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I briefly dabbled in A's-ery when I was very young.

I loved Dave Stewart, Carney Lansford, Dave Henderson, and Dennis Eckersley. And Rickey, when he got there. I was... seven? Yeah, it was 1988, so I would've been seven. My parents didn't care...


Better Know a Franchise: A Century of Scar Tissue Dealt and Received

via In the recent McCoven Adoption Draft I took the 1912 New York Giants, one of the greatest assemblages of talent (especially on the mound) in franchise history. The...

The Five Best Players In Baseball: A History


By David Schoenfield The genesis for this article came out of all the recent Hall of Fame discussions. A lot of arguments were along the lines of "Tim Raines was one of the best players in baseball in the mid-'80s," or "You know, Don Mattingly was the best in the game there for a few years," or perhaps "Barry Larkin was as good an all-around player as anybody at his peak." None of those statements are necessarily incorrect. But are they good Hall of Fame arguments? How many players can you claim were "one of the best in the game" over a period of years? So here’s what I did. I went back to 1969 and looked at each five-year span to determine the five best players in baseball, based on cumulative Baseball-Reference wins against replacement over those five years. (For the purposes of this piece, I looked just at position players.) So here we go, with the usual caveats about WAR. You’ll see a lot of the same players and you’ll see a lot of Mike Schmidt and Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols in the top spot. But while the best player may not change all that often, it’s interesting to see who pops in some of the top five slots.


With apologies to the Bard, I present LewWolffius SanJosaesar.

So Grant_ME_MERCY posted this link Wednesday about the A's-to-San Jose issue. It included this quote: "I'd be amazed that, with all the public reassurances we've received from Bud Selig over the...

MLB's New Security Chief, A Former SF Giant, Once Denied Monica Lewinsky Entry To The Oval Office


Bill Bordley started six games in his cup of coffee in the bigs, but was "kind of the Stephen Strasburg of [his] day." For my Pokemanz sake, I hope the similarity ends there.


A Wizarding Christmas

Merry Christmas from Hogwarts, McCoven! Holly jolly and all that. I wrote and performed this as an e-Christmas card, and you guys most certainly deserve a card. Enjoy! A Wizarding Christmas (via b...

Communism, Whores, and Streetcars: An Oral History of the Suicide Squeeze


Hopefully y'all haven't already seen this. My (admittedly half-assed) site searches turned up nothing, so here goes.

Brilliant Writing on ESPN? WHAAAAAT?!?

You see the lines in your own face, each one a summer past, and you do not believe that Willie Mays is 79 years old or that during the final week of spring training in 1987, when Roger Craig's Humm-Baby Giants were about to step toward their first playoff spot since 1971 and you were just starting college, Buster Posey was born. And because of the daily nature of the game, every day, every summer, for all those years, your years, there's the part of you that realizes this has always been more than watching grown men hit a ball with a stick, and that you've lost count of the number of times you've had to explain the business of caring to the condescending and uninitiated elements of your life -- the ones who don't understand why the name Salomon Torres means so much.

An Open Letter To The Sports Guy

In which WTAWTAM goes all FJM on Bill Simmons. Just gotta vent. I think this is actually a draft or two away from being readable, but... well, appropriate, non?     Sports Guy- Should I call you...


Grasping at Clutch (NYT)

Bochean had an interesting question about clutch situations in an overflow post-game thread after Romo got lit up by the Braves. It comes down to your definition of clutch. I’m not aware of any...


Wildly OT: My own NCAA Realignment

This is such a fascinating story. Comparing the different possible scenarios is so fun, I almost don't want to find out the actual result. It's like Risk: NCAA Edition. Here's my (I'm sure...


OT: Indiana Jones

This came up in the Diamondbacks Series Preview, and I apparently had something to get off my chest. Someone was saying that the latest Indy movie wasn't all that bad... let's make no mistake...

I Was Actually Kind of Aroused: The Mating Dance of Sabean, Boras, and Zito


Now that we're seeing some vintage Zito, I thought I'd jump in the way-back machine and give us some insight into the man, the legend, the Zeets. Or, as Dezel is saying on Broadway right now, "You got to take the crookeds with the straights!"

Sand Diego City Council declares Tuesday "Barry Zito Day"


Barry Zito is pretty darn cool. "At the risk of mixing a baseball metaphor, Strikeouts for Troops has been an unqualified hit. "Our expectations were to help the Marines and whoever else wanted to be recipients," Zito said in the hallway outside council chambers. "Other than that, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. "It’s not about (being) pro-war or anti-war. It’s about helping our fellow Americans who are out there. I felt that so much of the anti-war stuff that was going on, we were forgetting that these people were putting their lives and their limbs on the line for us. So it’s really just making a statement to say, ‘Listen, you can feel however you want politically, but baseball is behind the men and women that have the courage to go out there.’ " "Among the benefits of life-altering wealth and national celebrity are the funds and the forum to affect meaningful change, to use one’s prominence and discretionary income to "give back," if only for the image and tax advantages that accrue. Some athletes establish charitable foundations for the purpose of appearances, for providing employment to family or friends, and some spend so much on administrative costs that few dollars are left to distribute. "Barry Zito’s deal, however, elicits no eyebrow-raising. Everything that is raised, he says, goes toward reimbursing the families of injured servicemen and women. What is required for administrative costs is paid for by Zito personally."

The Ballad of The Philadelphia Barfer


1) The Divine Comedy 2) The Iliad 3) Paradise Lost 4) Beowulf 5) "Sharp Teeth": 6) This

New Book- "Bochy Ball: In the Vicinity"


Secret to longevity as a manager in a quick-cycle business: "A manager’s most important job isn’t managing people, a product, or a place. It’s managing expectations. You cannot have longitude at a company unless your expectations allow for a certain degree of latitude. When you first take a job, you need to make sure the expectations are low enough that moderate success is considered palatable and a taste of considerable success lingers on both the organization’s and stakeholders’ tongues…."


Ode to Spring (Training)

I wrote this back in spring of 2006, and the Cardinals went on to win the World Series. Since that obviously means that I am directly responsible for their championship (science!), I apologize that...

More proof that Dodgers fans are crappy fans.


Or, as a Phillies fan put it on Deadspin: "Dear LA Dodgers fans, You are the biggest collection of front-running, unknowledgeable lemmings I have ever come across. Having made the trek to LA to see Game 2 of the NLCS with 3 of my friends, we were ready for a whole bunch of shit talking directed our way, along with an occasional airborne pint of budmillercoors piss. All we got were any combination of various tenses of the words "suck," "fuck," and "Phillies" with an occasional peanut thrown in our direction. Not to mention the only time you cheered was when your piece of shit I-pod looking scoreboard told you to."

Mrs. McCourt's termination letter


LOL Dodgers! Not LOL divorce. But- just to drive the point home- LOL Dodgers!

The enemy of my enemy... is still my enemy.


Unfortunate Rectum Face and Suck It don't like each other.

Things that give you an ulcer and a chuckle simultaneously.


Things that give you an ulcer and a chuckle simultaneously.

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