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Fangraphs With a Great Compilation of Wade Davis's Stuff


The Royals no doubt believe that Wade Davis didn't merely succeed in his relief role because he was a relief pitcher. The Royals probably believe Davis actually progressed as a pitcher. Here is a nice compilation of Davis's stuff. There's also a nice ESPN article on Davis and what he learned last year about his mechanics and being able to repeat his delivery. I found the Fangraphs discussion particularly insightful because it dispelled some beliefs I had about Davis's repertoire based on pitchFX data.

Bills Game Roll Call - Who else will be there?


Headed there for the first time. Sitting upper level, but first few rows. Any tips? Or just other people headed to the game?

Braves Looking for SS


Gotta keep the Royals in mind anytime the Braves are looking for something. Perhaps we can interest you in Yuniesky Betancourt.

Bianchi claimed by the Cubs


Would have liked to see us hold onto him for one more year.

Quantel Denson Serves One Game Suspension to Start the Season


One game is no big deal. Hopefully all is well and he makes it. We could use the frontline depth while the younger 2012 recruits develop.

Will Smith's Under-Appreciated Second Half in 2011


Will Smith (Sickels 2012 grade C, 2011 grade C+) isn't a high ceiling pitcher. He's a back of the rotation guy with an easy delivery (innings eater potential), but he's a lefty. He doesn't walk batters, he turned 22 this year, and he has size (6'5" and 235lbs). The FB is 88-92. Curve as well. He mixes speeds with both, and has a change as well. He started off slow, and was immediately written off by many. After the Texas League All Star Break Smith had 12 starts, in which he pitched 79.2 innings with a 3.16 ERA, 62 K's, 19 BB's, 65 H's and only 4 HR's. He was named the Naturals' Pitcher of the Year. Dutton says he's going to get a spring training invite and I have to believe he'll start the year in the AAA rotation.

Aaron Cook to FA


Cook is an extreme groundball pitcher who has been injury prone. He'll probably be on a one year major league incentive-laden deal. Even when he's on, he doesn't strike out anyone. His only hope is to walk absolutley no one as well. I have a hard time imagining we will go after Cook unless his price gets down to a 2011 Francis level. Actually, I'd much prefer we just re-sign Francis and/or Chen.

Does Aldaberto Mondesi's Bonus Reflect the Value of Age Certainty in International Free Agency


Aldaberto Mondesi signed with the Royals for 2 million. Humberto Arteaga signed for 1.1 million. Orlando Calixte signed for 1 million. There are a lot of factors in play here. Mondesi has the benefit of exposure from the DPL, his father's experience in the majors, and IFA bonuses have been on the increase. But the Royals paid a hefty price for Mondesi, especially relative to Arteaga, who was just as well thought of (Baseball America predicted Mondesi would get the 12th highest signing bonus in 2011 and Arteaga would get the 11th highest bonus in 2010). The LA shortstop crop wasn't particularly good this year by most accounts too. Even more, the Yankees supposedly tried to get in on Mondesi. Perhaps the biggest difference between the three men above: Mondesi was born in the United States while his father played for the Dodgers. Mondesi's identity is a near certainty (unless the real Aldaberto Mondesi is somewhere else). What is the true value of age-certainty? It would seem that the value would be at least the amount of an insurance policy to take out on the signing bonus you would give to another IFA signee. On top of that, there are your costs of development which might be useless if a kid is actually 3 years older and won't ever amount to anything. Even more, does it reflect the opportunity cost of devoting instruction and playing time to a kid who isn't a real prospect?

Schaum's Top 40 Royals Prospects


This is an updated top 40 over at Pine Tar Press. There's a lot of good info here. Definitely more of a tools-oriented ranking, but one of the better lists out there in terms of who to watch.

Colon! Grit! Leadership! Incorrect weight transfer!


Colon! Grit! Leadership! Incorrect weight transfer!

Chargers Roster Indicates Gachkar Likely to Make 53-man Roster


Now that Stephen Cooper has hit the IR, the Chargers only have 8 linebackers (though one Defensive End appears to actually be an outside linebacker) on their camp roster. Being a 3-4 team, they would likely carry 8 or 9 linebackers. Gachkar is a pretty good special teams player as well. If they don't bring in different guys it appears at this point he's going to be on the active roster. For a 7th round pick, that's no guarantee and it indicates he might be an NFL player, long-term. {Bumped to the Front Page.]

10 Rookie Free Agents Official


Oregon DL Brandon Bair 6-7, 272, Michigan St. TE Charlie Gantt 6-5, 260, TN-Chattanooga OL Chris Harr 6-6, 260, UNC OL Mike Ingersoll 6-5, 300, Temple LB Amara Kamara 6-1, 240, USC OL Butch Lewis 6-5, 295, Virginia Union OL David Mims 6-8, 335, Texas A&M DL Lucas Patterson 6-4, 295, Central Connecticut WR Josue Paul 6-1, 190, and Auburn DB/KR Demond Washington 5-9, 182.

Morosi and Rosenthal say Betemit to Brewers a Possibility


Who would be the PTBNL? Is his last name Considerations?

Sixteen of the Royals’ 50 draft picks have reached contract agreements, including ninth-round...


