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Rank The Pirates' Offseason Acquisitions


Brian Kenny's praise for the Clint Barmes signing makes me think: How can we rank the Pirates' offseason acquisitions? I'm going to put my very hasty and ill-considered list up after the jump, and...

Pirates and Yankees have a framework of a possible AJ Burnett deal in place, and they are now...


Pirates and Yankees have a framework of a possible AJ Burnett deal in place, and they are now working through conditions of that framework.

Buster Olney. Follow-up: "The Burnett deal is not done, but the Yankees and Pirates have a lot of common ground, and Pittsburgh is the clear frontrunner as of 2/12." (That's the date, not the salary.) Hat Tip to cocktailsfor2.

Rumor: Bucs Mildly Interested In Joe Blanton


Jayson Stark says the Phillies are looking to trade Blanton whether or not they get Oswalt, and that the Pirates and the Orioles have expressed mild interest. But a trade would have to wait until Spring Training, when teams could see if Blanton had recovered from surgery. Stark also mentions John Lannan, though not in a way that makes it sound like the Pirates expressed any interest, and some guy named A.J. Burnett. However, he reports that "the Pirates have told several teams that inquired about [Garrett] Jones that they're not inclined to move him." I hope that's at least a bit of a bluff.

Bucs Dugout Community Top 30 Pirates Prospects


Bucs Dugout did a top 30 community prospect list, much like the minorleagueball community lists (except we didn't separate pitchers and catchers). Here are the results.

Ask John Sickels Your Minor League Questions, Friday 10am


John Sickels will have an All Questions Answered thread up at today (Friday) at 10 am Eastern time. These are always entertaining, illuminating, and open for only an hour or so, so if you're registered to comment at minorleagueball, head over there and ask some Bucco questions!

Jameson Taillon Scouting Report By Mike Newman


Newman scouted a start of Taillon's in Savannah and thought he was impressive but "quite raw," "a little short of 'elite' status." Newman saw Taillon as throwing an occasional slider along with four-seam and two-seam fastballs, a curve, and a change he describes as "surprisingly underdeveloped." Interesting take and contrary to the conventional wisdom in some ways. UPDATE by Charlie: This is WHYG Zane Smith's first post as a front-page author, so welcome aboard, Zane.

Why two points for a sacrifice bunt or fly? That’s as many points as a double.: Well, if I were...

Why two points for a sacrifice bunt or fly? That’s as many points as a double.: Well, if I were creating the system I might not have given two points for a sac bunt or fly, but Clint Hurdle once told me the most important thing you can do as a manager is convince 25 guys that the team is more important than they are. Once you do that, amazing things are possible. Lee Judge, "Why Ron Polk's MVP Chart works for me." I... I have nothing to say.

Rinku Rolls On


Beckman, too. The link above goes to the stats of the Adelaide Bite in the Australian Baseball League, where Rinku Singh and Ryan Beckman are pitching very well in relief; Singh has 10 Ks to one walk in 11.1 IP, Beckman 16 Ks to 3 walks in 16.1 IP. Their ERAs are a quite pleasing 1.10 for Beckman and 1.59 for Singh. The ABL may be a high K, high HBP league (Beckman has hit 6 batters, Rinku 4), but it's nice to see the Pirates' minor leaguers doing better than their teammates.


Carson Cistulli's Winter SCOUT Stats

For a couple of years, Carson Cistulli has been looking at the winter leagues through a metric he calls SCOUT. The idea is that a lot of our favorite stats don't really mean that much in the small...

Another little poision-pen letter in the CBA


"If a team is receiving those big revenue-sharing bucks, it will no longer be allowed to spend that money on paying down debt, which has been a popular alibi over the years." -- Jayson Stark Presumably "alibi" is Jayson Stark's editorializing, but it sure sounds like the CBA is specifically targeting the PIrates. And if they're not allowed to pay down their debt, how are they supposed to pay down their debt?


A Story from the 2014 Draft

Hyce Brarper, who fell to the number 30 draft pick despite being considered to be one of the best amateur talents to enter the draft in the history of the game, has signed with the Yankees for a...

