue Jays closer Sergio Santos (more market for closers!), but the latest batch of DLed pitchers includes Cliff Lee, Daniel Hudson, Chris Narveson, and Dustin Moseley. And Kerry Wood, but you probably assumed he was on the DL already. Just some perspective on the Karstens and possible Correia injuries. Though Lee and Hudson may just be on strike against their offenses after what happened when they played the Bucs.


White Angus's Report On The Altoona Curve, 4/14

(Angus went to the Curve game last night; here's his report. He was having trouble posting it so I took the liberty of converting his comment into a FanShot. I haven't changed anything except for...

Bryan Morris, Three True Outcomes Pitcher


Bryan Morris hasn't yet come into today's Indianapolis game, but last night he gave up a home run, a walk, another home run, and then struck out the side. That's not a great outcome, but it means he has only given up the three true outcomes so far this season (in 2.1 innings): strikeout, walk, and home run. And, since a batter reached on a strikeout-wild pitch in his first start, he currently has an almost impossible 30.9 K/9 ratio. I wonder if the Indians will start walking off the field when he comes into the game?

Pirates vs. Twins, March 18, 2012


Charlie Morton gets the start for the Bucs. The enigmatic Francisco Liriano goes for the Twins; at least it's not that poor rule 5 guy again.

Pittsburgh Pirates Vs. Toronto Blue Jays, March 7, 2012 Gamethread


Joining the game already in progress, we have the following lineups below the jump: Pirates: Alex Presley LF Jose Tabata RF Andrew McCutchen CF Garrett Jones 1B Pedro Alvarez 3B Clint Barmes SS J...

Jose Morales Has An Oblique Strain


Tom Singer reports that Morales hasn't been in uniform due to an oblique strain suffered in January minicamp. He hopes to start playing catch next week. A disappointing setback for Morales, who seemed as though he had a chance to provide a bit more offense than the Fort out of the backup C spot.

A.J. Burnett Sends Dan McCutchen's Unborn Daughter To College


In exchange for D-Cutch giving up uniform number 34, Burnett has promised to set up a college fund for his daughter (due in May). Early returns, Burnett seems like a decent guy.

How Brandon McCarthy Became Awesome


This ESPN article by Eddie Matz credits McCarthy's career reinvention to studying sabermetrics, but it seems as though his study of sabermetrics led him to try to imitate Roy Halladay a lot, though it took a while for his walk rate to come down. There is absolutely no reason for me to post this on a Pirates blog.

Brad Lincoln On The Hot Seat


A nice short piece from Bleacher Report (no, really) about Lincoln's predicament coming into spring training. Has some interesting information about his post-draft handling by the Pirates, in case you need another reason to hate Dave Littlefield.

Cubs To Send The Other Chris Carpenter To Red Sox For Theo Epstein


Not the St. Louis starter, but a bullpen arm. PTBNLs will also be swapped. Somehow this dragged out even longer than the A.J. Burnett trade.

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