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* Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa.
* Currently in the USAF
* Likes: Primanti's sandwiches, Perogi's, Sailor Jerry's rum and diet coke double shot, Arn City Beer, xbox 360 and Doner Kebab's
* Dislikes: Cowboys, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Packers, Jets, and Carney's (they smell like cabbage).
* Currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.
* Favorite Color: Red
* Favorite movies top 10: 1. Boondock Saints, 2. The Big Lebowski, 3. Kingpin, 4. The Dark Knight, 5. King of New York, 6. Gangs of New York, 7. Poolhall Junkies, 8. Fight Club, 9. Trainspotting, 10. Tron: Legacy.
* Favorite Musicians top 10: 1. Johnny Cash, 2. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 3. A Perfect Circle, 4. Deftones, 5. Daft Punk, 6. Deadmau5, 7. Pink Floyd, 7. Wiz Khalifa/Mac Miller, 8. Sparta, 9. Brand New, 10. Atmosphere
* Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
* Favorite Book(s): The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
* Favorite t.v. shows top 10. 1. Spartacus series on Starz, 2. Survivorman, 3. Man vs. Wild, 4. The first 48, 5. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 6. Prison Break, 7. Top Shot, 8. The Walking Dead, 9. Game of Thrones/Camelot/The Tudors, 10. Eastbound and Down/The Ultimate Fighter
* Favorite activities top 10. 1. Drawing, 2. Poetry, 3. Working out (i.e. Lifting/Running), 4. Darts, 5. Beer Pong/Binge Drinking, 6. Talking shit, 7. Dj'ing, 8. Freestyling, 9. Snowboarding, 10. Sleeping.
* Favorite Player(s) Football: Hines Ward (Steelers), Hockey: Geno Malkin (Penguins), 3. MMA: BJ Penn (UFC Lightweight division), 4. Len Bias (R.I.P. Maryland B-Ball), 5. Arnold Palmer (Golf, (retired) ).
* Favorite quote top 5: 1. "If I am up here on planet Earth, then who's running hell???", 2. "It hurts at first...then you get a straight buzz!", 3. "What do you need a gun for Tommy?...Ze Germans!?", 4. "HULK SMASH!!!", 5. "In Hoc Signo Vinces ("With this as your standard, you shall have victory".)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NCAAB Maryland Terrapins
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • MMA BJ Penn
  • Fantasy Stanton Heights
  • Wrestling NWO (Black and Red)
  • EPL BlackPool FC
  • Figure Skating Phase 3 Entertainment
  • Winter Olympics Yard Mules in Heat
  • Golf Arnold Palmer
  • General The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
User Blog

Revamping Steel 1.0

Ladies and Germs, it is I your Jester of the dungeon Webslasher. I am sorry for my hiatus but most of you at BTSC that keep in touch with me, know that 2012 was/is if not one of the worst years of...


Hump Day Mix 3.0 Week 5: (The battle for PA) Edition

Ladies and Germs, Welcome back to another addition of the Hump Day Mix... Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies: DubSleazy, will be leading the charge and WV and Chachi...


Hump Day Mix 3.0: (Wading through the Black Hole late) Edition

Boys and Ghouls, I'm ready!!! Are you?…Welcome back to another addition of the Hump Day Mix.Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies: DubSleazy, will be leading the charge...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 Week 1: (Rematch through Donkey Manure) Edition

Ladies and Germs, wow…Welcome back to Steeler Football!! Hump Day Mix pleaser/teaser to get that pent up rage out of the way. Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re master of ceremonies:...


Hump Day Mix 2.0: (Season’s teaser; St. Patrick’s Day version) Edition

Ladies and Germs, wow…Welcome back to the fire-starter! Hump Day Mix pleaser/teaser to get the ball rolling, up until the Draft and onto the 2012 season. Thanks for tuning in, as you know you’re...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 Wild Card Playoff round: (Mile Highness) Edition

Well ladies and germs the time is upon us…Where boys become men, put up or shut up, this is the Playoffs. And here at BTSC we are taking no prisoners. This week has been very hectic for me I...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 16: (St. LuNaTiCs) Edition

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome back to the HUMP! Frustration is what I am feeling right now, the stars were aligned for us to have the Super Bowl run through our house and we blew it (so far)....


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 15: (Rice-a-Roni) Edition

It’s that time of the week Ladies and Gentleman of BTSC, the HUMP MIXERY in all of its majesty! The dynamic duo is back at it again plus with our permanent vixen: 1BlkGldFan. As well as the c...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season: week 14 (T.G.I.T.) Edition

Well ladies and germs, welcome back to the HUMP! I’m back from sunny California, and let me say I had a hell of a time, but I missed you guys at BTSC and I know Arnie held down the fort and...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week: 11 "Bye Week" Edition

  Welcome back boys and girls to the HDM mixery. First off great win this past week versing the Bengals, very impressed that we have improved out INT ratio to +1 from being -11 the past 9 games....