Sixteen of the Royals’ 50 draft picks have reached contract agreements, including ninth-round pick Aaron Brooks, a right-handed pitcher from Cal State-Bernardino, and 10th-round pick Matthew Murray, a right-handed pitcher from Georgia Southern. Truman State right-hander Christian Witt, selected in the 36th round, was also among the signings. The others: No. 14 center fielder D’Andre Toney of Gulf Coast (Fla.) Community College; No. 17 shortstop Nicholas Cuckovich of Riverside (Calif.) Community College; No. 18 right-hander Andrew Ferguson of Arkansas State; No. 20 center fielder Terrance Gore of Gulf Coast Community College; No. 22 left-hander David Middendorf of Northern Kentucky. No. 23 catcher Lance Harper of Scottsdale (Ariz.) Community College; No. 25 third baseman Mark Threldkeld of Louisiana Tech; No. 34 right-hander Ali Williams of Charleston Southern; No. 35 center fielder Gabriel Gray of Hazlehurst (Miss.) High School. No. 38 right-hander Andrew Durden of Nova Southeastern; No. 41 catcher Travis Lane of Central Arizona College; No. 43 outfielder Tyler Chism of Gonzaga; and No. 45 right-hander Julio Morales of Bethune Cookman.

Mock Draft Discussion


It's difficult to know exactly who will be available with the Royals' pick. Word is they'd prefer a quick to the majors pitcher, which would presumably be Cole, Bauer, Hultzen, or Bundy. I assume they would pass on Rendon if he reaches them because the only way that could happen is if he didn't check out medically. Bauer is a wildcard because of his unique training regimen and high pitch counts. Should he drop, I'm still not convinced we take him because of our unwillingness to allow pitchers to work on their own programs. That said, the entire front office recently watched him pitch, I believe. The real wildcard in my opinion will be if Cole, Hultzen, Bundy, and Rendon come off the board in the first 4 picks. Assuming Bauer isn't the pick, who would it be? Starling? Matt Barnes? Jed Bradley? Archie Bradley? thoughts?

Florio Interview with Jonathan Baldwin


Long and informative video. He's been working out with Revis and **surprise** Larry Fitzgerald. I'd bet every cent I have that the Chiefs talked to Fitzgerald about Baldwin's work ethic, personality, etc.


An Inside Look from Pioli's Father-in-law (Bill Parcells)

Parcells' first round grades (in order by position). DT/NT - Marcel Dareus, Nick Fairley, Phil Taylor, Muhammed Wilkerson DE - JJ Watt, Bowers, Cameron Heyward, Cameron Jordan, Robert Quinn,...

Ranking the coaches considered today based on Youtube video

  1. Matt Painter
  2. Brian Gregory
  3. Gregg Marshall
  4. Scott Sutton
  5. Cuonzo Martin (not considered today but oh well)

Settling the fastest player debate using Bill James' SPD statistic

  1. Jarrod Dyson - 7.76 Career SPD in 1310 PA's
  2. Derrick Robinson - 7.57 Career SPD in 2428 PA's
  3. Lorenzo Cain - 6.31 Career SPD in 2459 PA's

Royals Batting Order for Sunday


Aviles 5, Cabrera 8, Butler 3, Ka'aihue DH, Francoeur 9, Gordon 7, Pena 2, Getz 4, Escobar 9 While changes could easily be made, I bet this is the opening day lineup. Discuss.

Under/Over 105 losses


1. Melky Cabrera CF 2. Jason Kendall C 3. Billy Butler DH 4. Kila 1B 5. Francoeur RF 6. Alex Gordon LF 7. Aviles 3B (Moose once the Super 2 deadline passes) 8. Betancourt SS 9. Chris Getz 2B 1. L. Hochevar 2. TBD 3. K. Davies 4. V. Mazzaro 5. S. O'Sullivan

Top 5 Darian Sandford Links


2010 Draft insights from "The Club" on MLB TV


Brett Eibner was in the mix for the White Sox with their first pick in the 2010 draft. Scouts: "Offensively Brett Eibner is going to have power potential to all fields. Tremendous raw power. Defensively, he'll be able to stick in centerfield." "This guy was a group 1 pitcher and a group 2 player. We have a guy whose value is in the fact of him being a two way guy." Kenny Williams: "You guys have 1's and 2's on him across the board, both ways. I seriously am considering allowing him to do both. Why not?" "My goal is to create a big leaguer who is able to do both, so essentially you have a 26 man roster." Selig: "The Kansas City Royals select Christian Colon." Cut to Kenny Williams: "The guy we really wanted is off the board."

Dutton says the Royals have 2 40-man roster deletions to make by Wed.


So who is it going to be? Parraz Anderson Marte Bullington Hernandez Bannister


Who are the O-Royals Starters to Begin Next Year?

My guess: 1B: Hosmer 2B: Giovatella SS: Bianchi 3B: Moustakas OF: Here is where it gets really tricky. There is a surplus of mediocre OF'ers. Derrick Robinson, Tim Smith, and Paulo...

Official Signings


Good to see Colon and Antonio on that list. Hopefully all of our remaining top 20 picks will also sign. We have only signed 2 high school players so far this year: Marquez, a C from Puerto Rico and Antonio. Given the severely limited number of HS prospects we drafted I would feel much more comfortable if we signed all (10 I believe) of them.

Royals to shakeup lineup starting tomorrow?


Interesting... The article claims this in the title, then all but refutes it in the body.

Yost's first lineup: Podsednik 7 Aviles 4 DDJ 9 Butler 3 Guillen DH Callaspo 5 Maier...


Yost's first lineup: Podsednik 7 Aviles 4 DDJ 9 Butler 3 Guillen DH Callaspo 5 Maier 8 Betancourt 6 Kendall 2

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