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Thread II

The thread where all the runs are. Also known as Olympic Race Walking is more exciting than the Giants offense.

Gameday Thread II


Giants Lineup


Give you something to do this morning, talk about Posey, Giants first baseman of the future!



Anyone have a tip on a Giants friendly bar in this area? I'll be down there for the 9th (ring ceremony) and would like to still see it without dealing with Dodger fans stabbing me.


Cody Ross Signs for $6.3M

"@Ken_Rosenthal: Cody Ross signs with #Giants for $6.3M, avoiding arb." Actual news!


Pitchers and Catchers Report 2/14

Gs usually report to camp the first legal day. This year it'll be the second day (Feb. 14). Guess pitchers need extra rest after Series.

Adam Witter: Where have you gone?


My girlfriend's hometown team, the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, is where our old prospect Adam Witter is playing. I wasn't even aware he was out of the system, I was always hoping he could replace Whiteside as the organization's backup catcher of choice.


Alex Pavlovic Note...

— Props to whoever in the organization decided to use this guy to pump up the crowd before the ninth. This guy being http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPPj6viIBmU that guy. Did they actually put the...


Tim Lincecum: The Difference

I'd like to see some of the more Pitch F/X oriented people take a stab at this, but I was just going through some of Tim Lincecum's Pitch F/X results from the past few years and have a few...


Extra Bags Tweet

"Manager Bruce Bochy called Freddy Sanchez today & told him the team expects him to begin minor league rehab assgt. within a week." Emphasis added. I kind of get the feeling the Giants are...


MCC Pets

It's been at least a little bit since we had a pet thread, post your pets. I got a kitten since the last pet thread, and just wanted to share his...strange antics. His name is Avocado and he's...


Open Gameday Thread 3/13

And Huff already can't field again.


Adopt A Giant 2010: II (sfoakbay, Ramah71, ACgiant97)

EDIT: YES THREE PEOPLE CAN DRAFT AT ONCE   And now we begin.  Let's go over how this is going to work.  Below is the draft order, I'll be letting three people draft at a time (for the first, I'll...


First Spring Training Game

Who's listening?


Adopt A Giant 2010: Draft (sfoakbay and Gobroks)

EDIT: YES TWO PEOPLE CAN DRAFT AT ONCE.  IF #2 HAS NOT DRAFTED YET, BUT #3, 4, 5, 6, AND 7 HAVE DRAFTED, #2 AND #8 ARE ON THE CLOCK.   And now we begin.  Let's go over how this is going to work. ...


Adopt A Giant 2010: Second Edition

Here is what's shaping up so far.  Perhaps I didn't make it entirely clear in the last thread, but please claim your past adopted Giant in the thread and announce your intentions for the upcoming...


Giants Jottings

Do we know why the site is no longer updated? It was always a great source for Spring Training news.


Adopt A Giant 2010

It's coming around to that time of year again, and with the return of Spring Training I suppose we can start this up again.  In this thread, I want to get a read from people who had Giants last...



What is this? I don't like change! Or is it just for me? Quotes and comment replies are....red.

Open Gameday Thread 9/11 Part III

Insert own caption.   BEAT LA NOW

GameThread III: The Sucky TMNT Movie

Cain: Bengie, do I have some odor today? Molina: I already told you last night, I'm not smelling your pits, man.

Gameday Thread 7/10 Part II

The SB Nation Editorial Robot noticed that your post contains no text. Bleep. Please add some words. Blorp!

Post-Game Recap: Giants Beat Albert Pujols 6-3


Always good after a win.  More after the break...... More.

Open Gameday Thread 6/16 Part II

If this picture doesn't convince you I'm not sure what does.

Post-Game Chit Chat Place


I only watched the last two innings after getting home from work, but seemed to have been a nice game.  Criticism to the players who deserve criticism.  Congratulations to the players who deserve...

Open Gameday Thread 6/12 Part II

This is a picture of the Giants offense.  Don't worry, it's in there somewhere.



From the Schul. Guessing this means it's... Rowand Renteria Schierholtz Molina Sandoval Lewis Uribe Burriss Also he says that Ishikawa is back with the team but no one has been sent down as of yet.

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