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User Blog

Michael Bourn Signs with Indians


Bourn's fetish for Native American-themed baseball regalia will continue on the shores of Lake Erie.

Truckin, Phillies Style


Lately it occurs to me/ what a long, five years it's been

The Grovers: Phillies bloggers win major awards


The balloting is over, and the very best of Good Phighting is displayed in all its glory.

The 2012 Grover Awards: Best Response (Short Form)


In short: Best Responses on The Good Phight

Whose snarky stream will reign supreme?


The Grover Award celebrates the best in baseball blogging at The Good Phight, Phillies fans' pen-and colored-ink ultimate blog.

Whose riff on someone else's work wins the Grover?


The Grover Award celebrates the best in baseball blogging at The Good Phight, Phillies fans' pen-and colored-ink ultimate blog.

Who wins the Grover for Best Original Screenplay?


The Grover Award celebrates the best in baseball blogging at The Good Phight, Phillies fans' pen-ultimate blog.

Who will win a Grover for Best Original Blogplay?


The first of a multi-part award ceremony celebrating the very Us-ness of The Good Phight in 2012, when the blog soared to new heights as the team drifted back into mediocrity.

Phillies Sign Mike Adams to Two Year Deal


Reports are the Phillies have signed Texas setup dude Mike Adams to a 2 year, $12 million contract to fix their eighth inning woes once and for all.

Fun on a Friday with our favorite ex-Brave.


Fun on a Friday with our favorite ex-Brave.

Was the Twins-Phillies trade poetic? Yes!


Move over, Paul Revere. A new folk-hero has come to rescue the Continentals in Philadelphia.

BANK FANS BID CHIP A BOO: Creating Memorable Goodbye Signs for Chipper Jones


Phillies fans and bloggers are using Twitter to create goodbye signs for Chipper Jones #goodbyesigns4chipper

Some Phillies Links for You, September 18, 2012: From Bad to Norse


Pre-empting opera metaphors of fat ladies and the like connected to Phillies baseball.

Phrenetically Phriday Phillies Links Phor You, September 14, 2012: Problem? We Have a Houston.


Utley at third! Molina .gif wrapped hatred! Cloned Brookovers! It's all going so well in Houston we could just vomit on Santa Claus' kid with snowballs.

Some Phillies Links for You, September 11, 2012: To Mediocrity And Beyond!


Daily Phillies links on the ding-dong dandiest blog on the planet. The Phillies are going to hunt you down like a mangy ol'dog in the woods, and, like. In the head! Sumpin'.

Some Phillies Links for You, September 4, 2012: Cloyd Rage, Winning Nats, and Playoff Season in Baseballtown!


Phillies clips for clipping fans, September 4, 2012, from the best blog everest!

Some Phillies Links for You, August 28, 2012: That old-fashioned coin we spurned


Phillies links from the best Phillies blog that ever bested. Plus: skunk delay!


A Little Step in Our Get-Along: Phillies-Nationals Game Thread, August 26, 2012

Lonesome cowboy Cliff Lee, out on the prairie, will attempt to stop the wicked Strasburgless Railroad from cutting into his claim.


His Name is Gio, and He Prances on the Mound: Phillies-Nationals Game Thread, August 25, 2012

The Phillies ironically induct Freddy Garcia into the Wall of Fame before facing Gio Gonzalez and the first-place Washington Nationals tonight.


Underdogs on the Undercard: Nationals at Phillies Game Thread, August 24, 2012

Phillies versus Nationals game thread on the best baseball blog on the planet. For Phillies fans.

Phillies 4, Reds 3 (11 innings): Clouds of Mystery Pourin' Confusion on the Ground


Rain, rain, go away, But leave a muddy extra-inning victory for the Phillies when you come back. Phillies 4, Reds 3 (11).


Cute-o versus Cueto: Phillies-Reds Game Thread, August 23, 2012

Phillies-Reds game thread, 8/23/12, on the best Phillies blog ever.

Some Phillies Links for You, August 21, 2012: Le chevalier de la pomme de terre


Phillippe Aumont returns from Elba, because he is able. Is he.

Ryan Howard's bum fatale injury, captured in verse


Ryan Howard's 2012 season, recapped in hyper-link'd verse by Wet Luzinski, poet laureate of The Good Phight.

Brewers 6, Phillies 2: Jesse Biddle's No-Hit Effort Lost in a Waste Land [A Hyper-Link'd Poetic Recap]


It's late August, and the Crew of Brew beat the Phillies Six to Two. Boo Hoo; here's a little poem for you.

Some Phillies Links for You, August 14, 2012: Polanco, Powerful Pests and Pesky's Passing


Linking links for linking linkers, Phillies fans! Cole Hamels!

Hyper-link'd poems for hyper link'd times


The more at-bats Ty Wigginton got for the Phillies in 2012, the verse he got.

Freebasing, Selling Out: Braves 6, Phillies 1


Would Cole Hamels rescue the Phillies from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and the basement of the N.L. East?

Some Phillies Links for You, July 24, 2012: Improbable hope is inconceivable!


Links that are entirely free of the trade talk surrounding Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels.

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