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Die hard Eagles fan from Jersey.

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A review of week 1 and thoughts going into week 2 of preseason

Alright, I know everyone has talked about the preseason game against the Patriots, but in case anyone is interested, these are my thoughts on the game. I narrowed Friday's game into three...

Eagles get Cary Williams and Kenny Phillips


Good moves IMO but I'll hold my water

Sean Smith to KC


Another CB off the market, not that many of us were high on him anyway.

Nothing final on Quin per Schefter


Who knows?

Eagles talking to Victor Butler and Connor Barwin per Jason La Canfora


Dunno if this is new news or not. Thoughts?


4-3 Under Defense, In-House Solutions and Potential Candidates

Ok, it's been quite a while since I've gone and written a fanpost here. It's pretty long so thanks in advance for taking the time to read it. Anyway, I recently have been reading/re-reading this...

Hue Jackson fired as head coach of the Raiders


Alright, so say Marty finds a new home. Would you all welcome Hue Jackson or rather pursue someone else?

NFL -- Five sensible trades that probably won't be made - ESPN


Now is it just me, or is Schefter selling some of these guys very low? DJ williams AND Dawkins for a 3rd round pick? Thats a little low even if those two are older. Clearly won't happen but it'd be nice.

I know everyone is really pissed about the loss and the fact that we're 1 and 4. For those of you...


I know everyone is really pissed about the loss and the fact that we're 1 and 4. For those of you dying to clean house, relax. It's not just on the coaches/scheme, it's on the players. Firing Andy Reid will not force turnovers, it will not stop fumbles. We have one more game going into the bye week and then the entire rest of the season. Calm down.


1-3, Week five, Shortened offseason...it happens. Relax.

Obviously, we very well could have been 4-0. I understand everyones frustration and wanting to clean house. Just relax. There are 12 games left. Clearly, we're all feeling the same pain of our team...

Philadelphia Eagles: 8 Players That Can Fix the Dream Team | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report


Just stumbled on it via twitter. I feel differently about a handful of these players listed but I thought I'd share it with you fellas anyway.


WarGeist's reaction to the shoot out that shouldn't have been.

Alright, I'm not saying ATL was going to be a cakewalk by any means. I've got no problems taking a loss in a solid game. This was definitely not a solid game though. Too many dumb mistakes and too...


WarGeist's take on the Eagles free agency moves and other things

Alright, I haven't made a fan post in a while but I've been commenting and involved with conversation for the past week. Today is a slow day what with no Eagles live on and I'm gonna go out on a...




Namdi looking more likely to land on the Cowgirl's roster...


Per Albert Breer: "Filed to NFLN: Per a league source, the Jets, for now, are out of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes."

Not Eagles news but Orton isn't going to Miami apparantly


Sucks for Miami. I wanted to see them contend with the Jets and Pats. Now they have Matt Moore.

Report: Aqib Talib of Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't stand trial until 2012 - ESPN


In case anyones still interested in the whole talib situation


WarGeist's Opinion on The 2011 draft of the Philadelphia Eagles

This draft was worse than pulling teeth, in my opinion. I wish I was a Lions fan so I could be ecstatic right now but hey, here's to praying we get Asomugha. There were picks I didn't like at first...

Janoris Jenkins in the supplemental draft?


Should we or could we even take a shot at this guy? I'm still pissed about not drafting Jimmy Smith so if theres even the slightest chance we could grab him, what do you guys think about it?

Aqib Talib on his way out?


It's on insider for those who have it, but I also received an ESPN update text about the Bucs planning to release him once the lockout ends. Thoughts?


WarGeist's 4 round Eagles mock draft(CBA was reached in here, boys.)

Ok, normally, I hate doing these things. I really don't like to take the time nor effort to go through a shit load of players and rank them myself so I read a lot of other people's mock drafts....


Philadelphia Eagles Draft Prospects After The First And Second Rounds

Wargeist has some great stuff here on possible Eagles targets later in the draft.


WarGeist's take on Kevin Kolb and his value, free agency and the draft.

Ok, this is my first fan post on this board. Shit on it, agree, disagree, give constructive criticism on it, I don't really mind. Just take the time to read it in its entirety before commenting. A...

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