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"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."- Mark Twain

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User Blog

T.Y. Hilton and the 2012 NFL Draft

All this draft talk has got me into NFL Draft mode. Recently I've been looking at the 2012 NFL draft. The 2012 Indianapolis Colts draft class might just be the greatest draft class in Indianapolis...


Bayless Claims Luck is Like ELI MANNING

HERE is the latest crapfest written by Skip Bayless. If the name Skip Bayless doesn't ring a bell, he is a Colts hater who loves Tom Brady and bandwagons around quite often as well. Before Luck...


2012 Draft Class QBs Update

The 2012 draft class might just be the greatest QB class of all time, and since Andrew Luck came out of that draft, I will forever keep an eye on the other QBs who came out of that draft as well....



Howdy Texans fans, don't worry Im not a troll, Im just here to ask your opinion on a few things and rant about some crap. Incase you would like to avoid my rant, the first paragraph is my rant...


Skip Bayless Hates the Indianapolis Colts

I've never seen one person hate one sports franchise as much as Skip Bayless hates the Indianapolis Colts. He flat out hates our guts. Why might you ask? Entering the 2011 season Peyton Manning...

King of the Idiots


(WARNING: First fanshot for me, I apologize if it is incorrectly posted) Skip Bayless hates the Colts. He hates us with a passion. Why might you ask? For several reasons: A. We gave Peyton the boot out of Indy, Peyton then gave Tebow the boot out of Denver, Bayless has a massive crush on Tebow. B. We replaced a future HOF QB with another. C. He is a massive RG3 fan. The man slurps RG3ade through a straw, and hates any QB better than RG3 (Luck being one of them). If you wish to watch what this clown has to say on national television, I have provided you with a link.


Colts and Dolphins Similarities

After looking at the Dolphins roster, I see a lot of similarities to ours on offense: The QB- Both of our teams have QBs taken in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Both have also been...


Why the Indianapolis Colts "Suck"

Well I knew this was coming, and I can't say I wasn't caught off guard by it, since I already pretty much knew the criticism we would be receiving from Drew Magary. Continuing with his "Why Your...


How I See Our 2013 Season Unfolding

The NFL season is rapidly approaching us, but it is still a good distance away. Im getting tired of waiting for the NFL season to get here, so here's how Id like to see the NFL season go. Week 1...


Colts-Texans Rivalry

It has been an interesting offseason so far, but now we have hit one of the offseason's slower and more boring points, so Ive decided to take a look at the Colts rivalry with the Houston Texans....

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