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Alternative New Direction

OK this is just speculative. Lets start the season with the team we have. It seems that every year or two before or around the trade deadline a team that is expected to contend is underperforming &...


The Batum trade drawer.

OK I figured if Batum wants to go so be it. The Players we would want from Minny they don't want to give up so how do we work it out that works for all party's? Here's mine.


Anchor Players

I want to start out with I like the addition of Gerald Wallace, but after the last two games I was thinking about theLoss of who I consider an anchor player Joel Pryzbilla.


Is Bayless a PG

I have read on this site numerous posts that JBay is not a PG. I thought I would do a little research comparing him to 1 of the most successful  PG's in Blazer history Terry Porter. What I found...


I have been banned from BSoTS

I am truely amazed . I did not cuss. I tried not to be rude(although I may haved failed with my last comment) only because I was frustrated with being called a homer & a troll. I was on the post...


Matchups, why i would start Marty at the 2.

I know if BRoy is out Nate will probably start Rudy. I personally like the defensive match ups better with Marty. In this lineup on the defensive end I would put Nic on Nash & Marty on Grant Hill....


A get well card to George Karl from Blazersedge.

I don't know if this is possible if not Dave just delete this post. I just thought it would be cool if Blazer fan's could send a post (with all of our responses of support) to the Denver site...


A Blazer fans petition of support for K.P.

To Mr. Paul Allen;I know you are the owner of the Trailblazers & as a business owner have a right to do what ever you think is right for your business.


Theoretical Expansion

If the NBA were to have an expansion draft who do you protect


Blazers #11 on Thehoopsdoctors summer power rankings

This is a really bad list.The author of this list ranks the Blazers behind the Clips,Bulls,Hawks & Nuggets.


Who is the NBA'S Biggest Humanitarian?

I was rewatching game 2 of the Blazer-Rocket series & when I saw Dikembe go down it brought to my mind this question. What NBA player in history has given the most back? I think Mutombo has to be...


BRoy at SF or SG

O.K. here is my ? about the future of the blazers.Is BRoy a 3 or a 2?If Roy is capable of being a bigtime SF great our only ? mark is the starting PG.If not we have a problem Rudy needs to...


Will LA make the allstar team next year?

Posibilities are good. If you look at the PF position in the west the best players are either at there peak or on the decline.Some FA's likely to go east(boozer?) If LA had gone to 4 yrs. of...


A.I. Signs with Blazers

   Blazers have decided to go with the triple tower Off. of GO, Joel P. & LA. with a backcourt of A.I. & BRoy. Backcourt told to shoot away Frontcourt told to crash the boards with impunity. 2-3...

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