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Taney Update, August 21, 2014: Elimination Game?


After a disheartening loss in last night's game against Mountain Ridge (Las Vegas/West), the Mo'ne Davises Taney Dragons from Philadelphia face an elimination game tonight against Chicago's Jackie...

LLWS Game Thread: Taney vs. Mountain Ridge


It's time to hold onto the rails of this rocketing Taney Dragons bandwagon as they battle Las Vegas for a shot at the United States Championship tonight in Williamsport.

There is crying in baseball and it's perfectly O.K.


It's okay to show that you care. It's okay to kick the dirt a little when the breaks are going against you.

Wow Wow Wow! Taney Comes From Behind, Wins 7-6


This one wasn't easy, but the Little League Team from Philadelphia won the second round of the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA, mounting a dramatic comeback against Pearland, Texas...

Manfred Manifesto: A Shock to the Baseball System


In which a poet advocates that baseball consider starting to be in the process of adopting best practices to leverage increased accountability, which we all so sorely lack because we are bad, bad...

Frog Day Afternoon: Mets 11, Phillies 2


Things went predictably poorly this afternoon for the Phillies, and then Phillippe Aumont came out of the bullpen.


I Call You Out, Crazy Hot Dog Vendor

Be a hero to millions of Philadelphia Phillies fans and free yourself from AA oblivion. All it will demand of you is ritualized slaying of an abominable mascot. But it will all be so artfully done,...

Cans of Cornrows: Phillies 6, Nationals 2


Jimmy Rollins continues to hit lazy fly balls, but in 2014 they're being easily caught by fans.

Ups and Downs: Soccer, Philadelphia, and the Phils


I have no idea what soccer means, but it tends to aggravate a lot of Phillies fans.

Phillies 4, Cardinals 1: David Buchanan, WINNER


David Buchanan Gets All Up in the Cardinals' Hizzoink and Travels All the Way Over Here; Ryan Howard Is Our Tootsie-Wootsie, Phillies Beat Cardinals, 4-1

TGP Exclusive: Ryne Sandberg's Meeting Materials


Ryne Sandberg's new-wave managerial stylings now include PowerPoint slides to help the Phillies think win/win and move from good to great. Or horrid to palatable. Baby steps, boys.

Jon Stewart Skewers Sandberg, Philadelphia


Daily Show's Jon Stewart Uses Ryne Sandberg's Shake Shack Story in Memorable Anti-Philadelphia Rant

Mitch Williams needs to get a "message pitch."


Mitch Williams' recent youth baseball league antics should be enough for Ripken Baseball and MLB Network to take action.

When You're 8, Cody Asche's an All-Star


When You're 8, Cody Asche's an All-Star: Blue Jays 6, Phillies 5 (10 innings)

Getting big hits while in Denver at the plate


Things to Do in Denver When You're Risen From the Dead: Ryan Howard, Warren Zevon.feat

BEHOLD! Apostate #RedPhanatic in all his awful, evil glory


When your immortal soul is spared, you may thank @bradnarok for assembling this Field Guide to Enmascotted Evil.

The Grover Awards: The Very Best (Long) Comments


The Grover Awards: The Very Best Comments about the Phillies on The Good Phight in 2013 (Long Form)

The Grover Awards: The Very Best Post Adaptations


Today's Grover nominees recognize those individuals and groups who saw what we posted on The Good Phight and wanted more. Much more. And they delivered.

The Grover Awards: Best Screenplays of 2013


Today's Grover nominees recognize the very best visual feasts we noshed on at The Good Phight last season. The team might not have been much to look at, but they nonetheless inspired visions aplenty.

2013 Grover Awards: The Best of The Good Phight


Before a new season begins, the hive mind is set abuzz once again as we congratulate ourselves for another fine year of Phillies baseball bloggery.

Phillies 2014 Photo Day: Bests and Worsts


The Phillies sat in front of the photographer today in Clearwater, and, like any Class Photo Day you remember from middle school, the results are tremendous.

Show Off Your Quirkiest Phillies Fan Memorabilia!


So, in the spirit of a cabin-feverish winter, as we wait for the pitchers and catchers to report, I've shown you mine, Good Phighters. Will you show me yours?


Congrats to New Author Liz Roscher!

TGP's Blogmistress Liz Roscher has written a new baseball romance novel that's being thrusted upon an unsuspecting reading public like a baseball bat out of Hell.

Phillies Writer Obituary: Riddance


Bill Conlin died yesterday at age 79.

(Regional Sports) Network: A Hyper-Link'd Jawn


You've gotta say: "I'm a Phillies fan, goddammit! And my life has value!"

The Twenty-Five Pwnings of Marlon Byrd


Will past performance predict future dingerificness? View some career-high home run highlights and decide for yourself!

Phillies Fan Obituary: My Father, In Passing


On what gets lost when the seams and stitches of life unravel.

Phillies Prospect Roman Candle Quinn Injured


Reports: Phillies Prospect Roman Candle Quinn Has Ruptured His Achilles. Another year will go by before anything moderately exciting will happen on the basepaths.

Unanswered Questions from Today's #BallGirlsChat


Today the Philles hosted a live event on Twitter where you could ask the ball girls anything. Silly Phillies.

Cristoforo Phanatico and the Phillies


Meet the New World, Full of the Same Kinds of Idiots as in the Old World. But with a lot more fat bald guys whose heads need a shine. Plus popcorn!

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