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Auburn's 2012 SEC Schedule Official


As it turned out, the rumors of us dropping the Florida road game next year for Texas A&M at home are true. Here's how it'll shape out for next season instead: Auburn's 2012 SEC schedule: Sept....

Let It All Hang Out for Jam-Packed Bowl Week


Looks like the nation will still be on holiday until a week from today. I went into the office yesterday but there was no one at work at any of the places I could see. With Christmas and New...

Coaching Market Blase' This Off-Season


Hey, you'll watch ANYTHING if you're desperate enough. Anyone else underwhelmed by the coaching market so far this month? Yea, Auburn needs coordinators, but I feel sorry for the rest of college...

Not the Season to Be Jolly


It's been a long 30 days: two blow-out losses to our biggest rivals, one coordinator gone and the other still in doubt, no leader emerging at quarterback, no big-play threat re-emerging on offense,...

TET Pick Em Final Results


Thanks to everybody that participated this year. We started with 68 folks but lost a few along the way. KoolBell777 won week 14 with 9 points. No, the fix wasn't in. Here's the top 50 for...

Could SEC v. SEC Bring Big Changes to the BCS?


Could SEC v. SEC Bring Big Changes to the BCS?

'Auburn' Spring Can't Come Too Early


Time for some spring cleaning and a little regime change on the Plains

TET Pick Em Results--Week 13


  Picks of Doooom wins week 13 with 17 points. We're almost done. Short slate this week. Here's going into the final: Standings RankPick Set NameTotalDroppedW-L 1 G...

Can't They ALL Lose? SEC Dominates BCS Poll, Pushes Limits of Rankings


In one of the wildest late-season weekends in the BCS since 2007, three top 5 programs lost, opening up the race for the #2 slot to a host of one-loss teams. For the first time EVER, one conference...

TET Pick Em Results--Week 12


  Week 11 winners were GreenRoomTiger and Michiana Tiger with 17 points each. Week 12 was won by wmh9 with 18 points. Be forewarned that there are SIX games this Friday in week 13 that you...

Regression Analysis


If you ever took a statistics course, you remember that one of it's core modeling techniques is regression analysis, which simply put, is measuring the change between your one dependent...

TET Pick Em Results--Week Ten


    I know I've been negligent about posting the results the prior two weeks. Our winner from week Eight was Howard's Rock with 15; week Nine was Aujd95 tied with three others with 14, and the...

SEC At Risk of Dilution--And Not From the New Members


SEC At Risk of Dilution--And Not From the New Members

BYE Week Introspective Glance


I'm sure glad the team showed up Saturday night in the second half to take care of Ole Miss. With it being Halloween weekend, nothing's scarier than a Chizik squad going up 14-0 on an opponent....

TET Pick Em Results--Week Seven


  Sorry but we forgot the pick em update last week. The week six winner was Lao Che with 14 points. For week seven, another tough week for those going with the conventional wisdom. Nathan Deal...

Going Ugly Early, Often


To say that the Florida game wasn't very exciting is a disservice to unexciting games in our past and everywhere in CFB in general. ESPN saved a prime-time slot for this? It wasn't exactly 2008...

A Turn in the Road


We're not even halfway through the season or conference schedule and already Auburn finds itself at a crossroads. Just a week ago we were sitting at 2-0 in the conference after a big road win...

We'll Take It! Were the Gamecocks A Win We Weren't Supposed to Have?


 Spurrier asks Gene if he's seen the the shirtless pic of him from earlier this year.   Saturday was an interesting day for me. All along I knew I had a wedding to go to--yes, who in their right...

TET Pick Em Results--Week Five


  Strangely, 19 people didn't make picks last week, including some of the leaders. You guys don't fade on us now. We've got a great group and I want everyone to ride it to the end. We're now...

Week Five Polls


  AP Top 25 RK TEAM RECORD PTS 1 LSU (40) 5-0 1473 2 Alabama (12) 5-0 1435 3 Oklahoma (7) 4-0 1397 4 Wisconsin 5-0 1266 5 Boise...

TET Pick Em Results--Week Four


      Week Four was a tough one, with Luker87 winning with 17 points. Still no one has managed to score over 20. After four weeks and throwing out your worst three, your score now is your...

Around the SEC This Week


Around the SEC This Week

TET Pick Em Results--Week Three


    Quite a big drop-off in production for the group for week three. Although there were two less games to pick with 23, the high score was shared by Michiana Tiger and Teach Me How to Lutzie...

6 2 4


624: When is a scarlet letter actually a number?

TET Pick Em Results--Week Two


  Most everyone carried over for week two of our contest, but if you somehow forgot, you're still in luck as we are dropping the worst three weeks' worth of picks. You could even still join...

Oh My Gosh, No!!!!


This website is now up. Missouri fans are serious about lobbying for SEC membership. Weren't these guys just rebuffed by the Big 10? The only thing positive about this site is that they place...

Week One College Football Poll Results


Auburn drops from the AP but remains in the Coaches. LSU jumps Alabama in the AP to #2   AP Top 25 RK TEAM RECORD PTS 1 Oklahoma (32) 1-0 1448 2 LSU (17) 1-0 1415 3 Alabama (9) 1-0 1...

Holiday Weekend Major Boon for College Football


I'm sure that most of you in addition to being college football fans are also major NFL followers. I'm bandwagon at best and I admit to more than a passing fancy to have seen the lockout continue...

TET Pick Em Results--Week One


  Lot's of games this weekend, even a few early ones. I went out of town and forgot to pick the two on Thursday and Friday. If you're wondering why you didn't have a Thursday game on your...

Last Minute SEC Predictions


Running through the last few days of kickoff week for the 2011 season, could expectations for the SEC conference be any higher? With eight teams ranked in the top 25 and two expected to contend for...

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