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Thank You, Spartans!

On behalf of Auburn fans everywhere, thank you for defeating Ohio State and earning yourself a trip to the Rose Bowl for the first time since Lorenzo White and Andre Rison lined up on offense. You...

NCAA Usurps New Power in Landmark Move


The NCAA is not a law enforcement agency. The NCAA is not a moral legislature or advocate body. They enforce rules on academics and athletics. I have to keep repeating those statements because...

1st and 5: Goals Mike Slive Should Have For the SEC in His Swan Song


SEC commish Mike Slive's contract was due to run out July 31st, not that there was a doubt he would be picked back up. Now on the eve of SEC Media Days, it looks like he's officially still on duty f...

Georgia Right In Fast Pull on Crowell Trigger


What's the latest in thuggish trends?

Updyke Confesses to Plainsmen Reporter Today at Trial?


Updyke Confesses to Plainsmen Reporter Today at Trial?

1st and 5: Biggest BCS End of Season Computer Mistakes


1st and 5: Biggest BCS End of Season Computer Mistakes

SEC Fans Need To Unite Fast to Preserve Heritage


Don't let the conference cronies put their own agendas ahead of the schools'

SEC Must Go on Offensive Now


The SEC must move immediately to draft teams from the soon to be imploding ACC

More Conference Migration, Musical Chairs?


Gerrymandering together an artificial conference who's expanse is clear across half the nation for the purpose of soothing school egos and enriching athletic departments coffers is fundamentally...

Barkley Being Barkley


With presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in attendance Sunday night at the Hawks-Celtics game in Boston, TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley opined about Romney's...

Draft Notes


I was out of town in Orlando this past weekend but still managed to catch more draft coverage than anticipated. I forgot that it takes up the better part of a whole weekend, the pure pageant and...

1st and Five: Biggest (Non-Big Three) Games


Ever so cliche' to discuss, every game in a college football season is a must-win. With the most meaningful regular season in all of sports, even the dropping of one key game can turn your season...

Exorcising the Dyer Demon Best Medicine for Young Team


Imagine being sick and not even knowing it. A malignancy festers inside you, infecting everything within proximity, but you still mostly function normally. The only signs of trouble are assorted...

Bobby Petrino Ousted at Arkansas


Bobby Petrino has been fired at Arkansas. Props to Fayetteville for doing what is probably the right thing but a very unpopular and difficult decision to make. As far as my post earlier about him...

Winning Cures Everything in the SEC


Other than a consistent stream of CFB playoff info filtering in that we've discussed a'plenty on here, it's been a pretty quiet three months so far with most of the spring games yet to be played....

Other Possibilities Abound in Lieu of 9-Game SEC Schedule


All options are on the table if the SEC doesn't want 9 games

About Last Night....


The thread I did last night concerning the female LSU kicker has been removed by SB Nation, not by TET. For those politically correct types who voiced your complaints, you have been rewarded. I'm...

College Football Costs


Everything, every person and every sport has it's price. Most forms of payment are just more direct than others..

Process of Elimination: Let's Determine What a Playoff Should Not Be


Before you decide what you want in a college football playoff, you have to eliminate what you don't want

Multi-Year Scholarships Upheld By NCAA Members


Everybody gather 'round! Hidden during the fervor of National Signing Day this year was an under curring sentiment from the NCAA and it's members that the newly announced Multi-Year...

SEC Must Adapt A Nine Game Conference Schedule--Or Else.


There simply isn't another viable choice without selling-out our tradition.

Post (Traumatic) NSD Thoughts


Just a few quick thoughts while I get my head together coming out of one chaotic but still satisfying recruiting season: If conventional wisdom on the recruiting habits of Nick Saban are true, why...

Questions Still Loom About Future SEC Schedules


MEMO: Go ahead and have your graphics department add you to the wheel. It's official now. Lost at the end of last year with the Chick fil A Bowl and New Year's approaching was any meaningful...

Updyke Declines Plea Deal


Accused tree poisoner Harvey Updyke has turned down a plea agreement that would have resulted in a 13-year prison sentence AND required him to never attend an Alabama sporting event for the rest...

New Year's Resolution Wishes for College Football


It needs to lose weight, get a new job and start spending a little bit more time with the family.

Barrett Trotter 'Retiring' from Auburn


Barrett Trotter has decided to forgo his senior season at Auburn, keep his bachelor's degree and continue pursuit on his Master's. "My four years at Auburn has been a great experience and I'm...

Post BCS Game Notes


Not much to say for an Auburn fan following this game except to extend congratulations to Alabama for winning the 2011 BCS national championship, their second in three years and ninth consensus t...

Dyer Released from Scholarship by AU

39 and ESPN are announcing that an anonymous source has said that Auburn has released Michael Dyer from his scholarship. Where he ends up is anybody's guess, but I know which...

Notes from The Georgia Dome


Had my War Eagle and TET moment with LSU Jonno Saturday as he messaged me in the afternoon about an extra ticket, so I met him and his crew down at the Georgia Dome for the Chick fil A bowl. Just...

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