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Riders of the bandwagon need not apply

I don't have terribly much to say, so I'll try and keep this brief. Through the first ten or eleven games the flyers have pretty much played abysmally. Bright spots here and there but for the...


Pickup Hockey

Everyone: It's been a while since we had our last pickup, and now that the weather is starting to chill off a little, perhaps it's time to have another get together. Unlike the last time, maybe...


Who wansa play some hockey

Now that we won't need to worry about missing Saturday flyers games, we should try to get some more roller games going. Is there any way someone can add a poll with a few Saturday/Sunday combo...

Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on your lappy face!!!

For those of you who did not come this past weekend to the pick-up game, we had a lot of fun, but also a huge scare. Nearing the end of our little 2-2 rotating scrimmage, an errant puck off a deflection struck me in the face, just above the right eyebrow, about an inch from my eye. Initially I was angry I got hurt playing on a freak accident (again) and in an excruciating pain; then I looked into the palm of my gloves and saw red. I will spare more of the gory details, for those of you who don’t know; head wounds have a tendency to bleed more severely than others. Astonishingly I never lost consciousness and have a very minimal concussion if any at all. I was told there is a possibility there could be a depressed skull fracture, but is more than likely just a sinus fracture. I have a doctor appointment with an ENT specialist and will update if you guys want. Repairing the sinus or fracture will most likely require a procedure of some kind, but I’ll find out when I see the ENT. I don’t think I’ll ever play without a helmet/face-shield again, even pick-up roller games. I know I got lucky and don’t want to chance it again. I’ll include a non-gruesome picture that doesn’t look too bad or have a ton of swelling. I also didn’t embed it in case some people don’t want to see stuff like that, I know some are squeamish. I’ve always had a ton of respect for hockey players and the intrepid way they play the game, but now that I’ve had a taste of when things go drastically wrong; I look at things completely differently. One play could end a season or God forbid a career or even life. All things considered, I feel fine and can’t wait to get back out there again once I’m cleared and healthy…that being said, I think the URL title says it all

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