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They call me Wayne. Wayne Vore.

I'm a software guy. Notice Software LLC and VolunteerSpot are my companies. I am a co-founder of both.

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An Afternoon With The Ladies

Sunday, I dragged Mrs ATS to San Antonio and attended my first WNBA game. I've got two things to report. The games are fun to watch and Becky Hammon can shoot. I mean, she can really shoot. It...


The 12 Days Of Manumas

From Hirschof, in a comment on Manu's birthday post. “On the twelfth day of Manumas, an Argentinian sent to me… Twelve jumpers a-fading, Eleven passes amazing, Ten dunks a-slammin’, Nine fast...

Why I Write The Way I do...

...Or why I am a Spurs apologist. Things have changed a lot around here over the last year and change. The two biggest, or influential, being that I took over editorial control of the site and...

David Robinson In His Natural Habitat: Comic Con


I guess it is a lot better than Joakim Noah's, but probably more surprising. H/T to Chris for sending it to me.

RJ Is Back (So They Say)

And it is time to get to work.

Scola Signs New Deal: Robs Rockets


Holy BatManu. $9.2M per year. Are you kidding me? Go Luis. Alfajores are on you next time. This comes on the heels of the Rockets matching the offer sheet on Lowry which was ludicrously high.

The Value Of Curtis Jerrells

So, tonight after our Summer League victory pushed us to 3-0, I got to thinking. It's been awhile, so the thinking didn't come natural. Here's my question at the root of my thinking. How...

Spurs Summer League: Game Three

It's an early tip. 3:00 Spurs time. Malik, DeJuan, and Garrett are all sitting these out. Maybe DeJuan will play, but I'm guessing not. Spurs 45 DeJuan Blair F 6'7" 265 ...

Spurs Summer League: Game Two

Let's discuss. For me, the big news today is that Ian signed with the Mavericks. I'm very happy for him. I hope he got more than the vet minimum from them. I also hope that Haywood doesn't...

I'm 100% Sure Tiago Will Sign With Spurs

Buyout problems? Failed physical? Don't let any of this get you down. Tiago will sign with the Spurs. I can think of no other reason why he would follow PtR on Twitter.

The Spurs Summer League Starts Monday...

...and there is a lot to keep an eye on.


Color me surprised. In my defense, I will say that I had thought it a possibility all along. I recall during the drive back from a post xmas and pre new year game that I told Graydon I thought he...

Free Agency Thoughts

You know I'm stoked about Summer League being around the corner. However, before Summer League, is free agency. And while I don't expect the Spurs to be serious players in the sweepstakes for...

Draft Thread #4: Post Pick Commentary


The second round pick is Ryan Richards. NOT Solomon Alabi. Chitter chatter.

More Draft Thread: James Anderson in Round One, Who Looms in Round Two?


We all await CapHill's scintillating storytelling involving James Anderson.

RJ: Waylon Jennings Said It Best

Be careful of something that's just what you want it to be.

Varner at pre-draft camp


Keep up with him at 48MoH or follow him on Twitter -- @varner48MoH. He'll have as good as you're going to get on Spurs draft info. Plus, he's a jerk.

Tiago Splitter MVP of the ACB


Tiago was named MVP of the ACB. His per game valoracion, a statistic that they keep and captures a player's value and which I don't understand, was 21.2. The next highest in the league was 17.9. The playoffs start soon.

You Win With Your Stars

The Suns series, each game in the series, was like taking the entire season and jamming into one game. Moments of brilliance mixed with moments of incompetence. I wasn't shocked by the outcome. ...

The Dishes Are Done Man

Yeah, that's what this season has come to. I'm stealing lines from "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's dead".On a night like tonight, it's all I've got. In order to undermine whatever credibility I...

Food For Thought: Suns vs Spurs

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder heading into tonight's game one.

Catch Tiago Live vs Real Madrid: Right Now


Caja Laboral and Real Madrid are about to tip off. You can watch it live from ACB TV. Pretty cool.

And On The Sixth Blow The Mavrocks Split In Two

This season, the Spurs pounded the rock. This series, and tonight, the Spurs pounded the Mavrocks. Tonight, we saw the result of all the hard work.

Spurs Are Awful, Manu Is Awfulest

This game from now on should be referred to as Manu's Speedy Claxton game.

U-G-L-Y ugly: Spurs Crush Mavs

Easily the grittiest, toughest game the Spurs have played all year.

50,000 Unstoppable Watts of Clutch

Tony Parker was CLUTCH!!. Yes. Tony hit the big shots in this one. Whoa. Wow. Let's hit the highlights here. The Spurs won The Spurs didn't make a 3-pointer Tony Parker hit the big shots...

Spurs vs Mavericks: Who knows?

The glass half empty vs the glass half full.

Youth Movement

Lots of youth in the locker room now.

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