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Wendy was born a die-hard Mets fan but overcame that affliction when she moved to San Francisco in the early 1990s. Now she's a die-hard Giants fan. Baseball has always been a big part of her life. She started writing about baseball in early 2011 when she created HangingSliders.com, a blog devoted to baseball analysis, commentary, humor and poetry. Wendy is now a contributing writer at FanGraphs, Baseball Nation and Getting Blanked on The Score.

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MLB Moving In Right Direction With New Social Media Policy, But Questions Remain


MLB's new Social Media Policy encourages players to actively engage with fans. That's good. It also tells players to avoid certain topics in tweets and posts. Most of these rules make sense, but some leave room for debate.

What Should The Giants Do With Brandon Belt?


Brandon Belt dominated in the minor leagues. He was a highly-touted prospect. He's projected to be one of the most productive Giants hitters this season. So why is he still fighting for a roster spot?

6 Players With The Most To Prove This Season


Every player has incentive to play well in the upcoming season. These six players just have a little extra incentive.

Where's Chase Utley?


Chase Utley's degenerative knee condition is keeping him from most spring training activities. What does that mean for him and the Phillies in 2012?

Introducing The All-Substitute-Teacher Major League Team


Spring training is filled with hopes and dreams. Especially for players who toil in the minors for years, making little money. Some of these guys spend the winter working as a substitute teacher in order to make ends meet. These are their stories.

Breaking: Maple Bats ... And Why Rookies Must Use Higher Density Bats This Season


Maple bats break at a greater rate and more dangerously than ash bats, causing injuries to players, coaches and fans. MLB and the Players Association have taken steps to lower the risk, but not enough.

What On Earth Is Going On With Tony La Russa?


The retired Cardinals manager has his hands in lots of baseball pots this spring. One pot too many.

Braun Decision: Why Ensuring A Proper Chain Of Custody Matters


The independent arbitrator hearing Ryan Braun's appeal found that the chain-of-custody procedures in MLB's Joint Drug Policy were not fully complied with. We explain why that decision calls into question the reliability of Braun's positive drug test.

Winter, Spring, Boys of Summer


An homage to the first days of spring training, in haiku.

What Does History Tell Us About The Future Managerial Success Of Robin Ventura And Mike Matheny?


Robin Ventura, the new White Sox manager, never coached or managed at any professional level. Neither did new Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. There are a lot of opinions about what that means for Ventura's and Matheny's ultimate success. Most of those opinions are wrong.

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Training


Your guide for watching, listening to, and getting up close and personal with baseball during Spring Training 2012.

Baseball Records Are Facts


Baseball has been played for 130 years, by different kinds of players, in different kinds of ballparks, under different conditions, in different eras. Baseball records stand the test of time.

Straight To The Majors: The Players Who Skipped The Minors On Their Way to Pro Careers, Part II


The second in our two-part series on the 21 players who went directly from high school or college to their major league debut. In Part 2, we look at the last 11 players to skip the minors and explore why the practice is much less common now.

Straight To The Majors: The Players Who Skipped The Minors On Their Way to Pro Careers, Part I


Since the June amateur draft was instituted in 1965, twenty-one players have gone directly from the draft to the majors. We have their stories.

Should It Count Or Not? The Never-Ending Debate Over The All-Star Game


Tony LaRussa's retired from baseball but will manage the National League All-Star Game. Which raises the question, again: Should the All-Star Game be just an exhibition or should it continue to determine home-field advantage in the World Series?

What Will Become Of Adam Dunn?


Adam Dunn suffered the worst one-year decline of any slugger in the last ten years. Will he make a comeback in 2012?

Inside the Astros' Secret Marketing Plans


The Houston Astros were terrible last season. And this season doesn't look much better. That's a challenge for the Astros marketing staff. We sat in on one of their recent marketing meetings and have the inside scoop on their plans for 2012.

Joe Torre's Departure An Opportunity For Progress


In his short tenure as Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Joe Torre kept his feet firmly rooted in baseball tradition. It's time for baseball to move forward to a more progressive future.

The MLB Fan Cave Needs Women, But Do Women Need the MLB Fan Cave?


Women make up almost half of all baseball fans. Yet the MLB Fan Cave ignored or alienated many of them in 2011. Will it be different in 2012?

Perry Barber Responds: We Got It Right On Women Umpires


Perry Barber, one of the handful of women to umpire in the minor leagues, thinks we hit on something important with our post on expanded instant replay and women umpires.

A Proposal To Break Territorial-Rights Logjam Between A's And Giants


The Oakland A's want to move to a new ballpark in San Jose. The San Francisco Giants claim they own the exclusive right to conduct business in San Jose. We have a proposal to resolve the dispute.

It's The Second Wild Card, Stupid


The addition of a second Wild Card team is changing the off-season strategies for many teams. Read about how and why.

Will Expanded Instant Replay Lead To More Women Umpires?


Expanded instant replay might open more opportunities for women umpires, who've been caught in the traditionalists' world for too long.

Baseball's Secret New Year's Resolutions


New Year's Day. Time to turn over a new leaf, even for your favorite -- and least favorite -- baseball personalities. We've uncovered their resolutions for 2012.

Two Unexpected Clutch Reliever Outings That Altered The Wild Card Races in 2011


Two middle relievers came up with big performances that dramatically affected the outcome of two mid-season games. Those games made all the difference in the 2011 Wild Card races.

Playing GM On Twitter: Hot Stove Edition


Baseball fans on Twitter have great ideas for improving their team this off-season. We've unearthed the best of the best, for your baseball pleasure.

Curious Facts About Pinch Hitters in 2011


Just in time for the holiday season, here's a treasure trove of pinch-hitter trivia from the 2011 season.

Baseball And Sex


The new Collective Bargaining Agreement now prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. But is MLB sending a consistent message?

Meditations On The Baseball Frost


Soulful thoughts on the sometimes bleak, baseball-less winter.

The Five Most Important Pinch Hits of 2011 (Other Than Dan Johnson's Game-Tying Home Run in Game 162)


A look back at five pinch hits that changed the course of the 2011 season.

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