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Prime Time League: July 10th

So, I went to see the Prime Time League Games Tonight (they were in Waterloo tonight, as well as last Thursday). The gym in the Waterloo Sportsplex has two courts, and I sat on one sideline of...


To You, the Lady in the South End Zone at Kinnick:

I must apologize for not walking up a few rows, taking your hand, and whispering just how pretty you looked in the afternoon sunlight. You see, I must explain my appalling lack of confidence. ...


Don't Call It a Comeback, AIRBHG's Been Here For Years.

Hello, BHGP Readers and Hawkeye Fans! I have considerable freetime in the summer, so I've been watching a lot of television. One of the shows I've been watching quite a bit lately is M*A*S*H. ...


Playing the Spoiler: A Free-fire Zone.

So, I just finished watching the May 27th episode of Mad Men. It might be the best episode of the series, and there are a lot of episodes I've enjoyed. There are only a couple more episodes left...

Well, I guess it should be obvious that you could find Coach Baby near the bouncy castle and the...


Well, I guess it should be obvious that you could find Coach Baby near the bouncy castle and the inflatable slide, right? This pic is from the Wednesday, May 16th Cyclone Tailgate tour stop in Waterloo. It was held, where else but the National Cattle Congress Grounds. Cyclones just don't feel at home unless the place smells like livestock.


Re-Seating at Kinnick - A Complete Money Grab.

I found this on the Gazette website. What a joke. If they really want to accommodate people who "can't ever get tickets,"...


Senior Bowl Report

The North team beat the South team, 23-13, on Saturday, in Mobile, Alabama. All the Iowa and Iowa State guys were on the North team. The North was coached by the Minnesota Vikings' staff, the...

So, I was reading about Rutgers...


and I see they mentioned Bobby Diaco, Tom Bradley, and WTF...Tim Brewster?... as possible dark-horse candidates for the head coaching position now open since Greg Schiano left for Tampa Bay. But there's also a link in there (from 2009) about Hayden Fry and Barry Alvarez recruiting guys out of NJ. None of this is what I would call "solid news," but I thought it was fun to read about, nonetheless.

New school in Waterloo named after a WWI Hero who was also the First Hawkeye All-American


So, this new school is being built about a mile from where I live in Waterloo, IA. I've known for awhile that it was to be named for Fred Becker, a WWI hero from Waterloo. But I didn't realize he was also a football All-American in Hawkeye History (first in any sport to be a first-team AA). I guess he was honored at halftime of the Iowa-UNI football game in 09, and with an article in the Hawkeye football Program that was sold at the 08 Purdue game, and he has been enshrined in the UI Athletics Hall of Fame. Obviously, we all love Nile Kinnick, but this story is similar in many ways.

I've never really liked Spurrier all that much until now.


Ol' Ball Coach sticking it to a reporter, just before he apparently announced Stephen Garcia was off the team. Again. For like the 17th time.

Templeton Rye TV show!


I was glancing through my DirecTV guide, and was hitting the record button on the new Ken Burns series on Prohibition. On Sunday night, right after Prohibition, I see there is a show about "the good stuff" - Templeton Rye. Looks like it is on IPTV at 10:20 pm CT. For you out-of-staters, I'm not sure if it will be available on the IPTV website after that, or not.


Playing the Spoiler: TV and Movies (June 9).

  It's been about 3 weeks since I wrote one of these.  You guys know the flow.  I tell you what I've seen, you comment or do the same below.  If you post an illegal stream or any porno, you will...

Let's tone down the Mauer hate.


Hello Fellow Twins Fans, I live in Iowa. My dad is a big Twins fan, and therefore, I also have become one (although I also root for Oakland, because they were good when I was growing up). I have probably attended 10 or 15 Twins games in my lifetime. I haven't been to Target Field yet, but I'm hoping to make it there later this summer. Yes, the Twins are struggling this year, and many key players are underperforming. But I want to encourage you fans, as well as the writers, to refrain from following the pattern that is becoming all too common in modern America: hyping something to a fever pitch and then turning on it when the going gets tough. I'll admit that Jim Souhan's recent article was the first of his that I have read. And yes, newspaper writers should have and use the freedom of the press. But why start throwing stones at your franchise player half-way through a year that is going down the tubes for a myriad of reasons? Reading through the comments on that Souhan article, and reading through the comments on Twinkie Town, it seems as though there are plenty of fans who are all too willing to complain about Mauer. Any failures this year are by the team. When the team starts losing games because of Mauer fielding errors, or because of Mauer going 0-5, then fire away. I'm sure that Twin Cities area fans are aware of the criticism that too many are fair-weather or apathetic. And I know there are plenty of good fans who don't wait for the currents of opinion to decide how much they will support the Twins, or Vikings, or Wild, or T-Wolves. But, right now would be a good time to show just how supportive we can be, by being more supportive of a team that still has a chance to get healthy and make a run at the playoffs. Let's root for the Twins, including the highly-paid ones. If this summer turns out to not be a playoff campaign, well, let's get ready for next year. This franchise has won 6 division titles in the last ten years. They know how to get to the playoffs, and I'm sure they will get back there soon. And if things break right, they could bring you another World Series Trophy one of these years. Twins Fans Unite!

Former Hawk gridder/wrestler passes away.


Jay Roberts, who was a kicker and a wrestler for Iowa in the early 1960s, passed away at the age of 69. Apparently, he also helped at times with the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum and Hall of Fame.