Hump Day Mix 2.0 Regular season week 10: "WIN OUTRIGHT" Edition

  Ladies and gentlemen of the Hump welcome to: Redemption Phase 1. This loss has outright sickened me, a million different scenarios rushed through my drunken "haze", I sat speechless in front of...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 9: "P.F.R. (Pittsburgh Fried Ratbird)" Edition

  Hello ladies and germs and welcome back to the HDM brew ha ha!!! This week is a pivotal time for us Steeler folk in the AFC North, as we take on our arch-rival Ravens from Baltimore. Tensions...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 8: "**Asterisks** Anonymous**" Edition

  Welcome back to the HDM mixery, faithful followers of the hump! Your 2 Musketeers are still bringing you the "Humping" rants and eye candy that you love with no exception of what’s to come. This...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 7: "Blazing Woodpeckers" Edition

  Welcome back to the HDM mixery folks…This week’s rant coming from the best in the biz (Arn and Slasha) should be a rather interesting one. Due to time constraints/miscommunication this edition...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 6: "Yinzers vs. Jags-offs" Edition

    Welcome back Boys and Ghouls to the HDM mixery!!! With your faithful fearful twosome at the helm PixburghArn (a.k.a. Arnie) and your DJ, Dub Sleazy Ocho Uno keeping it hot on the one’s and...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 5: "Jack Daniels custom sauccccce" Edition

  Ladies and germs welcome back to the HDM, if you don’t know what Jack Daniels custom sauce is other than paying homage to Tennessee’s fine whiskey, then I expect most of you to you-tube "Epic...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 4 "Houston we have a problem" Edition

  Hello once again boys and girls to the star studded Hump Day Mixer. Arn is back from a crazy time in Detroit, and for this week’s chapter were taking on the other team from Texas not named...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 3: "Moanie Pony" Edition

  Hello once again boys and girls from the Dungeon of the NFL offices (reference to Roger Goodell putting myself and Arn here lol j/k.). Arn is currently out of office/town, and I have had WV fill...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 2: "Chicken of the Sea" Edition

 Well boys and girls, I know I can speak for our HDM faithful when I say that even though we lost to the Ravens on "jaw gaping" craziness, I tip my hat to them in their win (I’m looking at you...


Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 1: "I smell cheese, where's the RAT-bird? Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is now! I am proud to present to you the first official HDM of the season 2011- 2.0. This year expect a twist, celebrity writers (i.e. PCI, Chachi, WV, 6, Johnny...


Hump Day Mix week 21: Super Bowl week (Punxsutawney Phil) Edition

  Well folks it’s that time again…you guessed it the HDM mixery, with your hosts Arn and Slash…I hope everybody’s pro-bowl week went well. This week’s edition we will the dynamic duo will be...


Hump Day Mix: Media Week (steers and jeers) Edition

Well it’s that favorite time of the week…Ladies and Gents, "Hump Day"! As always faithful followers of the HDM mixery, Arnie slamma jamma and yours truly DJ Dub Sleazy give you what you want…the...


Hump Day Mix: AFC Championship weekend, (Southwest: Bags fly free) Edition

  Hello again ladies and gentlemen, for another round of the Hump Day Mixery. I am glad faithful followers of the hump that we ended the Ravens hopes as I knew we would. Of course your favorite...


Hommage: Black and Gold

"Big Ben at Quarterback" The outlook suddenly dimmed for the Pittsburgh eleven that day;The relentless Ravens lead by four, with two minutes left to play,When Mendenhall took a dive on first...


Hump Day Mix: Divisional Playoff week (Round 3) Edition

  Hello, Hello, Hello again faithful BTSC followers of the Hump mixery! Last week’s wildcard matchup’s raised a few eyebrows…(at least mine…the Jets…THE SEAHAWKS!!!), well I guess that’s what puts...


Hump Day Mix Playoff week: 1 (Bye week musings) Edition

Hello again faith followers of the Hump Day mixery! What a week...I am glad that you all are here for the "Master of Ceremonies" Arnie, and your favorite DJ Dub Sleazy, to break down last week’s...


Hump Day Mix Regular Season week 17: (Brownies and milk Thursday) Edition

  Welcome back dudes and dudettes, for the final regular season chapter of the HDM mixery. My fellow BTSC’ers I am late on this HDM but for good reason…driving back through a blizzard last night...


Hump Day Mix regular season week 16: "Crimbus Special" Edition

  Welcome once again to the HDM ladies and Gents, 6 is side tracked this week and that’s alright b/c Arnie and you buddy Sleazy Slash is all over the case. We are going to break down the Jets game...


Hump Day Mix regular season week 15: "Can you smell what the Holmes is SMOKIN?" Edition

  Well hello there Boys and Ghouls...welcome back for another weekly dose of the HDM. This week's poast will only feature Arn and I Dj Webbzy Slash, Count'em is currently M.I.A. (probably for a...


Hump Day Mix regular season week 14 "Jinxy cat...Jinxy cat were are you?" Edition.

Well...well Princes and Princesses thanks for tuning in for another weekly hump edition from your favorite squires with the fire...Arnie, "The Wizard", and your favorite webslinger...this week's...

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