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BCS Tickets

In case you have not been keeping up.  Tickets have tripled.... not sure why.  I have to assume that it is because of the closeness to the game.  If you held out on tickets no way I would try to...


Nice Video

Auburn Family -A Call to Arms- (via WarEagleSoulWest) WAR EAGLE, Fly down the field Ever to conquer never to yield War Eagle fearless and True Fight on you Orange and Blue GO GO GO On to vic'ty...


Interview with Cam

Cam Newton on The Jungle with Jim Rome.  This kid is a class act, and is open to answer any question asked.  I sure am glad he is a Auburn Man   Gotta get more words in  ...

Cam is the Man


As most of expected, Cam Newton was named the starting QB. Click here for story.   Discuss   War Damn Eagle

Tiger Prowl 2.0


Tiger Prowl version 2.0 hit the pavement Monday in Mobile and will be in Birmingham on Wednesday. While I think what Chizik and the boys are doing is fantastic, I am even more impressed that Auburn...

My A-Day Bit


  Well I will keep this short and sweet mainly due to the fact that Acid broke it down very well.  Another reason is that almost every post is about this same thing, and our loyal members of TET...


New Video

At least it is a new to me video.  Enjoy!  War Eagle.  Maybe this can get you fired up for A-Day.  Also if you are reading this as I am posting it, go to ESPNU and watch the second half and OTs of...

Decent Article on AU??


Ole Paul is up to it again, although this time he is speaking favorably about the Tigers.  He says that Auburn will go 9-3 in the regular season, and he could be right.  Although his choices of...


Happy Birthday to Our Fearless Leader

Happy Birthday Jay!  I sure hope that you enjoy your day.  To make it 75 words lets all sing along to a familiar tune   War Eagle fly down the field Ever to conqur never to yeild War Eagle fearless...

Cup Caking


We all know about the Auburn vs UCLA debacle, and some might say that is the only thing that Jay Jacobs has done wrong in his short tenure as Athletic Director.  But with the news of Bama playing...

Spring Ball Starts Today


Auburn heads into spring practice on Wednesday and I have to tell you I feel better than I did one year ago.  Last year no one had any idea who was going to be the Quarterback, but I would have bet...

NCAA Brackets Anyone?


There is a ESPN Tourney Challenge group for us if you care to play.  It is totally free, just sign up.  There is no illegal betting or anything, it is not a pool, it is just for braggin' rights....

Ben Tate Impressive at the Combine


    I was at home yesterday because workers were at the house, so I got to watch a bit of ESPN.  Of course the talking heads did not talk about Ben Tate at all.  But at least they had his info...

Mindless Posting


  Nothing like looking in the Sports Pages for Auburn Football news and finding not one thing… I love the off season.  Read the blogs and you get crap like Saban has more friends than God and who...

Ranking the SEC Recruiting


  This is from scout and you can read it directly from their site here.  I thought it was a good read, and I actually learned a bit about some of the lower ranked classes.   It is interesing the...

National Signing Day


With National Signing Day upon us I thought I would give you a quick rundown of my thoughts regarding Auburn’s possible class.  First and foremost…War Eagle, Coaches and staff, you guys have done a...

Senior Bowl


  Going a bit out of character for me.  Please don’t think that I have gone soft, or whatever.  It is the week before National Signing Day and everyone else has that info covered.  This piece has...

Dead Period Number One


  Well we are to that time again.  The season is over and everyone is looking toward National Signing Day.  Most teams have locked up a few 5 stars and holding their breaths for a couple more to...

Tuberville to be a Red Raider??


  It is no secret that I was and still am a fan of Tommy Tuberville.  I can be a fan of him and not feel good about how he left Auburn.  I can also be a fan and forgive him for leaving our Tigers...

Final Post of 2009


I still have the in-laws in town so forgive me if this post is off a bit. They have that effect on me. I would like to talk a bit about the coaching things going on in the SEC. Lets start with...

Shut Up, Charles!


  With respect to Scarbinsky I will cite him here, although I had already started this piece before he posted it this morning.  What the hell is Charles Barkley thinking?  Normally I like him, he...

Final Random-ness


Not much to report since all the news is about Alabama heading to the National Championship Game. It is fitting that seven Bama players are All SEC Members.  The only first team Tiger is Antonio...

Championship Weekend Staff Picks


  Well, it looks like WEA is taking the crown this season, Jay made a vailant effort to comeback, but like Auburn a few times this season... time just ran out.  Enjoy the games Saturday!!!   A...

End of Regular Season Thoughts


Thoughts on where Auburn stands at the end of the regular season and Bowl Possibilities

Outback Bound


I will have to say that I am shocked over this, but here is the story...

Iron Bowl Week Staff Picks


Sorry for the lateness… I am still whipped from all the turkey and pies.  Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, now it is time to pull the shocker.     Alabama at Auburn WarDamnZach – Auburn 24-23 J...

Iron Bowl Thoughts... Right Now


One staff members thoughts on what Auburn needs to do in the upcoming showdown known as the Iron Bowl.

Week 12 Staff Picks


  Here are the picks for the weekend… No Auburn, and no good games, minus the Ole Miss vs. LSU game.   LSU at Ole Miss WarDamnZach – LSU 21-20 Jay Coulter – Ole Miss 27-24 Acid Reign – LSU 27-10 W...

Alarming Rate of Head/Neck Injuries


  Tune is to almost any game over the course of a season and you are almost guaranteed to see a few touchdowns, a turnover or two and one other thing… a timeout for a head/neck injury.  Is it that...

Week 11 Picks


  Here are the picks for the weekend… Acid is working (I think).  He will add his later (I think) :)   Auburn at Georgia WarDamnZach – Auburn 31-28 Jay Coulter – Auburn 28-23 Acid Reign – Auburn...

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