Hawkeye Re-draft?

The recent SBNation re-draft of college athletic programs into new conferences, as well as a CNN/SI re-draft of NBA players from past and present, have inspired me to inquire to anyone here if they...

Delany: worth $1.6 million?


Yes, Delany has been with the Big Ten for quite some time now. And he has made the Big Ten the (probably) most powerful conference in the USA. But, is he worth $1.6 million a year? (That figure includes all benefits). I understand why many coaches make that much cash or more, because they have an absolutely brutal schedule for a good chunk of each year, and because they could be fired pretty quickly if they have a bad year or two. And maybe Delany has a rough schedule also. But I'm a bit uneasy with that much compensation for a job like that. Maybe I shouldn't be, with the success he has had. And I'm sure that, compared to the salaries of many executives, Delany is a bargain. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Hopefully, some peace for the Gables.


Some or most of you may know that Dan Gable's sister was murdered when he was a boy. The convicted killer has now died. Obviously, you never wish a murder or anything like it on others. However, this tragedy definitely had a huge impact on Dan Gable. Gable's perseverance makes you appreciate even more what he was able to do. I'm not half the man he is, and if something like this happened to a relative of mine, I'm guessing I'd have been a puddle of tears for a long time.


Playing the Spoiler: TV and Movies.

So, I haven't written one of these lately.  You know the drill:  I tell you what movies or TV shows I've seen lately, and then you sound off about those or any other shows or films you've seen...

Interesting Dochterman article.


Dochterman of the CR Gazette writes an article about why the Iowa-Illinois football series was given a break for about 15 years in the 1950s and 1960s. Apparently, by 2015, we will only have played Illinois in football 35 times in the last 61 years.

Softball coach pulls a "Dana Altman."


This doesn't have much to do with the Iowa Hawkeyes, but I thought I'd post it anyway. The head softball coach at Alabama, Patrick Murphy (Iowa-born), took the job at LSU and then jumped back to Alabama within about a week.

What a mess at WVU.


You may know that West Virginia had hired an Oklahoma State assistant to be its "coach-in-wating" to take over after this coming season. But things have gone awry, as the current coach (Bill Stewart, who took over after RichRod left), had actually asked reporters to try to help get negative press for the coach-in-waiting (Dana Holgorsen). First, I did not realize that Holgorsen was born, raised, and played his college football in Iowa. I must say I was more supportive of Stewart, because he seemed like a classy guy who helped WVU win a BCS bowl when he was interim coach. Also, Holgorsen was at least once (and possibly multiple times) thrown out of casinos, probably because he was intoxicated. Now, with Stewart out and Holgorsen in power, I just feel ambivalent or slightly negative about the whole situation. There is one thing I do know. No matter how much I or others wanted Bob Stoops to coach Iowa, this WVU scenario makes me really happy about the way Iowa handled the transition from Fry to Ferentz.

PSU hires a guy from Boston U.


They hired Patrick Chambers from Boston University. He made an NCAA with Boston U this year. He's a Philadelphia native and a former Jay Wright/Villanova assistant.

Why that guy at Athlon can go screw himself.


Not only do they pick Iowa behind Nebraska and MSU, but they try to lump us in with Texas A&M and Clemson. Because, Nebraska and MSU haven't been "up and down" like the Hawks. (Sarcastically) Riiiiiiiight. /absolute shit.

Bloodpunch in History?


I had heard about MSNBC's Ed Schultz being in trouble for calling a conservative TV/Radio personality (Laura Ingraham) a slut. I was reading Schultz's wikipedia page, and happened onto an event from 1988 that included a Gary Barta. Is it Bloodpunch? I don't know. Do us all a favor, and comment away, but let's not get political in the comments, even though this post does involve media that is both to the left and right of center.

OK, this is WAAAAAAAAAAY off topic, but I saw a report about some families in Yazoo City,...


OK, this is WAAAAAAAAAAY off topic, but I saw a report about some families in Yazoo City, Mississippi who had built levees around their houses to fight against recent flood damage. The link below has some amazing pictures of those homes, and at least a few seem to be almost completely damage-free. However, it made me ask myself some tough questions. If a cotton farmer can protect his own farm from bad floods far better than many cities across the USA can, then what is it going to take for the federal, state, and local governments to get serious about preventative measures to protect cities, homes, and citizens? You may know I live in Waterloo, IA. I am fortunate that the worst flooding I have personally experienced is a couple of inches of water in a basement. But I know some people have had to deal with much worse. And recent events (like the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids flood of 2008) make me sometimes feel outraged that average people have not been better-served or better-protected by the governments and agencies that are supposed to be able to prepare for stuff like this. Am I just getting too angrily anti-government here? Does anyone out there have good ideas for how to alleviate this problem? I welcome any discussion in the comments.

Twenty bucks says it breaks down on lap 12.


ISU is sponsoring a car in some race at Newton on Saturday (the NASCAR Nationwide/Formerly Busch Series Race is Sunday).

Ow! H. Ow! Ohhhhh!


Spreading the OhioStateHate. Some morons from the Ohio State penitentur...I mean, University, thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with some cops. Think again, idiots.


Playing the Spoiler: TV Shows and Movies (May 7th).

As usual: I figured I'd tell you what I watch, throw out a few things that stood out or some interesting things coming up, and then let the free-for-all begin.  Remember, this thread is ...

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