Pirates Starters Officially Had No Luck in 2011


Jacob Peterson at JunkStats tracks Dumb Luck Wins for pitchers, where the starter gets the win despite giving up at least four earned runs [EDIT: And putting up a negative WPA, thanks Scrutinizer]. Guess which was the only team with no Dumb Luck Wins? (Hint: You're reading a Pirates blog.) This isn't too surprising, since you can't get a DLW if your team doesn't score 5 runs. Pirates pitchers didn't have any Tough Luck Losses either, though five other teams also pulled that off.


Pirates vs. Braves Overflow of Doom

Cries of despair arise on every side. The last man standing stumbles and falls. The vultures are circling. Some begin to fly lower. The men think of feasting on each others' flesh, but none can... video of McDonald's nine K's


Is it wrong that my favorite part is all the Braves throwing their batting helmets?

John Sickels wants to know what's up with Pedro


Over at minorleagueball, John Sickels is asking for observations on what's going on with Pedro. Head over there and give him some informed opinion.

Rinku Promoted to West Virginia


Go get 'em, Rinku!

Fangraphs All-Scrubs


The worst starting first baseman in the NL this year is playing for a contender.. and his name isn't Lyle.

Talking Sluggo, Spanky, And The Zane


This post about catchers' ERA gets a little too stats-heavy for me to really follow, but it's a nostalgia trip for Bucs fans, featuring Don Slaught, Mike LaValliere, and my binky Zane Smith (as well as the rest of the Bucs' rotation in the early '90s). The basic idea is that the Bucs' catching platoon provides one of the rare situations where we have a large enough sample to isolate how different pitchers performed with different catchers. It doesn't look like it made much difference; the big difference comes in pitchers' BABIP with different catchers, and (as a magisterial comment from Dann M explains) that may well be due to the way that Leyland's other platoons affected the defense.


Another Stupid Trade Idea: Conor Jackson

Eric Seidman at Fangraphs has a piece about cheaply available players who could help a contender. The first name jumped out at me -- Conor Jackson has been playing pretty poorly overall but hits...

RInku Watch


Tim at Pirates Prospects reports (among other generally more depressing news) that Rinku Singh is back with the State College Spikes, after striking out five and allowing one hit in four innings for the GCL Pirates.

The Return of Tim Wakefield?


Kristy Robinson tweeted that Tim Wakefield will start in place of Josh Beckett in Pittsburgh. As you probably know, Tim is the last active MLBer to have played on a winning Pirates team.

Somewhere, Cutch Is Laughing


Today, word came down that Mets' manager Terry Collins had gotten one of Andrew McCutchen's hits changed to an error, breaking up his hitting streak. Tonight, Collins's team lost a game on a walk-off balk. (#bhrimpalert!) Thank you, baseball gods.

The Snakepit Is Funny


From last night's gamethread, check out this and this from the forlorn AZ fans. Though it seems a bit off to dis Maholm, who is having a good season, when your team started Zach Duke.

I wouldn't blame Cole though for his struggles, the UCLA defense is not -- repeat -- not good.


I wouldn't blame Cole though for his struggles, the UCLA defense is not -- repeat -- not good.

Chris Crawford of MLB Draft Insider (scroll down to 12:37).

Going to Ground: The Transformation of Charlie Morton


A nice piece at Beyond the Boxscore about Ground Chuck. Some good graphics (you may have seen some similar ones at WHYGAVS, but it's good to see them again).

"We're looking at pitcher's ERA," Hurdle said [about which catcher starts which game]. "We're...


"We're looking at pitcher's ERA," Hurdle said [about which catcher starts which game]. "We're looking at their matchups with the opposing pitcher, what their offensive numbers are ... three or four different things, just look at everything."

From Colin Dunlap at the PG. At this point, I think Hurdle may just be trolling Dan Fox.

Top Strike-Throwers in 2011 Through Friday


There's one name I really didn't expect to see on this list. (via Beyond the Box Score)

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